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The problem on page 13: All semi-autos are outlawed, not just some.

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Pro-rights and anti-rights attention has been focused on the tremendous list of guns that would be banned under Feinstein's bill, which takes up a significant portion of the 122 pages of this proposal.
Here's the problem none of the "news" reports have spotted:
  1. The list of guns doesn't matter.
  2. Magazine size doesn't matter.
  3. If the semi-auto firearm has anything to grip it by, it is banned.
  4. It's very clever actually.
According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine -- handgun, rifle or shotgun -- equipped with a "pistol grip," would be banned. That sounds like a limitation, but it is not.

A pistol grip (on page 2)  is defined (on page 13) as "a grip, a thumb-hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip." In other words, the gun list does not matter. It is a smokescreen designed to distract people from the true meaning of the bill. And it has done a magnificent job. It worked!

Any semi-automatic firearm that exists, with anything on it you can grip, is banned. (There is a grandfather clause for old stuff.)

The list is meaningless tripe. It is camouflage for the real purpose of the bill. When the president said he is not going to take away your guns, well, Feinstein's bill puts the lie to that.

Magazine size does not matter. Brand name does not matter. It doesn't matter if it's black. If you can grip it, it's banned under this bill.

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Another Sheriff From Georgia Stands Up for the People

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January 30, 2013
Hon. Doug Collins – United States House of Representatives
Hon. Saxby Chambliss – United States Senate
Hon. Johnny Isakson – United States Senate 

I write to you today out of a sense of duty to the citizens I serve.  It seems that the media is ablaze with half truths and misleading information when it comes to certain rights of every citizen recognized in our United States Constitution – rights, which our Declaration of Independence recognizes were given to us by God and are “unalienable.”  Our founders considered the existence of these rights to be self-evident.  When these words were penned, they were not new ideas.  Rather, they brought to memory ideas that, even 236 years ago, were of such great antiquity that they were easily forgotten or disregarded by governments and men.

I believe that the world today is, for the most part, the same as it ever was.  Throughout time immemorial, there has been a struggle in the human experience – a battle between two opposing forces.  Through the ages, there have been those who would give all authority over to a central form of government, and those who believe in liberty.  Our English heritage records this struggle as it waged in the thousand years prior to our declaring independence.  To say that the Constitution, or any portion of our Bill of Rights is outdated, is to say that mankind is outdated, because the arguments for and against freedom have been with us from the start.

The bedrock of freedom is recognizing the rights each human being is given by their creator and, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”   The words of our Declaration and of our Constitution were chosen very carefully by our founders.  They were chosen carefully because words have meaning and their purpose is to convey thought.  It is most unfortunate that we live in an age in which misguided and often self-serving politicians twist the meaning of words for the purpose of misleading the well-meaning and law-abiding average citizen.

It seems that many who are charged with representing “we, the people” have begun to think of themselves not as public servants, but as our masters.  Rather than citizens, they see us as subjects they are entitled to rule over.  They would have us believe that crimes are committed, or at least caused, by inanimate objects which have no will of their own, rather than placing the blame on the criminals who choose, in and of themselves, to commit these crimes.  They would have us believe that certain firearms belong only in the hands of police, or that the right to keep and bear arms is about sporting, rather than defending oneself and one’s family.

The citizens of Towns County have given me the tremendous honor of electing me these three times to serve as their sheriff.  Being sheriff comes with the tremendous responsibility of fulfilling a duty that has developed over more than two and a half millennia of recorded history.  As sheriff, I encourage all citizens to take an active role in their own safety and that of their families.  I recognize their right to defend themselves and their loved ones and expect that they will.  Make no mistake that my deputies and I are coming to their aid as quickly as possible, but in situations when seconds can mean the difference between life and death, I rest easier knowing that most of Towns County’s law abiding citizens are armed and, therefore, better able to defend themselves until their sheriff arrives.
Crimes in this nation are committed by a minute group of people.  In Georgia, less than 1% commits virtually all crime.  Disarming law abiding citizens only serves to create easier targets for those who will, whenever given the opportunity, harm another human being.  Any attempt at such an egregious assault on those rights, both recognized and guaranteed in our Constitution, is both unconscionable and unlawful under our system of government.

