Friday, December 15, 2017

Austria Shifts Right as Kurz Forges Government With Nationalists

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Austria’s 31-year-old next leader is closing in on a pact with nationalists to form a government that reflects Europe’s anti-immigration groundswell.

An agreement in Vienna, which could come as early as Friday, would allow Sebastian Kurz to become the world’s youngest head of government and return the populist Freedom Party to power as junior partner for the first time since 2005.

Austria’s drift to the right is part of Europe’s shifting politics after a year of populist challenges at the polls, including an anti-immigration party that drew voters away from Angela Merkel. The German chancellor called the Freedom Party’s strong showing a “major challenge” after the election in neighboring Austria in October.

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The Dawn of Wonder Woman

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With each new day comes another man on the chopping block for sexual misconduct. While the Sexual Inquisition started in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein, it has now spread like an STD to all walks of life.

If you think this has anything to do with libs awakening to newfound morals; you got another think coming. There is an agenda; there always is. What is the grand plan? I have a theory….

First question is timing. Why are all of these women just now speaking out?

Of course Hollywood attributes this patriarchal takedown as a response to the Trump administration. This has got to be lib lunacy at its height. Then again, Pelosi is bemoaning the tax bill which she has yet to read, so what’s new?

Do I think these guys are pervs and committed a lot of pervy acts? Yes and yes. Do I think if the women felt disparaged, they should’ve spoken up at the time of these incidents, and are only now jumping on the bandwagon because there’s something to gain from it? Yes and Yes.

Virginia's women's monument will include a new Confederate statue to 'the angel of the Lost Cause'

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Sally Louisa Tompkins

As Virginia’s next governor, Ralph Northam will take part in the 2019 dedication of the Virginia Women’s Monument on Capitol Square, which is to include a statue of a Confederate captain.
Sally Louisa Tompkins, a Richmond hospital administrator renowned for her facility’s low mortality rate, was one of 12 women from 400 years of Virginia history chosen in 2013 for bronze statues as part of the monument.

Northam, like members of the Virginia Women’s Monument Commission interviewed for this story, appears to see a distinction between Tompkins and other Confederate officers.

The Temptations Wish You A Merry Christmas

Best version ever.

NC: Huge Confederate battle flag installed along I-95

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 There's a growing concern about a Confederate battle flag flying along I-95 in Cumberland County. It's located near Wade and Godwin at exit 61.

It's been the talk of the town for two days. The Sons of Confederate Veterans raised the flag on Wednesday as part of a memorial honoring civil war hero Theophilus Hunter Holmes. The group says the flag is on a 90-foot pole and measures 20 feet by 30 feet.

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The Bundy Affair #23 Larry Wooten – Ethical Government Employee, and Rare His expose on BLM


Now, I have to start with a disclaimer. I do so since the last time I received unsolicited information, I ended up spending 7 days in jail and the Court (Judge Anna Brown) didn’t believe me in my sworn testimony, but she did believe a conversation I had with Schuyler Barbeau, in an effort to cheer him up, while he was still in jail.

I received in the mail, with no return address, an 18 page email that I had heard about. However, the details in what I had heard were minimal, at best. But, having the whole 18 pages, I find that the initial, or original email was only 17 pages.

In an undated email from Larry Wooten to Andrew D. Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General, National Criminal Discovery Coordinator, Wooten writes of many misdeeds in the entire Gold Butte Impound Operation, that being the operation that unfolded near Bunkerville, Nevada, back in early April 2014.

President Pence or President Clinton?

It’s no secret that the Deep State (the Great Swamp) wants Donald Trump gone and they will do whatever they have to that such an arrangement might be formulated and moved forward. There are some loony Leftist zealots that want the entire election reversed and handed to Queen Hillary and every Republican that won office summarily kicked out and replaced with a communist Democrat (I repeat myself here).

While I am not sure the Deep State is willing to go that far all at once because Americans still have their guns, they might be willing to go far enough to deep six Trump and put Pence in his place, figuring they’ll get the same results as they would with Hillary but a little bit slower. But after all, slower is better than not at all.

And Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is supposedly going to resign. You have to wonder what that is all about and if there is any connection.

White House website redesigned to save taxpayers '$3 million per year'


The official White House website is getting a facelift – one that could save American taxpayers as much $3 million annually.

A newly designed will launch early Friday, ending a months-long reconstruction process that aimed to bring the Trump administration's digital presence up to current standards, a White House official said Thursday.

"The old site was a good temporary measure that allowed us to use what the previous administration had built, but it wasn't where it needed to be in terms of providing people with content they can easily access," the official said.

Anti-Gunner Pens Open Letter to ‘American Gun Lover’


Editor’s note: Though it was written in 2015, John Pavlovitz’s “Letter to An American Gun Lover” is making the rounds.  Pavlovitz retweeted it on his Twitter acccount last week.  Probably in opposition to national concealed carry reciprocity.  Anyways, this is the first I’ve heard of it.  While I’m not typically in the business of sharing nonsense, this was too funny to pass up.  “A ‘bleeding heart’ is always better than a dead one.”  LOL.  Not if that dead heart belongs to a craven serial rapist or kiddy didler.  

If you’re an American gun lover, I’m not going to argue with you today.

I’m not going to exchange news articles and opinion pieces and stat graphics.

I’m not going to absorb lazy, tired platitudes about people killing people or about heart problems.

I’m not going to respond to personal attacks or allegations of my disregard for your individual freedom.

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Spy Escape & Evasion Gun Belt

Sad State of Affairs: Good Cop, Bad Cop

It has been suggested that bad cops are only a small percentage of the overall force and that the good cops should not be judged by the actions of the few. I would argue that if the bad cops are a small percentage of the force, why can they not be confronted and dealt with, if even on a personal, non-administrative way by the good cops? It happens in business all the time.

