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North Carolina Oath Keepers Summit – April 7, 8, & 9, 2017 & PATCON Info

Via Stewart "Once our summit is over, let's encourage folks to attend Brock's event."


Join North Carolina Oath Keepers for an enjoyable and educational summit! Sponsored by Piedmont Triad Oath Keepers.


Keynote Speaker Hamody Jasim – The Terrorist Whisperer




Ben Carson Uncovers MASSIVE HUD FRAUD Under the Obama Administration

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 Obama HUD Fraud

Liberals called President Trump’s selection to run HUD “unqualified.” That’s right. For Leftists, a brain surgeon wasn’t qualified to understand housing.

Worse yet, we now learn that Obama’s HUD was completely inept.

Rain: Minh Chau Hotel Saigon April 2017

The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.

-- Robert Louis Stevenson

I read this to my daughters innumerable times as well as many other rhymes.

JIM ROGERS - 06 Apr 2017 - Global Financial Turmoil Should #Trump Fail, Dollar Is Going Higher

Is it 1982 Again?


Those who still think of conservatives as people who clip coupons are badly out of date. Among other things, such a stereotype betrays a lamentable ignorance of the Rockford Institute and its publications. Associated with Rockford College in Illinois, the Rockford Institute is dedicated to the proposition that moral and intellectual integrity are as important to the welfare of American society as economic efficiency. The Institute’s Chronicles of Culture, a well-produced bimonthly magazine with an impressive circulation, serves up constant re­minders that the intellectual dishonesty and moral de­generacy that pervade American culture and mass media are just that. And, amazingly, it does so eloquently and without ever being priggish or shrill. Its stern and unre­lenting, yet graceful and humorous approach reminds us by example as well as by precept that, culturally speaking, things don’t have to be the way they are. Older and better values are available if we want them.

Cernovich Reports: Susan Rice Spied on Pro-Israel Activists

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This is the level of coverage CNN has devoted to what others are calling the new Watergate. Let that sink in.

Wednesday, Mike Cernovich reported breaking news regarding Rice-gate and the growing surveillance scandal that occurred during the Obama administration:
During the negotiations that Obama had with Iran, the unmasking scandal reaches all the way to pro-Israel activists . . .
Cernovich first broke the story on Susan Rice earlier this week and the MSM and leftist media outlets have continued to suppress the story.

Beyond just covering it up since Cernovich broke the story, New York Times Maggie Haberman has been INSTRUMENTAL in keeping the story under wraps for the left. From Cernovich’s article on the Susan Rice story:
This reporter has been informed that Maggie Haberman has had this story about Susan Rice for at least 48 hours, and has chosen to sit on it in an effort to protect the reputation of former President Barack Obama.
Tablet has the full report on Obama spying on pro-Israel activists. You can read the full report here.

Excerpt from Tablet:

White House Officials Divided on Islam, ISIS, Israel and Iran

Via Mike "On McMaster: Just as I feared based on his  book on Vietnam, which tried to Blame big Mistakes on the generals rather than the political leadership.  His book, which was his UNC PhD
Dissertation, clearly reflected his  allegiance to the academic liberal  mindset. He got two of his stars
Under Obama.  This is particularly troubling in light  of the situation in Syria. We are in Serious danger of evaluating and acting  on the basis of counterfactual knowledge and Intelligence."

Image result for White House Officials Divided on Islam, ISIS, Israel and Iran
  • The decision to select Army Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond "H.R." McMaster to replace retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as national security advisor is setting into motion a cascade of other personnel decisions that, far from draining the swamp, appear to be perpetuating it.
  • Trump has decided to retain Yael Lempert, a controversial NSC staffer from the Obama administration. Analyst Lee Smith reported that, according to a former official in the Clinton administration, Lempert "is considered one of the harshest critics of Israel on the foreign policy far left."
  • Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who served as the NSC's Iran director during the Obama administration, is now in charge of policy planning for Iran and the Persian Gulf at the Trump State Department. Nowrouzzadeh, whose main task at Obama's NSC was to help broker the Iran Nuclear Deal, is a former employee of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a lobbying group widely believed to be a front group for the Islamic dictatorship in Iran.
  • "The people who are handling key elements of those conflicts now are the same people who handled those areas under Obama, despite the results of the last election. No wonder the results look equally awful." — Lee Smith, Middle East analyst.

WSJ: Susan Rice Was Not Alone In "Unmasking" Team Trump

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Image result for WSJ: Susan Rice Was Not Alone In "Unmasking" Team Trump

As part of its daily wrap of the Susan Rice newsflow, which focused on her first media appearance since she was "outed" as the persona responsible for "unmasking" members of team Trump, the WSJ provides two new pieces of incremental information: i) in addition to Michael Flynn, at least one more member of the Trump transition team was "unmasked" in intelligence reports due to multiple foreign conversations that weren't related to Russia; and ii) Rice wasn't the administration official who instigated Mr. Flynn’s unmasking, confirming there is at least one more high-level official giving "unmasking" orders.

