Friday, November 5, 2021

Sniper Who Broke World Record Reveals Exactly How He Landed Multiple 1.5-Mile Shots

British sniper Craig Harrison revealed this week additional details about his famous 1.5-mile double kill, including his position when he took the shot and how many seconds his bullet was in the air.

Speaking to James English on “Anything Goes,” Harrison outlined the full story.

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True Appalachia hills people and places!

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“We Are Appalachia”: We're not Southern, we're Appalachian. We have big mountains, skinny valleys, and we perch our houses on one or in the other. We're strong. We adapt. We always have. If we can't work on these mountains, we'll just work under them. I know that equates with southern living. But we're not Southern, we're Appalachian.
We're not country, we're Appalachian. We don't have a lot of folks wearing cowboy hats. We're not cowboys. We may have dirty hands, dirty faces, dirty clothes, but clean hearts. We get our hands dirty planting corn, beans, peas, potatoes, not enough to sustain an income, just enough to sustain our family. We like to prove we can do that. Sustain us. You know skin a buck, run a trot line, us Appalachian people really can survive. And we're not country, we're Appalachian.
We're not city folk, that's for sure, not even town folk. We're Appalachian. We're probably not current with the trends. We may even head out to Asheville, Hickory or Morganton, land as foreign to our lives as countries across the oceans, to get some school clothes. And we will wear them to school, to play, and out in the gardens in the mud and dirt. We don't have anything to prove. Folks in the city would look at us with wide-eyed wonder, maybe amusement, maybe disgust. But we don't worry because we seldom need to go there, and they don't know how it would benefit their souls to come here. So our paths rarely cross. We're not city folk, we're Appalachian.
There's nothing wrong with southern folk, country folk, city folk. We see their worth, each group of them, and appreciate what they do. But we're not them. Some of us have been amongst them, and learned from them, and loved them. Traveling into their worlds on the working backs of the people in our world. Just like everywhere else, that's what we want for our children. But it is often that we learn that nothing is better than what we had. Hard work, big hearts, warm souls, level heads, wisdom, strength, perseverance, honesty, sincerity, and love. They send us to know better, to do better. We are our own. And to understand us is to love us. So just try to understand. We are Appalachian.
(Unknown. Pictured is the Hollifield Cabin in Armstrong in McDowell County)

FBI and Southern District of New York Raid Project Veritas Journalists’ Homes

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'Woke' U.S. military suffers massive defeat at hands of British in simulated battle (Check first comment)

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It was a rough day for President Biden’s woke military, where pronoun hospitality trumps the ability to defeat the enemy.

The U.S. Marines surrendered to British Royal Marines during a joint training exercise in the Mojave Desert, Sky News reported. “The Ministry of Defence explained that the battle exercise was testing the deployment of the new Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla war-fighting facility on the west coast of America against well-equipped U.S. Marine Corps opponents,” the British network reported.

The simulated battle took place during Exercise Green Dagger, at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California.

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Not Satire: Leftists Blame Black, Hispanic GOP Wins on White Supremacy

Democrats have long been in the business of race-baiting to win elections but recently have winnowed down their entire playbook to run the same one every time: Republican candidates and their voters are white supremacists.

They were entrenched in this narrative by the time returns poured in revealing GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin’s upset win over former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

NBC Reports on ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Meme Appearing on Gun Parts, Accessories

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Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood

IT NEVER ENDS: New York Times Columnist Now Wants Cancel Culture To Go After “American Pie”

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A few years ago, when the left started going after historic statues, they claimed that it was just about Confederate statues. That was a lie.

It was never just about Confederate statues. It was about whatever the woke left didn’t like.

In New York City, leftists just got a statue of Thomas Jefferson removed. Now the left wants to go after classic rock songs.

Breitbart News reports:

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Comment on What is Luciferase?

 WHO Warns 'Coronavirus Is ACCELERATING' Around The World ...

What is Luciferase?

I am at the point of seeking a new Dr. After being very satisfied with the one I have had for over a decade.

During my recent semiannual visit I asked him to give me a guarantee that should I contract the Sino-Lung-Rot that he would treat me with Ivermectin and he flatly refused saying simply "it doesn't work." I asked if he had treated anyone with it and he said "no." I then asked how he then knew it didn't work and rather than answering he said he would not prescribe it because of the "side effects." Well prepared, I then asked "If it's so dangerous why has it remained in use for so many years and why did the inventors awarded the Nobel Prize for it?" Again he could not and would not answer. I then reminded him that it is impossible to turn on the television without being bombarded with ads for drugs of all kinds, all of which list at the end and as quickly as possible all the side effects up to and including death! Again I got no response.

I then reminded him that there are now thousand of examples of "vaccinated" individuals who have subsequently gotten the bug. He then gave out the standard B's answer that that was true but they "only had mild symptoms". Teaching my limits I told him that I knew a specious answer when I heard one as I also knew that the vast majority of people who had contracted it even before the "vaccines" had only had mild symptoms, otherwise it wouldn't have a 99.95% survival rate! 

He then said "Well it sounds like you have your mind made up" and accused me of getting my information from "Facebook". Keeping my temper in check I reminded him that I was a degreed engineer and had an MS in History from Univ of Chicago and I certainly knew how to do research and comparative analysis, none of which included anything found on social media. I then ripped my mask off I and told him how I knew they were useless because any fool who learned how to calculate the area of a circle could figure out that the ratio between the size of the virus and the holes in this mask is some 360,000 to 1 and that you had a better chance of shooting a BB at the end of a 75" pipe and expecting it to be stopped. His feeble response was that "We've all been wearing then around here and no one has contracted the virus." I laughed and reminded him that there was a big sign downstairs that said "If you are sick do not enter. Return home and call in," and that there were no studies that I had been able to find that documented any asymptomatic transmission. I didn't wait for any more CDC or AMA propaganda and simply left.


Virginia, Ballots and Harbor

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