Thursday, April 6, 2017

Border Wall Contractors Want to Carry Guns on Site

Via Billy

A worker chats with residents at a newly built section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence at Sunland Park, U.S. opposite the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico January 26, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez)

The head of a general contractor in Fort Worth, Texas, says he has received several death threats since he publicly showed interest in bidding to work on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

For Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, chief executive of The Penna Group LLC, the angry response is just a taste of what’s to come for the companies that are eventually picked by Customs and Border Protection to build wall prototypes. His company understands it will draw the ire of immigration and environmental activists if selected, he says, but the risks of working on the wall are worth the end result.

“We didn’t enter this lightly,” Evangelists-Ysasga told the Associated Press. “We looked at it and said we have to be a productive part of the solution.”

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