But first, a brief detour.

"Unmasking" is a term used when the identity of a U.S. citizen or lawful resident is revealed in classified intelligence reports. Normally, when government officials receive intelligence reports, the names of American citizens are redacted to protect their privacy. But officials can request that names, listed as “U.S. Person 1,” for example, be unmasked internally in order to give context about the potential value of the intelligence. Unmasking is justified for national security reasons but is governed by strict rules across the U.S. intelligence apparatus that make it illegal to pursue for political reasons or to leak classified information generated by the process.

More @ Zero Hedge

Steve Bannon says role was to ‘de-operationalize’ NSC after Rice’s tenure

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White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon said Wednesday he was removed from a permanent seat on the National Security Council because it was no longer in danger of being “operationalized” for non-security purposes, as he asserted was the case under former Obama national security adviser Susan E. Rice.

Mr. Bannon, who was taken off the NSC by President Trump, said new national security adviser H.R. McMaster “has returned the NSC to its proper function.”

“Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration,” Mr. Bannon said in a statement. “I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized.”

Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say

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Image result for Susan Rice's alleged unmasking requests not so routine, ex-officials say

While Susan Rice is defending as routine her requests for the identities of Americans caught up in surveillance of foreign targets, others who’ve served in the intelligence community and at high levels of government say the former national security adviser's requests were quite unusual.

Rice, who served in the Obama administration, is at the heart of allegations of improper surveillance of the Trump team prior to Inauguration Day.

Fox News reported Monday that Rice asked for Trump associates to be identified – or “unmasked” – in intelligence reports and those names were then widely disseminated at the top levels of the government. In an interview Tuesday on MSNBC, Rice largely skirted talking specifically about those allegations, however, she said it was “absolutely false” that Obama officials utilized intelligence “for political purposes.”

More @ Fox

Border Wall Contractors Want to Carry Guns on Site

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A worker chats with residents at a newly built section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence at Sunland Park, U.S. opposite the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico January 26, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez)

The head of a general contractor in Fort Worth, Texas, says he has received several death threats since he publicly showed interest in bidding to work on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

For Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, chief executive of The Penna Group LLC, the angry response is just a taste of what’s to come for the companies that are eventually picked by Customs and Border Protection to build wall prototypes. His company understands it will draw the ire of immigration and environmental activists if selected, he says, but the risks of working on the wall are worth the end result.

“We didn’t enter this lightly,” Evangelists-Ysasga told the Associated Press. “We looked at it and said we have to be a productive part of the solution.”

The Russian Emperor’s New Clothes

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Vladimir Putin and Oleg Deripaska at APEC Summit, November 2006. (Photo: President of the Russian Federation/Wikimedia Commons/

The Susan Rice bombshell at least explains why the Democrats won’t stop babbling about Russia.

They need a false flag to justify using national intelligence agencies to snoop on the Trump team.

Every serious person who has tried to locate any evidence that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election — even Trump-haters at the New York Review of Books and Rolling Stone magazine — has come away empty-handed and angry. We keep getting bald assertions, unadorned with anything resembling a fact.

But for now, let’s just consider the raw plausibility of the story.

The fact-less claim is that (1) the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win; and (2) They thought they could help him win by releasing purloined emails from the Democratic National Committee showing that the Democrats were conspiring against Hillary Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Paul Ryan, Establishment Hope for Blocking the Trump Agenda?

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The Freedom Caucus is not an enemy of the Trump Agenda. In fact, they may be the Trump Agenda’s most faithful friends. Besides radical Democrat fanaticism and their appallingly dishonest allies in the Leftstream media, Trump and the American people have a formidable obstacle to their agenda within the Republican Party.

Perhaps the most tragic and enormous danger to the United States, Europe, and Western Civilization is that so many of our political leaders believe a counterfactual narrative about the nature of Islam. 

Islam is not a peaceful and tolerant religion that has been hijacked by a few radicals. Based on the doctrines of its most sacred foundational standards—the Koran, the Sunna, and Sharia Law—it is a religious-wrapped ideology of Jihadist conquest and domination over all other religions, law systems, and cultures. It is violently anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, anti-American, and anti-Western. 

Fourteen hundred years of Jihad, genocide, enslavement, and resurging terrorism in our time are the fruits of these doctrines. Silent “moderate” (largely secular or purely cultural) Muslims cannot erase sacred doctrine believed to be the will of Allah by the vast fundamentalist majority of Islamic clergy, scholars, and faithful believers. Islam is Islam. We cannot deal with truth and danger by making up politically correct or diplomatic fantasies.

