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Obama's Un-American, Anti-American, Treasonous Ideology


"If their street revolutions are successful, these Middle Eastern countries will rapidly degenerate into radical Muslim thugocracies allied with our communist enemies. Israel will be the first target, and with Obama's radically anti-Israel orientation, the Israelis will stand alone. We will be next. One wonders if Obama will then stand to defend the country he swore to, or if he will be out in the streets with his fellow radical leftists burning American flags."

Richard Maybury On The Collapse Of The Anglo-American Empire & What It Means For You

"Foreign aid: A transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries."
-- Douglas Casey

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Daily Bell: What's the worst problem America is suffering from?

Richard Maybury: I think ethics. Nearly the entire population has been raised in schools that are under the control of government agencies and they have been taught that the government doesn't need to obey ethical principals such as, "Thou shall not steal". So, this has become part of the American culture. I don't see any long-term solution for America or any of the rest of the world until they start accepting the fact that government has to be ethical, just like individuals.

No country is going to get out of a mess like this unless they abandon the idea that stealing is acceptable. It is not. Once again, it all comes down to ethics. People have been mislead and taught that stealing is OK. Simply put, as long as people are willing to accept the notion of legalized theft in the form of visible and hidden taxes, there can be no lasting solution to the mess we are in.

Daily Bell: Is Ben Bernanke doing a good job? Will he be the LAST Fed chairman?

Richard Maybury: Well it would be great if he was the last Fed Chairman but I don't know if he will be or not. Is he doing a good job? I think that his job is to expand the money supply and to lie about it. So, according to that job description, he is doing rather well. But if you think his job description is to preserve the value of the currency and not to lie, then he's doing very badly.

I think Wikileaks is the beginning of what will turn out to be the biggest political development in a thousand years. Or say for the next thousand years. Pretty soon it will be impossible for governments to operate in secrecy and once everybody knows what every government is doing it's going to be a different world.

There's a very good book written by Antony Sutton called, "The Best Enemy Money Can Buy." It's about Americans financing the Bolshevik revolution and subsidizing the Soviet Union ever since. I think it's an absolute fact that the US helped prop up the Soviet Union so that Washington would have an enemy that would justify its rationale to go out and meddle in the rest of the world. Sutton presented evidence on this theory and I for one think it's irrefutable. Other than that, I would have to think long and hard about your question.

Purpose Of Education: Change Thoughts/Actions/Feelings Of Students

& good teaching is "challenging the students fixed feelings."


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Patriot Act Blocked!



WHOA: The House just voted to block the extension of the USA PATRIOT Act. Nobody thought this was possible, but more than 55,000 Demand Progress members signed a petition urging members of Congress to vote against the extension. And it's working! Will you join them, by clicking here?

The PATRIOT Act makes a mockery of our civil liberties: It lets government officials spy on whomever they want, for any reason, without ever letting them know or giving them a chance to challenge the order in court.

The momentum is on our side, but the fight isn't over yet: The House leadership is almost certain to try again to pass the extension, and the Senate is likely to take the bill up next week. Please help block the extension by clicking above!


A New "Planned Parenthood" Undercover Bust

Obama's Supposedly IQ Of 116 May Be Too Generous

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Vox Popoli

From Obama's recent speech to the Chamber of Commerce:
"Auto executives predicted that having to install seatbelts would bring the downfall of their industry. It didn’t happen. The President of the American Bar Association denounced child labor laws as “a communistic effort to nationalize children.” That’s a quote. None of these things came to pass."
Apparently the moron failed to recall that General Motors filed for bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. Chrysler filed for bankruptcy on April 30, 2009. American birth rates are well below replacement rates when immigrant births aren't counted, and the federal government explicitly claims a right to children that supercedes the parental claim in many areas, including health and education. One can reasonably argue about whether or not these events can truly be said to have been caused by the specific government policy, but to base an argument on the events not having happened takes a special combination of ignorance and unfounded arrogance.

GOA Alert: Hold Hearings On The ATF!


ATF Declaring War on Honest Gun Owners

-- Time for Congress to rein in this rogue agency

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
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Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They are coming for your guns any way they can.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is waging a war on innocent gun owners, and not surprisingly, the Obama administration has done nothing to keep them in check.

You are no doubt aware of how the agency has been going after honest gun dealers in recent years. Combine that with byzantine federal laws and regulations -- subject to BATF interpretation -- and it's no wonder the number of FFL holders has decreased almost 80%.