As sheriff, I took an oath to support the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Georgia.  I intend to keep that oath.  I am encouraging you to stand firm on this issue and keep your oath of supporting the Constitution as well.  Our citizens both need and expect us to represent them in this issue.  It has been very clearly relayed to me in speaking with the people of my community that it is not the will of the citizens I serve to have their rights infringed upon by any level of government.
I am already aware of many “law enforcement officials” who are being enlisted to express their support of an infringement of the Second Amendment.  I expect that most, if not all, of these “law enforcement officials” will prove to be nothing more than appointed figureheads and, therefore, only capable of declaring publicly the words and positions of their superiors for fear of losing their positions.  I was present when Georgia’s Sheriffs, who serve only the citizens who elect them, were given an opportunity to weigh in on the issue.  The statement they agreed to make to the world was clear and direct: they will stand by their oath!

I want to be very clear so that my position is understood.  As the duly-elected Sheriff of Towns County, Georgia, I have no duty, nor obligation, and cannot be compelled to enforce federal law.  I will, as my oath requires, aggressively oppose any state or federal legislation that attempts to take away any of the natural rights guaranteed under the Constitution to the law-abiding citizens I serve.  I will exercise the full authority of the Office of Sheriff in defending all of the Constitutional rights of each and every citizen of Towns County, Georgia, “so help me God!”



Sheriff Chris Clinton
Towns County, GA

How insurrections and revolutions start.

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Rips him a new one.

In an extraordinary January 24 letter directed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and top New York state legislators, the Saratoga County Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association has ripped into New York’s rogue government for the tactics they used to unconstitutionally ram the NY SAFE Act through the state legislature into law, intentionally subverting the democratic process.
Read the letter in it’s entirety, and gain an understanding of how insurrections and revolutions start.

Dear Governor Cuomo, Senators Klein, Marchíone, Skelos, Stewart-­Cousins, and Chairman Cox:
By this correspondence, the Saratoga County Deputy Sheriffs’ Police Benevolent Association (SCDSPBA) would like to announce our strong opposition to the passage of the SAFE Act and the manner in which is was negotiated and subsequently voted upon. The SCDSPBA represents the sworn men and women police officers of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office.

Our objections to the legislation are numerous and begin with the process under which the bill was voted on in the Senate.

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The Three+ Stooges: Army Drill For Martial Law Terrorizes Residents in Houston, TX

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Generation to Generation

Maybe another EBT card would calm them down.......

Second video from Liberty and Lead

Obama goes 'skeet shooting all the time'? Hardly ever, sources say

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News of President Obama's apparently long-secret fondness for skeet shooting came as a surprise to those who say they have witnessed the president's "awkward" attempts at pinging the (clay) pigeons.
This has only happened with the president at Camp David, at most, a couple of times, according to a source who says he has been to the retreat on a half-dozen visits with Obama.

"The only time he shot skeet was for President's Cup," said the source, referring to a shooting competition tradition involving the presidential Marine guards. "I was there. He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn't leave fast enough."

Skeet shooting "is very hard," said the source. "Especially for someone not used to guns ... He couldn't have been more uncomfortable."

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Violent crime in schools dropped 74 percent from 1992 to 2010

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Hoover police Chief Nick Derzis 1-31-13.jpeg.jpg

Even though shootings and other violence in schools seem to be grabbing more headlines these days, violent crime in schools is actually down nationally, Hoover police Chief Nick Derzis said in a speech to Hoover city leaders today.

Derzis, in a speech at the Hoover City Leaders Breakfast put on by the Hoover Parent Teacher Council, cited national statistics that showed a dramatic drop in the violent victimization of kids in schools since the early 1990s.

He gave statistics in his speech and later corrected them, saying there was a 74 percent decrease in the violent victimization of kids ages 12-18 in schools from 1992 to 2010. School-related thefts declined 82 percent in the same time period, according to the survey, conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The most recent period from 2007 to 2010 showed a 50 percent drop in school-related violence and 45 percent drop in school-related theft, the survey indicated.

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New Homeland Security Video Urges Americans To Resist Shooters…With Scissors

Legal Immigrant’s Must-See Testimony Against Gun Control

Bill Whittle Tells Hillary Clinton Exactly ‘What Difference It Makes’

Gun-friendly states attempting to lure Remington from New York

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Remington, a -based gun and ammunition manufacturer, may soon decide to leave the Empire State in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s strict new law.