The fact is, the good cops hide behind the actions of the bad cops to be occasionally bad themselves, when it suits them and when they think they are justified. The good cops really don't even know what being a good cop is. They think that if they are not a bad cop they are a good cop, but that doesn't wash. At best, they are neutral cops, but by accepting and tolerating bad cops, they become bad cops themselves. It is and must be (pun intended) necessarily a self-policing responsibility. The fact that many of these police forces are not self-policing leads directly to the proliferation of bad cops either by their own actions or by the inaction of others.

So, when the FBI comes under scrutiny at the highest levels for corruption, corruption so complete that many of the most corrupt don't even recognize their corruption as such, why would any local PD be any different?

Firing the Pre-Pubertal Arquebus: A Sociological Treatise

Today we will ponder America, a country, even a civilization, that existed long ago where the United States is today, but bore little resemblance to it. It will be like studying cave drawings, or Sargon of Akkad. Pay attention. The is original source material of historical importance.

I was there, in America: Athens, Alabama, at age twelve. 

Athens was small and Southern, drowsy in summer, kind of comfortable feeling, not much concerned with the outside world. It left the world alone and the world left it alone. In those days, people in a lot of places figured this was pretty workable.

12 US Paratroopers Versus 1,000 Terrorists: Hours-Long Battle Defending Downed Bird

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Master Sgt. Thomas Ballard receives his Silver Star from Brig. Gen. James Huggins, 3rd infantry Division's assistant division command maneuver, during a ceremony Sept. 9. Ballard, Lt. Col. Stephen Hughes and Maj. John Reed were honored for their action during a firefight Jan 28.

The United States military is known for having the most elite, well-trained and courageous warriors in the world — a reputation that was put on full display 10 years ago when an American helicopter went down during a battle in Iraq.

Twelve paratroopers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division’s Military Transition Team 0810 had responded to a call for assistance after 10 Iraqi Army soldiers had been killed by insurgents near the city of Najaf on Jan. 28, 2007, according to the U.S. Army. 

However, as the team approached the site of the battle, they witnessed an AH-64 Apache helicopter come crashing down from the sky, shot down by the insurgents; specifically, a militant group known as the “Soldiers of Heaven cult.”

Hannity on Clinton Email Probe: 'The Fix Was In From the Very Beginning'

Attorney Lisa Bloom sought to line up paydays for women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct

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Attorney Lisa Bloom acknowledges trying to secure funds for her clients, who accused Trump of sexual misconduct

Legal powerhouse Lisa Bloom tried to line up big paydays for women who were willing to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct during the final months of last year’s election, according to an explosive report.

The Hill reported Friday that Bloom worked with campaign donors and tabloid media outlets to arrange compensation for the alleged victims and a commission for herself, offering to sell their stories. In one case, Bloom reportedly arranged for a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempted to score a six-figure payment for another woman. The former ultimately declined to come forward after being offered $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

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Comey Draft Indicates It Was ‘Reasonably Likely’ Hillary’s Server Was Hacked

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More changes in Comey's letter about Hillary's emails:

The phrase "... it's reasonably likely" that Clinton's server was hacked.

Was changed to "it's possible" the server was hacked in public statement.

An early FBI assessment of Hillary Clinton’s private email server indicated that it was “reasonably likely” she had been hacked by hostile foreign actors.

Then-FBI Director James Comey’s original draft on the matter said that while “we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal email system … was successfully hacked,” a combination of other evidence made it “reasonably likely that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s private email account.”

The statement was revealed in a letter sent by Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Ron Johnson to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

What was also revealed is that Comey made edits to the original statement that watered down the statement. The phrase ‘reasonably likely’ was replaced by ‘possible.’

Doug Jones’ Victory May Give Trump A Second Supreme Court Pick

 U.S. President Donald Trump listens as Justice Anthony Kennedy speaks before swearing in Judge Neil Gorsuch as an Associate Supreme Court Justice in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S. on April 10, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Doug Jones’ victory in Tuesday’s special Senate election in Alabama may change Justice Anthony Kennedy’s calculus as he mulls retirement.

The race’s shock result has imperiled the Republican Senate majority ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, and with it the integrity of the judicial confirmation process, which appears nonfunctional under divided government.

Though the justice has recently told prospective clerks that he is considering retirement, the prospect of his departure seemed remote. In a political environment as volatile as this, his power as the Court’s swing vote is at its maximum. It seems counter intuitive that he would retire as his influence reaches its apex. What’s more, Kennedy has a high opinion of the Court’s capacity to bear moral clarity for a restless nation, making his continued service a matter of duty.

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Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

 Unlike Nixon, Trump Will Not Go Quietly

On Aug. 9, 1974, Richard Nixon bowed to the inevitability of impeachment and conviction by a Democratic Senate and resigned.

The prospect of such an end for Donald Trump has this city drooling. Yet, comparing Russiagate and Watergate, history is not likely to repeat itself.

First, the underlying crime in Watergate, a break-in to wiretap offices of the DNC, had been traced, within 48 hours, to the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

In Russiagate, the underlying crime — the “collusion” of Trump’s campaign with the Kremlin to hack into the emails of the DNC — has, after 18 months of investigating, still not been established.

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Dixie Rising: Another Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Virginia!

Our friends at the Lane Armistead SCV Camp #1772 in Mathews County, Virginia completed work over the weekend on their FOURTH roadside battle flag installation!

At 60', this is their tallest pole to date and flies in a great location on Rt. 14 just outside of Mathews, where a dedication ceremony will be held this Saturday at noon.