Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tucker: The left doesn't want Joe Biden to debate President Trump

Welcome to Year Zero of the Cultural Revolution: The Seventeenth Amendment and the Siren Song of Democracy


A Review of The Road to Mass Democracy: Original Intent and the Seventeenth Amendment (Routledge, 2017) by C.H. Hoebeke

On April 8, 1913, the requisite three quarters of the State legislatures kneecapped themselves, surrendering to “the people” their authority to elect Senators of the United States. The ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, which provided for the direct popular election of Senators, was officially declared on May 31, and with it one of the final ramparts of the original Constitution fell to the rising tide of egalitarian mass democracy. Though the Seventeenth Amendment is by no means the worst or the final depredation upon States’ Rights, it is indeed extremely significant, a great contribution to the revolutionization and overthrow of the America our forefathers bequeathed us; notwithstanding this significance, however, the Seventeenth Amendment remained largely unexamined until C.H. Hoebeke’s informative study, The Road to Mass Democracy.

Woodpile Reports: A Tribute to Remus

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Ol Remus of the Woodpile Report is a legend. 

As of June 2020 our legend  Ol Remus has gone off air so to speak.

We do not know his identity in real life.    

These are the Vintage and recent Articles and Woodpile Reports from Ol'Remus.

I  started these legacy files in September 2018 but left off because I could not reliably bring across links. and because to a large extent vintage files were no longer available.

However, luckily Remus has such a reputation that many of his vintage reports are available still on other web sites.    I bring them across regularly, as I find them.   .                                                                             
If you knocked on a door somewhere in North Carolina Ol' Remus would have answered. .  He would look something like the man in the photo here. 

Unless you coaxed him, or as we say down here> twisted his arm <, you would leave not knowing you had met a legend.

I will refine this writing until that legend is read about by many people. His archetype is as a hero father figure to good men. That is some accomplishment. 

He is a father figure to grown men. Read Remus anywhere, you will not find embittered antagonism to the insane socialism and totalitarians of the left, but an acerbic wry commentary on the state of his country.

NC: Homeschool requests overload state government website

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The N.C. Department of Administration website as it appeared Wednesday evening.

RALEIGH – Wednesday evening, the website for the N.C Department of Administration’s Notice of Intent to Establish a Home School was not available due to volume.

The website around 9:20 p.m. read, “The system is not currently available due to an overwhelming submission of Notices of Intent (NOI). It will be back online as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to process NOIs as quickly as possible.”

Classical Conversations Inc. CEO Robert Bortins, responding to the site being down, told NSJ, “Families are uncertain if the public schools will be able to serve their families needs for school this fall. The pandemic schooling at home gave them the opportunity to see that they could homeschool, and now they are choosing to do it intentionally.

Earlier today, Gov. Roy Cooper delayed his expected announcement on the plan to reopen schools for the 2020-21 school year, saying his administration needed more time to study the data, trends, and achieve buy in from parents and teachers.

The website message archived and can be viewed here.

The homeschool movement has grown exponentially in the past two decades in North Carolina, now with more homeschool students than private school students.

Southern Rock for the Apocalypse, Charlie Daniels Edition

Charlie Daniels is dead. Just a shade over three years ago, I wrote this piece in honor of his birthday.

The South has lost one of its greatest bards, and Dixie is worse for it.

Daniels recorded arguably his best album, Fire on the Mountain, at Capricorn studios, the Peach State’s famous recording studio in Macon. Unlike FAME or Muscle Shoals in Alabama, Capricorn focused mostly on Southern rock. Daniels understood what was at stake, even in 1974. He was once interviewed about Capricorn and its mission in preserving an authentic Southern sound. He spit in his dip cup and said while important, it might not amount to much.

At the time, that might have been an understatement, but in the current climate of American stupidity, Daniels was probably right. When “Dixie” means “racism,” the entire fabric of American society is being torn to shreds. We’ve already added several Charlie Daniels tunes in this series, and there are a few more in the piece I linked above, so here are eighteen more great Charlie Daniels Band songs to pass the time and remember when. God speed Charlie, and I hope the angels played Dixie as you died.

Senator & M.D.Scott Jensen: If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

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269 Companies (NAMES) Supporting - Antifa - BLM- Democrat Marxist Party


Most are the same companies that are still advertising with the Democrats ‘left-wing’ Media.. ATT-CNN, Amazon-Washington Post, NY ‘Slimes’, MSNBC!

Protesters Storm Baptist Church, Harass Children, Assault Parishioners: ‘How’s Your Head Feel, Pastor?’

 On Sunday, June 7, thousands gathered at the Riverfront Park in Troy, New York to take a peaceful stand against police brutality.

Videos posted on social media show parishioners, both black and white, being harassed and physically assaulted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York.

The protesters, repeatedly shouting “Black Lives Matter,” even harassed and blocked churchgoers while they were with their young children, using a megaphone to scream at the families, shaming and threatening their parents with calls to CPS, or Child Protective Services.

BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to Do With Black Lives | The Heritage Foundation

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