Lawmakers from gun-friendly South Carolina, Michigan, Arizona and Oklahoma are all encouraging Remington to relocate, the local news site Innovation Trail reports. Representatives from all four states have sent letters to Freedom Group, Remington’s owner.

“The enemies of freedom are waging an all-out assault on the Second Amendment to the Constitution which we have sworn to protect and defend,” South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan wrote in a letter to Freedom Group’s CEO. “At a time when our government is consistently thwarting the ability of individuals to own businesses, voluntarily trade goods and services, and grown our economy, South Carolina is committed to writing a different story.”

“In South Carolina, we believe in the right to keep and bear arms,” the letter continued.

Is Restoring the Articles of Confederation America’s Best Chance to Control Washington?

Americans demanding a return to limited government, a balanced budget and an end to spiraling sovereign debt have been voting for the GOP for decades and the result has been total failure on all counts. To accomplish these goals we really must turn the government structure back to our first government model, the Articles of Confederation, so the centers of real power are at the state rather than the federal level. Since 1913, it has been very easy, between maintaining the two-party monopoly and buying off Congress, for the power elite to control leviathan from the top down. This would be far more difficult if power, authority and programs were decentralized and returned to control of the individual states.

Changing the government does not mean voting in another president or changing whether the Democrats or GOP control the House or Senate. Both parties are equally guilty and responsible for the downfall of America. Yes, I would certainly prefer Rand Paul to another Democrat president following the second term of Barak Obama. And of course more liberty-oriented state house representatives as well as senators and congress members at the federal level would help to get the liberty message out.

But national politics today is like "window dressing" on the Titanic and electing a "few more good politicians" will never create a majority on most important issues. The political leadership knows we are sinking and have reserved the lifeboats for themselves. All of the electioneering and mindless political chatter is about as relevant as deciding who would pay the final bar tab on the Titanic. Politics is just a subterfuge to keep you in the bar while the elites rush aboard the lifeboats.

A Short History of the Articles

Important message from Sheriff Joe


Just three weeks after I was sworn into office for a sixth term as Maricopa County Sheriff, a group of radical extremists filed a recall campaign to forcibly remove me from office.

This is very serious. These left-wing groups of agitators are the same ones who spent millions against me in last year's campaign in an effort to defeat me. Because they didn't like the outcome of that election they are now going to spend millions of dollars to force a recall election this coming fall.

So far they have raised over $1.3 million to defeat me!

These sore losers just never stop. They figure if they can force an election in an off-year they'll be able to turn out every pro-illegal immigrant voter and steal this election. We saw them do the very same thing to an Arizona State Senator just over a year ago.

It's clear that these people will go to any lengths to see me defeated and out of office. They'll resurrect all the lies, distortions and personal attacks from last year's campaign and use them against me this year.

And what is this all about really? Why do they hate me so much? It's simple: I am the only law enforcement official in this state that enforces our laws against illegal immigration. Period. Everything else they'll talk about is a deceptive smokescreen because they know they cannot win on the issue of enforcing the law.

In fact, in their statement about the recall this group claims that I don't "respect, defend or protect the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution!" This, coming from the same group of people who have waged a relentless campaign against me in an effort to stop enforcing the laws! I have sworn an oath to protect and defend our United States Constitution probably more times than these clowns have pledged allegiance to our flag.

You were such an important part of my victory last year even though we faced insurmountable odds. I certainly did not plan on this recall, but I have to ask you again for your support. The fight starts now. Over the next several months I am going to be bombarded with negative attacks and lies. I must have the necessary resources to defend my record and run a winning campaign.

But I don't care what threats they make. I will never back down one inch when it comes to doing the job I was JUST elected to do. I will continue enforcing all the laws on the books no matter what the consequences.

I am going to need your help now more than ever before. This campaign starts NOW. Will you support me and my efforts today with a much-needed contribution of $860 (the maximum per couple), $430 (the maximum per person), $300, $250, $150 or even $50?

Your contribution today is critical as we face these radical extremist forces. We cannot allow a small band of thugs to thwart the will of the voters and erode the Rule of Law.

