Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Ethical Honorable Canadian take regarding American History and Confederate Propaganda, the Five Year Project

When I publicly spoke out in favor of the Confederate flag in 2015 I realized it would be a lengthy bit of civil advocacy as opposed to a single event. I spoke with my father before undertaking the project. I knew I could be painted as the devil by the time my advocacy project was concluded, but felt the topic was best covered by a person with broad shoulders capable of absorbing numerous amounts of confrontations and/or attacks. I was nervous when I started and didn't want to be perceived as a Canadian idiot nor a racist bringing further negativity to the Confederate flag. The hate propaganda associated with the flag often targets any person that speaks up as racist whether it is a fact or not. My political concerns from five years ago have indeed become a reality here in Canada. As the propaganda and irrational logic in the Southern United States currently destroys as many Southern Civil War Monuments as possible, Canada has fully developed the same shaming politics and questioning of our country's history here. Canada has begun the process of shaming a Christian history at protests and ripping down historical monuments under a premise of political correctness. 

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Sidney Powell’s Legal Team Has Binder of Documents She Says Establish the 2020 Election was a Fraud

Sidney Powell’s Legal Team Has Binder of Documents She Says Establish the 2020 Election was a Fraud

"I just found and read some of this 75MB PDF allegedly from the Powell legal team. I can't speak to the legitimacy of the source site ... haven't followed it in the past."
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Zenger News publishes the Powell binder in its entirety.

In a Dec. 23, 2020 interview with Zenger News, attorney Sidney Powell stepped through a binder of information her legal team provided two hours before cameras rolled.

Powell contends that documents in the binder prove direct foreign interference and fraud tainted the Nov. 3 presidential election, and that President Donald Trump was re-elected. The entire binder is reproduced here for exclusively.


Presidential Pardons

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Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Chrismas Sherry Kelley Another issue that people are saying President Trump abused his power! Not even close to a... Soooooo, ppl are upset today saying Trump "abused his power" by granting 26 pardons. Trump with 26 pardons is nothing compared to past Presidents. Total Presidential pardons/sentence commutations: Carter: 566 Reagan: 406 H.W Bush: 77 Cigar Bill: 459 George W: 200 Obama: 1,927 Trump: 26 Please, by all means, educate me on abuse of power.'