Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ben Carson Uncovers MASSIVE HUD FRAUD Under the Obama Administration

Via Cousin John

 Obama HUD Fraud

Liberals called President Trump’s selection to run HUD “unqualified.” That’s right. For Leftists, a brain surgeon wasn’t qualified to understand housing.

Worse yet, we now learn that Obama’s HUD was completely inept.


  1. Trump's doing a lot of good. Tough for anyone to focus on it though bc of foreign policy.

    1. Yes and his demand to either pass his health bill or pull it wasn't a good move as we all know now.

    2. Oh right. I don't know what to think on health bill.

      I prefer Rand Paul style care, but it's not a core issue for me. And I'm unfamiliar with how bills normally pass.

      I guess Trump just didn't know to hire the Paleos. There are some good Paleos still kicking. The "extremists" everyone condemns are some of the best minds in the US.

    3. & we could have had Ron Paul........

  2. Valerie Jarret worked under Richard Daley with HUD. She was
    fired by Daley for missing monies and other misdeeds.
    HUD is one big crap game.