Trust me; I never dreamed I would have to come to you for a contribution again. But it's clear that I must ask you for your support and your prayers if we are going to beat our opponents. Please click here now to make a contribution.

Thank you for everything you have done and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

Freedom on Tour: Bringing Liberty to the Masses


M1 30 Carbine 30rd Magazine, Blued 

These are new 30rd M1 Carbine magazines, blued steel, usually still in paper wrap. New production mags. 

Gun Rights Across America North Carolina

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 Gun Rights Across America North Carolina

 Gun Control = More Crime, we believe that no government should interfere with a citizens right to own, and carry a firearm. The second amendment guarantees Americans the right to self defense, and "shall not be infringed." 

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So You Want to Topple the U.S. Government?

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

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Agafia Lykova (left) with her sister, Natalia.

In 1978, Soviet geologists prospecting in the wilds of Siberia discovered a family of six, lost in the taiga 

Siberian summers do not last long. The snows linger into May, and the cold weather returns again during September, freezing the taiga into a still life awesome in its desolation: endless miles of straggly pine and birch forests scattered with sleeping bears and hungry wolves; steep-sided mountains; white-water rivers that pour in torrents through the valleys; a hundred thousand icy bogs. This forest is the last and greatest of Earth's wildernesses. It stretches from the furthest tip of Russia's arctic regions as far south as Mongolia, and east from the Urals to the Pacific: five million square miles of nothingness, with a population, outside a handful of towns, that amounts to only a few thousand people.

When the warm days do arrive, though, the taiga blooms, and for a few short months it can seem almost welcoming. It is then that man can see most clearly into this hidden world—not on land, for the taiga can swallow whole armies of explorers, but from the air. Siberia is the source of most of Russia's oil and mineral resources, and, over the years, even its most distant parts have been overflown by oil prospectors and surveyors on their way to backwoods camps where the work of extracting wealth is carried on.

Thus it was in the remote south of the forest in the summer of 1978. A helicopter sent to find a safe spot to land a party of geologists was skimming the treeline a hundred or so miles from the Mongolian border when it dropped into the thickly wooded valley of an unnamed tributary of the Abakan, a seething ribbon of water rushing through dangerous terrain. The valley walls were narrow, with sides that were close to vertical in places, and the skinny pine and birch trees swaying in the rotors' downdraft were so thickly clustered that there was no chance of finding a spot to set the aircraft down. But, peering intently through his windscreen in search of a landing place, the pilot saw something that should not have been there. It was a clearing, 6,000 feet up a mountainside, wedged between the pine and larch and scored with what looked like long, dark furrows. The baffled helicopter crew made several passes before reluctantly concluding that this was evidence of human habitation—a garden that, from the size and shape of the clearing, must have been there for a long time.

It was an astounding discovery. The mountain was more than 150 miles from the nearest settlement, in a spot that had never been explored. The Soviet authorities had no records of anyone living in the district.

U.S Marines Train to Breach Doors with Shotguns

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Valmet Petra .308

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GOA Action Alert


Feinstein’s Gun Ban to Affect
Millions of Law-abiding Gun Owners
But Universal Background Checks
still pose the greatest threat to gun owners right now
Late last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein reintroduced her much anticipated gun ban.  Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee spent several hours discussing her bill and other gun control proposals.
Her bill (S. 150) would ban millions of shotguns, rifles and handguns that Americans legally own, and possibly -- depending on statutory interpretation -- could ban all magazines of whatever size.  It would do this by supercharging the 1994 semi-auto ban by:

* Banning all semi-autos with just one cosmetic feature (pistol grip, forward grip, folding stock, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel);

* Banning all semi-autos with fixed magazines of over 10 rounds (but see below as to how a sneaky "loophole" may use this to ban ALL magazines of any size);

* Banning any part that is designed to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-auto (use your imagination concerning what parts might help you shoot faster with greater accuracy);

* Banning all "AK types," "AR types," or any "variant (i.e., any weapon which is similar to most of the popular firearms in America -- and use your imagination with respect to what is similar enough to be a "variant");

* Banning all Glocks (because there is a full-auto version which these are, arguably, a variant of);

* Allowing for grandfathering and transfer of semi-autos (but prohibiting the transfer of magazines and prohibiting the transfer of semi-autos without a Brady Check); and
* Banning all magazines that can be "readily restored ... [or] converted" to accept more than 10 rounds.  (QUESTION:  Does "readily" modify "converted" or does it merely modify "restored"?  How will the ATF interpret this?  If it’s the latter, the bill will ban ALL magazines of whatever size.)