Then there was former National Guardsman David Olofson. In 2008, Olofson's loaned AR-15 malfunctioned at a range -- firing a three-round burst with a single trigger pull. The ATF could only replicate the malfunction after experimenting with different types of ammunition behind closed doors. Having achieved the result they wanted, the ATF labeled Olofson's gun a machine gun, and he was sentenced to three years in prison for an illegal "transfer."

The agency also put millions of gun owners in its crosshairs when it reclassified shotguns that are equipped with pistol grips. By decreeing in 2009 that such firearms are not "shotguns," the ATF acted as a de facto legislative-making body... quietly turning millions of gun owners into potential criminals overnight.

If the weapons are not "shotguns," then what are they? The NFA Owners Association suggests the only logical alternative is that such firearms are now "destructive devices" -- in the same category as grenade launchers, which require owners to register their weapons and pay a $200 tax.

Of course, failure to register such weapons and pay the required tax would result in the same treatment that David Olofson received.

One Senator on Capitol Hill is looking into the agency's contemptible practices and asking pointed questions of ATF Acting Director Ken Melson.

In late January, Senator Charles Grassley (R-AL) questioned Melson about abuses stemming from Project Gunrunner, a program the ATF started in 2005 to stop US guns from getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. In order to track illegal gun running, the ATF engages in (and approves of) illegal gun purchases made at gun shows and stores throughout the southwest.

The word is starting to leak out that the ATF has its fingerprints on many of the strawman sales that are grabbing so many headlines. On January 30, newspaper headlines in El Paso, Texas, stated that: "US agency intentionally permits arms to be trafficked into Mexico."

So the ATF is actually helping to move illegal guns across the border. To make matters worse, says Sen. Grassley, one of the sales the ATF sanctioned went to suspected straw purchasers who later shot and killed Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry.

But when Sen. Grassley asked the ATF head for an accounting, the agency instead cracked down on the internal "whistleblowers" who supplied him with the information.

Imagine that... if the agency is willing to put the squeeze on its own agents, what are they willing to do to the rest of the population?

This lack of integrity on the part of ATF management is reminiscent of a 1993 60 Minutes feature story. In it, ATF agent Bob Hoffman stunned interviewer Mike Wallace by saying that "the people I put in jail have more honor than the top administration in this organization."

For over three decades, the ATF has had a record of abuse -- not only in its treatment of the few honest agents that work there, but also in their treatment of law-abiding gun owners. Even as far back as 1982, the Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution found that 75 percent of ATF gun prosecutions were aimed at ordinary citizens who had "neither criminal intent nor knowledge," but were "enticed by agents" into unknowing technical violations.

ACTION: Ask your Representative to urge the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to hold hearings on the ATF. This agency needs to be on top of the Chairman's list of government abuses to investigate. You can click on the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send your Representative a pre-written message.

1948 Delahaye 135 M Ghia Aigle Coupe

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Handbag Heroine Fights Armed Robbers

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Confederate Heritage Rally 2011

1861 Jefferson Davis being elected Confederate States President



As you know on Saturday, February 19, 2011 we will re-enact the swearing in of Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederacy in Montgomery, Alabama - where it occured in 1861. This is the most important SCV event of the year and it is expected many Compatriots and their families from across the South and beyond will attend.


Word has spread from coast to coast and beyond - we have been contacted by media from California to Washington, DC and Europe who intend to cover the event. This being the case, it is important that we, the descendants of those who formed the Confederate States of America, come together to remember this historic event. We will show the world that the sacrifice and heroism of the people of the South, who fought for her freedom and independence, will not be forgotten nor worse forsaken.

If you have not yet made your plans to be in Montgomery for this historic event, now is the time to step forward and prepare to be there - with so many others who will be there to stand up for our noble History and Heritage.

See You in Montgomery!

Deo Vindice!

Chuck Rand
Adjutant In Chief

Feb 12 9am Tallahassee Museum, The Murat House

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This Saturday, February 12, 2011 come and join the learning, 1860’s style, at the Tallahassee Museum. Living historians of the Ladies Soldiers’ Friend Sewing Society, Leon Rifles and the CSS Tallahassee Marine Guards will be in period dress demonstrating cooking, civilian life and artillery drill procedures. A full scale mountain howitzer will be used to demonstrate artillery drills. If you would like to participate please let me know as this an invitation only event.

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DHS Seizes Websites For Merely LINKING To Copyrighted Material


"Apparently the Department of Homeland Security is now authorized to rewrite and enforce copyright infringement laws. In a stunning precedent, the recent round of domain seizures to shut down websites that allowed illegal streaming of the Super Bowl also included a few other websites that were seized simply for linking to infringing content."

