Thursday, April 6, 2017

JIM ROGERS - 06 Apr 2017 - Global Financial Turmoil Should #Trump Fail, Dollar Is Going Higher


  1. His trade comment is dishonest. I like the other comments.

    Most people don't realise how nearly all of our trading partners use border adjusted VAT, which work the same as trade tariffs. They're WTO legal though.

    So, the trade war stuff is false. The risk is there'd be a great change which would need time to readjust.

    We're already in huge asset bubbles, so yes they could pop were Trump to pass a trade protection. However, we should focus on long term policy, not on the near term.

    If done correctly, a flat BTT of 10% or 15% could be applied, and then individuals could freely trade as they please, without any further government involvement.

    Oil might need to get an exclusion to make the Keystone worthwhile. Otherwise we shouldn't need many exclusions. The general trend would be to make production in the US more worthwhile, which means more jobs.

    There's no need to adjust trade protections relative to other polities. They already use protections. We should just pass a flat BTT that applies to everyone. Everyone should be the same. Then individuals should trade freely without government involvement.

    Though the BTT and border adjusted VAT are WTO friendly, we really don't need the WTO. There's no need for regulation. Individuals should just trade freely. It's similar to Ron Paul style free trade, just with a little tax.

    And the BTT should replace other taxes. We don't need a higher overall tax load.