While Feinstein’s gun ban would be horrendous, if enacted, there are many reasons to believe that it faces an uphill climb in the Congress.  And this means the most dangerous threat to gun owners right now is the expansion of background checks to cover ALL PRIVATE GUN SALES.
So our Senators need to hear the American people saying that NO GUN CONTROL is acceptable.
ACTIONClick here to contact your Senators and urge them to OPPOSE all the gun control that is currently on the table:  the Feinstein gun ban (S. 150), Universal Background Checks and all the President’s initiatives.  The only “gun proposal” that we will support is repealing the Gun Free School Zones gun ban!

How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process

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Brought to you by that impartial site Daily Kos.::) 

It's nice that we're finally talking about gun control. It's very sad that it took such a terrible tragedy to talk about it, but I'm glad the conversation is happening. I hear a lot about assault weapon and large magazine bans, and whilst I'm supportive of that, it won't solve the problem. The vast majority of firearm deaths occur with handguns. Only about 5% of people killed by guns are killed by guns which would be banned in any foreseeable AWB.

Furthermore, there seems to be no talk about high powered rifles. What gun nuts don't want you to know is many target and hunting rifles are chambered in the same round (.223/5.56mm) that Lanza's assault weapon was. Even more guns are chambered for more powerful rounds, like the .30-06 or (my personal "favorite") 7.62x54R. Even a .22, the smallest round manufactured on a large scale, can kill easily. In fact, some say the .22 kills more people than any other round out there.

Again, I like that we're talking about assault weapons, machine guns, and high capacity clips. But it only takes one bullet out of one gun to kill a person. Remember the beltway sniper back in 2002? The one who killed a dozen odd people? Even though he used a bushmaster assault rifle, he only fired one round at a time before moving. He could have used literally any rifle sold in the US for his attacks.

The only way we can truly be safe and prevent further gun violence is to ban civilian ownership of all guns. That means everything. No pistols, no revolvers, no semiautomatic or automatic rifles. No bolt action. No breaking actions or falling blocks. Nothing. This is the only thing that we can possibly do to keep our children safe from both mass murder and common street violence.

Unfortunately, right now we can't. The political will is there, but the institutions are not. Honestly, this is a good thing. If we passed a law tomorrow banning all firearms, we would have massive noncompliance. What we need to do is establish the regulatory and informational institutions first. This is how we do it:

The very first thing we need is national registry.

More hogwash @ Daily Kos

Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez ‘likes the youngest and newest girls’


In a little-noticed email published online Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a young Dominican woman wrote nine months ago that she slept with 59-year-old New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez at a series of sex parties organized by Dr. Salomon Melgen, a longtime Menendez campaign donor.

“That senator also likes the youngest and newest girls,” the woman wrote on April 21, 2002, according to an English translation provided to The Daily Caller by a native Spanish speaker.

“In the beginning he seemed so serious, because he never spoke to anyone, but he is just like the others and has just about the same tastes as the doctor, very refined. I think they were taking us more often to get us checked [medically] because of him.”

TheDC is not disclosing the woman’s name because she may have been a minor when her alleged sexual encounters with Menendez occurred. Four different Spanish speakers who reviewed TheDC’s translation of her letter all said her Spanish writing indicated someone who was very young and unsophisticated.

CREW chose to publish her name, despite her concerns for her safety.

“I do not want to have problems with those people,” she wrote, adding that she believed “I can trust you, that you will help us, and that nothing bad will happen to the other young girls, to me, or to my family.”

“The thing that worries me the most is that if they know that I spoke with someone they will find me,” she added.

The young woman wrote that she was recruited as an escort from an adult escort service called the Doll Palace, and that the code word “chocolate” would summon her and other girls to Melgen’s sex parties.

Anti-Gun Advocates Heckle Woman Wanting to Defend Her Children During Gun Violence Hearing


During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill about how to prevent gun violence, Senior Fellow of the Independent Women’s Forum Gayle Trotter was loudly heckled by anti-gun advocates in the crowd after she suggested women need firearms to protect young children in their homes.