The 50 Most Beautiful Women In Film (Vote)



The Grandson Of Francis Scott Key Arrested By Lincoln

Fourteen months in American bastiles ..
Fourteen Months In American Bastiles

The grandson of Francis Scott Key, Francis Key Howard, the editor of the Baltimore Exchange, was arrested as well as others who wrote against Lincoln. While he was imprisoned at Fort McHenry, he wrote the following words. The date was September 13, 1861...... 47 years to the day!

'When I looked out in the morning, I could not help being struck by an odd and not pleasant coincidence. On that day, forty-seven years before, my grandfather, Mr. F. S. Key, the prisoner on a British ship, had witnessed the bombardment of Ft. McHenry. When on the following morning the hospital fleet drew off, defeated, he wrote the song so long popular throughout the country, the Star Spangled Banner. As I stood upon the very scene of that conflict, I could not but contrast my position with his, forty-seven years before. The flag which he had then so proudly hailed, I saw waving at the same place over the victims of as vulgar and brutal a despotism as modern times have witnessed."

When he was finally released on November 27, 1862 he wrote:

"We came out of prison just as we had gone in, holding the same just scorn and detestation [for] the despotism under which the country was prostrate, and with a stronger resolution that ever to oppose it by every means to which, as American freemen, we had the right to resort."


The Grandson Of Francis Scott Key Arrested By Lincoln

The Right Of Secession


We erroneously refer to that travesty of justice as “The Civil War”. By definition, a civil war is one that occurs within the borders of a given nation. Without question, the southern states peacefully seceded, creating the Confederate States of America. The northern states simultaneously argue that the south never left the union – AND that the southern states were reunited with the union under the Reconstruction Act. (If they never left, there would be no requirement for them to be reunited!)

I Am Now An Ex-Marine

Confederate States Marine Corps

"I have always been proud of my time spent as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I served in the Republic of Vietnam in 1969 and, while I was certainly no "John Wayne" type, I tried to do my duty to the best of my ability and I did bring all of my platoon out of Vietnam alive.

This past summer, the son of a friend of mine was very 'gung ho' about joining the Marines and asked my opinion, which I tried to give as honestly as possible, warts and all. I don't know if my discussions had any influence on him, but he enlisted, completed all of the pre-enlistment tests and physical exams and went to all of the pre-enlistment meetings. To say the least, he was very excited about serving his country in the Corps.

Shortly before he left Nashville for boot camp, he was told he could not serve his country because he had a Confederate Battle Flag tattooed on his shoulder in an area that would be completely covered by a t-shirt, and certainly by his uniform.

When informed of this, I went to the local recruiting station that had processed this young man to see if I were getting the entire story. The recruiter, a staff sergeant, told me, "Yes, sir. The Marine Corps considers the Confederate Flag a 'hate symbol,' but if the young man in question had a state or U.S. flag tattoo, that would be acceptable."

I informed the young sergeant that my family had defended the State of Tennessee (also his home state) against a sadistic invasion under that flag and to call our sacred flag of honour a 'hate symbol was an insult to ALL southerners, but especially to those Southerners who had risked or even given their lives in service to the Marine Corps. Southerners had served at Belleau Woods, at Tarawa and Iwo Jima, at Inchon and the Chosin Reservoir, and at Khe Sanh and Hue City, but now we are no longer wanted in the politically-correct don't-offend-any-minorities military? (This was just prior to the Fort Hood massacre)

He was polite, even sympathetic, but said the flag policy was a Marine Corps policy from Headquarters Marine Corps and not a local decision. After informing the sergeant that it seemed to me that our military was building a mercenary force of illegal aliens while rejecting native-born Americans in order to have a ready force to turn, without question, on American citizens, I asked the sergeant if he had taken out the trash yet.

He replied that he hadn't.

I then said, "Please add these to the day's garbage," and returned my lieutenant's bars, my gold and silver Marine Corps emblem from my dress blues, my shooting badges and my Vietnam ribbons.

I, like many of you, have always been told, "Once a Marine, always a Marine," and "There are no ex-Marines, only former Marines," but for me that is no longer true.

I was born in the South. I was raised here. I raised my family in the South and some day, God-willing, I hope to be buried in the native soil of our Southern homeland. I have always considered myself a Southerner first, and will remain so, despite any other organization that I may temporarily join.

I will never make a critical remark about a veteran, from any branch of the service, but from now on, I will do everything in my power to discourage any Southern young man, or lady, from becoming a future veteran. I am now an ex-Marine."

Gene Andrews

--ex-Marine, 1st Lieutenant 3rd Marine division Vietnam 0106580
I Am Now An Ex-Marine