More @ The Tribune

DHS Spokesman: We’re Allowed To Arrest, Deport Illegal Alien Crime Victims At Courthouses

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State court officials are panicking about federal enforcement agents arresting illegal aliens at courthouses, but a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official said Tuesday that merely being present at a courthouse won’t save an illegal from deportation.

“Just because they’re a victim in a certain case does not mean there’s not something in their background that could cause them to be a removable alien,’” DHS spokesman David Lapan said, according to The Washington Post. “Just because they’re a witness doesn’t mean they might not pose a security threat for other reasons.”

“I can’t give a blanket statement that says every witness and victim is somehow untouchable, because they may have circumstances in their own case that would make them again subject to arrest,” he added, saying that cause of arrest “could be any number of things — again, the categories that we’ve talked about that make them subject to arrest or potential removal still apply to somebody who might him or herself be a victim.’”

Rockbridge County TCO Board to Vote on "Appropriateness" of Confederate Flag Today

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Since our last report, we have been very busy and have much to share, starting with recent developments in Lexington, Virginia.

As you may recall, at the request of the landowner, we temporarily removed the 60 West Memorial Battle Flag pole and flag that was raised on Lee-Jackson Day earlier this year.

Since then, we have filed a request for a "Certificate of Appropriateness" from the Rockbridge County Tourism Corridor Overlay Board.  Our application is on the agenda to be discussed and voted on by the board at its monthly meeting at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon.
 We have also filed for a building permit for the same site, to reinstall the flag and pole once the certificate is issued.

In the meantime, the fallout from the harassment by Rockbridge County has been swift and overwhelming.  We have applied for and received a building permit to double the size of the first flag site at Jackson's Farm on Rt. 60 East on the east size of Lexington.  What was a 50' pole will soon be 100'.

We also have several new interstate sites under development in Lexington, and this order of poles is complete and will be shipping soon...


BarackObama’s CIA Director John Brennan and His Allies Targeted Trump Supporters For Surveillance

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Barack Obama‘s CIA Director John O. Brennan targeted Trump supporters for enhanced surveillance, intelligence sources confirm to GotNews’ Charles C. Johnson.

The surveillance took place between Trump’s election on November 8 and the inauguration in January, according to White House and House intelligence sources.

The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity — all of whom had close ties to Trump before and after the November election and had helped the future president with managing his new diplomatic responsibilities.

Hannity was targeted because of his perceived ties to Julian Assange, say our intelligence sources.

Hannity was reportedly unmasked by Susan Rice at Brennan’s behest thanks to his close relationship with Trump and Julian Assange.

More @ GOT News

Marine Le Pen: "I will Bring Islamist Fundamentalism to its Knees"

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French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen  spoke out at a town hall meeting in La Bazoche-Gouet on Monday and said that she would not ask the French people to get used to terrorism, but instead said, "I will bring Islamist fundamentalism to its knees!"

Le Pen's words came as she criticized her rival, Emmanuel Macron,  who is a globalist.

“The other candidates are only in big cities,” she said . “I have been meeting in small villages and meeting French people who have never seen a candidate come to see them. It is my place, I am here among the French people who I want to defend.”

She also tweeted out (Google translate), "In the name of which we would not have the right to protect ourselves against social dumping and unfair competition."

President Trump: Susan Rice committed a crime in ‘unmasking’ his aides

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Former National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice said the suggestion that she unmasked members of the Trump campaign or transition team for political purposes was "absolutely false," and she described her activities as routine. (Associated Press/File)

President Trump took aim Wednesday at Susan E. Rice, a national security adviser under President Obama, saying he thinks she committed a crime by using U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on Trump campaign officials.

Mr. Trump said the actions by Ms. Rice, who requested that the National Security Agency “unmask” the identities of Mr. Trump’s associates and perhaps Mr. Trump himself when they were swept up in surveillance efforts against Russian officials, was “one of the big stories of our time.”

“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with The New York Times. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

The newspaper pressed Mr. Trump on whether he thought Ms. Rice broke the law.

“Do I think? Yes, I think,” he responded.

President Trump Has It Wrong on Syria – Assad Did NOT Use Chemical Weapons – Deep State Neo Cons Misleading the President…

Via Frank "Online, all of the big Trump groups are angry about a possible war in Syria. It's great."

DANGERDeep State is Trying to Manipulate Donald Trump on Syria.




We’ve covered the hidden story of manipulation within Syria quite extensively.  And in the example today of Chemical Weapons being used against the Syrian People, all indications do not point toward Bashir Assad doing it.

The entire event looks like an horrific operation by anti-Assad forces trying to create assistance for their regime change efforts by killing their own people.  Yes, they are that desperate; and yes, there are vested interests in the U.S., including the CIA, who would support such an objective.

Remember, as a direct outcome of the Obama/Kerry U.S. policy we have been arming the anti-Assad Syrian elements for several years.   This is not hidden.