"An assault weapon in the hands of a young woman defending her babies at her home becomes a defense weapon,” Trotter said as jeers erupted. “Guns are the great equalizer during a violent confrontation.”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse attempted to lecture Trotter about the type of gun she and women like her should use when defending their families.

 rotter was the only female on a panel of five witnesses who testified.

CATO Institute Policy Analyst and Denver University Professor David Kopel expressed a similar sentiment to Trotter in written testimony, pointing out higher violent crime rates in other countries with strict gun control laws, in particular against women.

“A woman in Great Britain is three times more likely to be raped than an American woman,” Kopel’s testimony reads. “Overall, the violent crime rate in England and Wales is far above the American rate. Using the standard definition for the four most common major violent crimes: homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.”

More @ Townhall

Jeff Sessions on gun control: There is no "surge in violent crime in America"

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jeff sessions.JPG

During the U.S. Senate’s gun control hearing this morning , Sen. Jeff Sessions argued that the federal government needs to "intimidate" would-be criminals with increased prosecution of “bread and butter criminal cases” involving guns. 

But he said there was no uptick in violent crime in America.

“The murder rate in America today is half what it was in 1993,” said Sessions, R-Mobile, during the Judiciary Committee hearing. “We have made progress on that. And we can continue to drive those numbers down. It’s not as if we have an unusual surge in violent crime in America.”

He did say that “straw purchases are a problem." Sessions, drawing on his experience as a former federal prosecutor, also argued that federal prosecutions for violent gun-related crimes could lead to longer sentences without parole, which could deter crime.

But Sessions pointed to the White House. “Those prosecutions have declined, unfortunately, substantially, under President Obama’s presidency.”

More @ AL

What happened first before genocide took place, or totalitarian regimes came to power in any country?

First, they ASKED everyone to Please come down and register their firearms.
Then, they Demanded under penalty of Law, that everyone MUST report and register their fire arms.
And Then, they passed laws which specified which kind of guns the slaves could own.
And Then, they Confiscated all Firearms, bar none.

These are the "gun control" steps as the prelude to filling mass graves, by committing genocidal sweeps of the population to eliminate "undesirables", or human beings that don't necessarily conform to the ideology, religion or political persuasion deemed "desirable" by the ruling party.  They are the SAME steps to be followed before a totalitarian dictatorship, as Mao Zedong did in China, takes over the power of government.  No one really knows how many people he murdered.  Estimates from 40 - 70 MILLION Chinese people were killed, and the ONLY way this was possible was by disarming the population.  It has been repeated time after time through history, it was done to the British in England, and it's happening here.  Notice how "mass shootings" keep happening, and the ONLY reason the lapdogs in the press will put forward is it's because the people are armed, thus demonizing both guns, and the people who own them as well as the very idea that the people have the unalienable right to defend themselves & their communities.  Once that stokes the fervor of the idiots, they will DEMAND that we be disarmed- enter Diane Feinstein (Zionist of the first water) with her already-written gun control legislation.  That's what you see going on now, and also notice that where an attempted mass shooting was stopped cold because a gun owner was present, and had the courage to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment right, Those stories are buried, and only reported locally, if at all. 

Here's what's more in all of this CRAP:

We have to keep our wits about us in the aftermath of staged events like Sandy Hook.  The Pro-Gun lobby, and groups such as Campaign For Liberty (Ron Paul) have seized on the apparent 2nd Amendment attacks to attempt to create hysteria.  What people need to understand about this is we are being played.  Obama isn't so much going after the 2nd Amendment, as much as he is using the threat of the loss of that right as BAIT to create crisis and to irritate a political division that neither side will be willing to bridge.  This gets us fighting among ourselves, distracting us from the much Bigger moves they have planned.  It's just the ol' divide and conquer strategy on steroids.  Watch and see if I'm not right about this because the truth we're unwilling to accept is:  What we THINK is our Constitution- is dead in the water, and has been for a long time.  How so?  Well, do you think that a corporate entity, such as the United States, would exist if such a document was really in force?   None of it would have been allowed; and everything they've done, since the early 19th century would be NULL & VOID.  Remember and think back on what I have already told you about the original 13th Amendment, the Titles of Nobility Act to catch the critical importance of what I'm saying.

