Thursday, April 6, 2017

Marine Le Pen: "I will Bring Islamist Fundamentalism to its Knees"

Via Billy

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen  spoke out at a town hall meeting in La Bazoche-Gouet on Monday and said that she would not ask the French people to get used to terrorism, but instead said, "I will bring Islamist fundamentalism to its knees!"

Le Pen's words came as she criticized her rival, Emmanuel Macron,  who is a globalist.

“The other candidates are only in big cities,” she said . “I have been meeting in small villages and meeting French people who have never seen a candidate come to see them. It is my place, I am here among the French people who I want to defend.”

She also tweeted out (Google translate), "In the name of which we would not have the right to protect ourselves against social dumping and unfair competition."


  1. Perhaps the French are not week kneed. In modern times the French have become a running joke of surrender first. However, if one looks back into history. The French have a reputation as fearsome warriors. And yes, the French have won many more wars than they ever lost. Perchance, there is hope for Europe.


    1. I pray for them and the rest of the sane world.