Thursday, April 6, 2017

White House Officials Divided on Islam, ISIS, Israel and Iran

Via Mike "On McMaster: Just as I feared based on his  book on Vietnam, which tried to Blame big Mistakes on the generals rather than the political leadership.  His book, which was his UNC PhD
Dissertation, clearly reflected his  allegiance to the academic liberal  mindset. He got two of his stars
Under Obama.  This is particularly troubling in light  of the situation in Syria. We are in Serious danger of evaluating and acting  on the basis of counterfactual knowledge and Intelligence."

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  • The decision to select Army Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond "H.R." McMaster to replace retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as national security advisor is setting into motion a cascade of other personnel decisions that, far from draining the swamp, appear to be perpetuating it.
  • Trump has decided to retain Yael Lempert, a controversial NSC staffer from the Obama administration. Analyst Lee Smith reported that, according to a former official in the Clinton administration, Lempert "is considered one of the harshest critics of Israel on the foreign policy far left."
  • Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who served as the NSC's Iran director during the Obama administration, is now in charge of policy planning for Iran and the Persian Gulf at the Trump State Department. Nowrouzzadeh, whose main task at Obama's NSC was to help broker the Iran Nuclear Deal, is a former employee of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a lobbying group widely believed to be a front group for the Islamic dictatorship in Iran.
  • "The people who are handling key elements of those conflicts now are the same people who handled those areas under Obama, despite the results of the last election. No wonder the results look equally awful." — Lee Smith, Middle East analyst.