Thursday, January 31, 2013

What happened first before genocide took place, or totalitarian regimes came to power in any country?

First, they ASKED everyone to Please come down and register their firearms.
Then, they Demanded under penalty of Law, that everyone MUST report and register their fire arms.
And Then, they passed laws which specified which kind of guns the slaves could own.
And Then, they Confiscated all Firearms, bar none.

These are the "gun control" steps as the prelude to filling mass graves, by committing genocidal sweeps of the population to eliminate "undesirables", or human beings that don't necessarily conform to the ideology, religion or political persuasion deemed "desirable" by the ruling party.  They are the SAME steps to be followed before a totalitarian dictatorship, as Mao Zedong did in China, takes over the power of government.  No one really knows how many people he murdered.  Estimates from 40 - 70 MILLION Chinese people were killed, and the ONLY way this was possible was by disarming the population.  It has been repeated time after time through history, it was done to the British in England, and it's happening here.  Notice how "mass shootings" keep happening, and the ONLY reason the lapdogs in the press will put forward is it's because the people are armed, thus demonizing both guns, and the people who own them as well as the very idea that the people have the unalienable right to defend themselves & their communities.  Once that stokes the fervor of the idiots, they will DEMAND that we be disarmed- enter Diane Feinstein (Zionist of the first water) with her already-written gun control legislation.  That's what you see going on now, and also notice that where an attempted mass shooting was stopped cold because a gun owner was present, and had the courage to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment right, Those stories are buried, and only reported locally, if at all. 

Here's what's more in all of this CRAP:

We have to keep our wits about us in the aftermath of staged events like Sandy Hook.  The Pro-Gun lobby, and groups such as Campaign For Liberty (Ron Paul) have seized on the apparent 2nd Amendment attacks to attempt to create hysteria.  What people need to understand about this is we are being played.  Obama isn't so much going after the 2nd Amendment, as much as he is using the threat of the loss of that right as BAIT to create crisis and to irritate a political division that neither side will be willing to bridge.  This gets us fighting among ourselves, distracting us from the much Bigger moves they have planned.  It's just the ol' divide and conquer strategy on steroids.  Watch and see if I'm not right about this because the truth we're unwilling to accept is:  What we THINK is our Constitution- is dead in the water, and has been for a long time.  How so?  Well, do you think that a corporate entity, such as the United States, would exist if such a document was really in force?   None of it would have been allowed; and everything they've done, since the early 19th century would be NULL & VOID.  Remember and think back on what I have already told you about the original 13th Amendment, the Titles of Nobility Act to catch the critical importance of what I'm saying.

That's the lie we've been fed all these years, and it's used as a cover to conceal their true intents.  Just wave the flag, and spout off about the Constitution this, or the Constitution that, and keep us sheeple convinced we have its protection when the truth which will be revealed at the time of THEIR choosing is that we have no such protection because we've allowed it to slip out of our grasp.  That's the price paid for a limited participation at the ballot box during their staged elections and trusting these utter yahoos to abide by their oaths of office.  How else does a statist operative like Diane Feinstein, or John McCain, or Harry Reid come to such power in the senate, and remain there, election after election?  It's what we get from the mass delusion of believing the emperor isn't really parading down the avenue butt-naked for all who have eyes to see.

But we don't even need a piece of paper to establish our rights and we don't need Congress as our arbiter either.  Our authority and sovereignty are ours by virtue of our Creator.  That's the basis of it.  As long as we have that, who has the authority to even question it, much less abrogate it?  So, what it comes down to is they have their authority ONLY because we stood by and let them.  We didn't have to, but we FORGOT who we are because we allowed them to induce us to do so and in that inducement, to think so little of ourselves that we became their slaves by our own option.  And then we get all riled up when their actions demonstrate to us they have no respect for what's written in the Constitution. 

We're supposed to get riled.  That's what they want us to do.  But we're getting riled about things that don't even matter in terms of the bigger picture- that's fine by them, and we do just as they predict we'll do.  What they DO NOT want us to realize is that in reality, they are NOTHING in spite of the appearance of worldly wealth & power. That we could depose and remove them at will.  Once we get that idea into our heads, it's game over and they know it.  Hence the strategy behind keeping us riled, and divided and bitching about things that don't matter.  What does?  We are sovereign spirit beings who are being scammed by a bunch of bloodthirsty, murderous Criminals- ARREST THEM...that's what matters.  But we have to come together in this enlightenment, to see beyond the veil they've imposed to hide the truth about what and who they really are and more importantly- WHO we are (we are persons because WE ARE and we have being beyond any of their say-so in the matter).  Without that unity, we don't have a snowball's chance; the status quo so many say they despise will remain in power, thus our continued enslavement leading to our extermination.  That right there, is the bottom line, the grand plan they don't want us to put any thought to.

The hypocrisy leading up to today goes back a long, long way.  If you wanted, you could go back to the pivotal Magna Carta, or even further.  But you have to keep in mind, that when the Magna Carta was written, who was there to strike it down, as being Null and Void?  As a hint, who was really the owner of England at the time (and still is) and who was its trustee?  Should be an interesting, if not shocking look-up for you.

David Gagin


  1. Good point on divide and conquer.

    What's the reference to the 13th amendment?

  2. The original 13th.
    The Pro-Gun lobby, and groups such as Campaign For Liberty (Ron Paul) have seized on the apparent 2nd Amendment attacks to attempt to create hysteria.

    As far as the above, you're damn right we're screaming, we have every right/obligation to do so and we shall not stop.

  3. The attacks on the second amendment are real, but I'm not saying they aren't, I'm saying the purpose is to drive a wedge dividing the population into two main sides, so they'll fight, when the tyranny coming down will rain on the left and right equally. That's the part we can't loose sight of. Staging this so that it simply appears to be an unconstitutional act is like throwing some raw meat into a kennel full of hungry hounds. There's going to be a fight, and then the "Order out of Chaos" maxim can be used against us. It's rather like starting a fire to keep the fire department busy. So maybe, go past the defensive reaction of fighting for the 2nd Amendment, and attend to the source of that and all the other problems as well. But like I said, it will take unity, and the key is people on either side of the political divide they've created don't like their liberty being messed with, and it is like a big dog.