That's the lie we've been fed all these years, and it's used as a cover to conceal their true intents.  Just wave the flag, and spout off about the Constitution this, or the Constitution that, and keep us sheeple convinced we have its protection when the truth which will be revealed at the time of THEIR choosing is that we have no such protection because we've allowed it to slip out of our grasp.  That's the price paid for a limited participation at the ballot box during their staged elections and trusting these utter yahoos to abide by their oaths of office.  How else does a statist operative like Diane Feinstein, or John McCain, or Harry Reid come to such power in the senate, and remain there, election after election?  It's what we get from the mass delusion of believing the emperor isn't really parading down the avenue butt-naked for all who have eyes to see.

But we don't even need a piece of paper to establish our rights and we don't need Congress as our arbiter either.  Our authority and sovereignty are ours by virtue of our Creator.  That's the basis of it.  As long as we have that, who has the authority to even question it, much less abrogate it?  So, what it comes down to is they have their authority ONLY because we stood by and let them.  We didn't have to, but we FORGOT who we are because we allowed them to induce us to do so and in that inducement, to think so little of ourselves that we became their slaves by our own option.  And then we get all riled up when their actions demonstrate to us they have no respect for what's written in the Constitution. 

We're supposed to get riled.  That's what they want us to do.  But we're getting riled about things that don't even matter in terms of the bigger picture- that's fine by them, and we do just as they predict we'll do.  What they DO NOT want us to realize is that in reality, they are NOTHING in spite of the appearance of worldly wealth & power. That we could depose and remove them at will.  Once we get that idea into our heads, it's game over and they know it.  Hence the strategy behind keeping us riled, and divided and bitching about things that don't matter.  What does?  We are sovereign spirit beings who are being scammed by a bunch of bloodthirsty, murderous Criminals- ARREST THEM...that's what matters.  But we have to come together in this enlightenment, to see beyond the veil they've imposed to hide the truth about what and who they really are and more importantly- WHO we are (we are persons because WE ARE and we have being beyond any of their say-so in the matter).  Without that unity, we don't have a snowball's chance; the status quo so many say they despise will remain in power, thus our continued enslavement leading to our extermination.  That right there, is the bottom line, the grand plan they don't want us to put any thought to.

The hypocrisy leading up to today goes back a long, long way.  If you wanted, you could go back to the pivotal Magna Carta, or even further.  But you have to keep in mind, that when the Magna Carta was written, who was there to strike it down, as being Null and Void?  As a hint, who was really the owner of England at the time (and still is) and who was its trustee?  Should be an interesting, if not shocking look-up for you.

David Gagin

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show: What Postponement of the U.S.'s Largest Gun Show Says About America

Via Blue

 Gun Show

The media is missing the real story behind the “postponement” of the largest outdoor show in America. This is a story of ignorance, bias and a gross misunderstanding of America and Americans.
This unfortunate fight began when Reed Exhibitions, a British events organizing company, announced that firearms and products associated with modern sporting rifles (guns the media has given the dubious label “assault rifles”) wouldn’t be allowed at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. The show was scheduled to begin on February 2 in Harrisburg, Penn.
Reed Exhibitions prohibition also extended to images of modern sporting rifles. They wanted to whitewash a firearm category with Orwellian zeal from the show because they deem these semi-automatic rifles to be too militaristic for civilian use. They mandated this ban at America’s largest outdoor show, a show that regularly attracts 200,000 outdoor enthusiasts and pumps an estimated $44 million into the region’s economy.

Outdoor product manufacturers, outfitters from across the country and world, conservation organizations and more come to Harrisburg each year for it. Many find it so overwhelming they complain about it. It’s nine-days long and is a very busy show that can be grueling for an exhibitor.

For perspective, consider that Pennsylvania has about one million active deer hunters. Many more are in surrounding states. Many other gun owners, fishermen and more come to see new firearms, book with outfitters or just to see the show. The people who come pay an entry fee before entering the miles of aisles to look at new gear, buy products and to attend outdoor seminars on duck calling, elk hunting and fly tying. They are a dedicated consumer base in ball caps, camo jackets, and with pictures of last year’s bucks in their wallets.

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