Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Woodpile Reports: A Tribute to Remus

Via David

Ol Remus of the Woodpile Report is a legend. 

As of June 2020 our legend  Ol Remus has gone off air so to speak.

We do not know his identity in real life.    

These are the Vintage and recent Articles and Woodpile Reports from Ol'Remus.

I  started these legacy files in September 2018 but left off because I could not reliably bring across links. and because to a large extent vintage files were no longer available.

However, luckily Remus has such a reputation that many of his vintage reports are available still on other web sites.    I bring them across regularly, as I find them.   .                                                                             
If you knocked on a door somewhere in North Carolina Ol' Remus would have answered. .  He would look something like the man in the photo here. 

Unless you coaxed him, or as we say down here> twisted his arm <, you would leave not knowing you had met a legend.

I will refine this writing until that legend is read about by many people. His archetype is as a hero father figure to good men. That is some accomplishment. 

He is a father figure to grown men. Read Remus anywhere, you will not find embittered antagonism to the insane socialism and totalitarians of the left, but an acerbic wry commentary on the state of his country.


  1. I wish the man well. I enjoyed reading his posts and links to stories of interest. Interesting commentary too.

    Thank you Remus.

    1. Thanks, and he stopped once before, but with notice, so I hope he is well.

  2. Nice tribute, but where is he? Why did he not continue? Is he dead? No one knows. I would think if he was capable to at least state on his web page he no longer was going to continue, thank his long time readers and just shut it down. It is frustrating no knowing.

    1. It is frustrating no knowing.

      Agreed and please see my comment above yours.

    2. Foot in the ForestJuly 8, 2020 at 11:35 PM

      Cederq, Remus lost his wife of a life time not long ago. It can be hard to motivate yourself after such an event. I buried my other half eleven years ago and as i write this i still have tears in my eyes. Give the man time. It can be hard to find your center after such an event.

    3. Foot in the Forest, I am aware of that, I am along time reader of the Wood pile Reports. As other have expressed here and other blogs about his intelligence, his empathy, his clear headiness, one would think a line on his blog like when he uses red font to address a concern that he would do so again. I understand blog owners own the blog and can do with it as they wish. I said if you cared to read " if he was capable to at least state on his web page he no longer was going to continue." Blog owners have a courtesy to inform their readers of a long absence, or a shut down of the blog. A simple one sentence line would have been appreciated. He has done it before.

    4. Yes he has, but he may have died or be in the hospital. Thanks.

  3. I sure hope he comes back. I have brought a lot of folks into the light as far as truly understanding the world around him based off his great way of breaking it down for anyone to get. Ahead of his time for sure! Wishing you well, Remus. We miss you!

  4. He did give notice that posting would be delayed, interrupted or stop altogether back in May. While old posts as far back as 2007 are available at the Wayback Machine*/, that particular post was not picked up. Adds to the mystery though doesn't it.

  5. I emailed him after the death of his wife, and tried that email again. No response. I suspect serious illness or death, but there is no way to know.

    With regard to all who seek the Light,

  6. Remus was om my weekly read list. I have been surprised that he has stopped writing.......suddenly. I hope that all is well with him. I emailed him and wished him well, did not expect to get an answer, and so have not been disappointed by not.
    I will and do miss his take on things.

  7. 'Ol Remus...where are you ?
    Remus touched so many of us in several ways.
    He made us think about the finer things which
    helped us appreciate the arts and engineering.
    He compiled others thoughts, and views, upon
    humanities condition...and direction.
    Remus is a humble fellow, that which I can
    attest to from correspondence. But we all
    know he must have letters behind his name
    which shines through from his comments and
    his many interests. For what ever reason,
    should Remus post, or not post again, He has
    left this place much richer than how he
    found it. We can all agree to this truth,
    and that we've all come to think fondly of him.
    There's a little of 'Ol Remus in each of us.
    Mainly, because He inspired us in many ways.
    We would honor our friend well, to allow the
    Remus, which resides with in us all, to shine.
    Until then, when we'll all finally meet up
    once again, one hazy spring eve, at the water
    cooler of yesteryear known as the Wood Pile,
    Let's mentor others as 'Ol Remus mentored us.
    With kindness, knowledge, and inspiration.

    1. Thank you and well said:

  8. I suspect he is going thru a dark period, what with his wife dying a few weeks ago. I hope he pulls thru. maybe prayers would help. I hope that isn't the case tho - maybe his IT access went haywire. At any rate, I am lucky to have read his posts all these years. His insight was valuable.

    1. There's really no "maybe" about it.
      Remus is in my prayers, whether or not I find them answered is immaterial.
      Boat Guy

  9. It was my impression that he lives in rural Pennsylvania

    1. Don't believe so. Thanks.

      Remus and his Appalachian family and neighbors.......

  10. It is my understanding that his wife recently passed away. Perhaps he just needs to grieve, deal with the loss, and take care of the many details involved in the modern day loss of a loved one. I too hope he will return, but understand if he decides not to continue.

  11. Godspeed Remus, and thank you.

  12. I said this at a close friends funeral and I'll say it about Remus and the Woodpile. I'm a Better man for having known he through his works.

    1. I truly miss him! So many times that I read his remarks that I would stop and think that he has read my mind and I would continue reading while nodding my head! Only a few gifted people can write in such a way.
      He was no he is a great man for until proof positive he is gone I will believe he is just out on a woods walk enjoying nature!

    2. he is just out on a woods walk enjoying nature!


  13. Mississippi you said it best. I to sent email after first missed post wishing him well. His writings educated and motivated me to become more alive and less concerned about whats happening to our country in a way that I will have prepared to join many immediate family members and his wife knowing I did way more than I would have without his and others edjumacation leading up to that point of departure.

  14. Father God, I ask you reach out to Ol' Remus and surround him with peace during this time of grief. May you build a wall of protection around him. May he know that we all are concerned about him. I ask this in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.