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Illegals And Communists Protest Arizona Law In Raleigh

"Illegals, Communists, and others that oppose Arizona’s law which actually supports Federal law, march and rally: downtown Raleigh, NC on July 29, 2010. The Raleigh Police chief, Harry Dolan, supports the Arizona law." My grandfather, Charles Franklin Koonce, was the Police Chief of Raleigh in the early 20th century.

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You do understand that the war is on and was started by the government, right? You do realize that you are neatly catalogued by the government’s security agencies profiling (thought that was illegal) you as to your entire standing (personal history) in society and what “lists” you are on. Read the rest HERE.

Transference: Why North Ascribes Racial Hatred To South?

Read the theory HERE.

12 Pictures Of The South 1862 To 1944

See them HERE.

Supreme Court, Not Bolton, Has Authority

ONLY the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Trial. Read the rest HERE.

Jones Interviews Burr


This month’s edition features Senator Richard Burr, Republican Senator of North Carolina.Senator Burr has served as North Carolina senator since he was sworn into office in 2005. He had previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives for ten years. Sen. Burr grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and played football while attending Wake Forest University.

During the program, Congressman Jones talks with Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), about many of the issues facing North Carolina and the country. Sen. Burr discusses his thoughts on health care and what needs to be done to limit the damage of the new health care law. Since he is Ranking Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Sen. Burr shares his ideas on how to take care of our troops and their families once they return from war. Other topics, such as the economy and jobs, are also addressed.Chief of Staff Glen Downs will appear on the show for a “mailbag” segment that touches on several topics. Mr. Downs asks the congressman about the upcoming Congressional Recess and what Congressman Jones will be doing for the next month while in the 3rd District.

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Confederate Heritage Youth Day

My dear Compatriots:

I would like to invite all campers and counsellors to our upcoming sixth annual Confederate Heritage Youth Day. The big event will be held in Western York County, SC, CSA, at Rick’s Fun Field (located at 615 Woodland Park Road in Smyrna, SC 29743) on Saturday, 9-25-2010. But campers are welcome to come Friday, 9-24-10. All campers will be enjoy a nice, Southern breakfast that Saturday, and a free dinner will follow for all participants.

Confederate Heritage Youth Day is held outside with a variety of interesting historians and instructors, all of whom are well educated in the true history of the South and our immortal Southern Cause. Living history programmes will also be demonstrated, such as those involving infantry, artillery and cavalry, to give you the bona fide flavour of our nation during the War for Southern Independence.

It is a wonderful day of learning about our noble heritage and history. I encourage you to attend if possible. It will be splendid to have a reunion with the counsellors and campers.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Thank you all, and may God save the South.

—In Christ and Dixie,

Kirk Carter

Deo Vindice. +

NCFIRE Action Alert

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Secure Our Border-Enforce Our Laws

South Carolina and Tennessee have already passed strong illegal immigration enforcement laws. Now Virginia is considering doing the same: .

It is imperative that North Carolina get ahead of this situation. We will soon become know as a "sanctuary state" among the illegal alien population as we will become the only southeastern state without legislation against illegal aliens. Our court systems, hospitals, social service departments, law enforcement departments and our State budget can not handle the massive influx of illegal aliens this is going to cause. The shortfalls in financing for these departments and agencies, will come from one place...your back pocket in the form of increased taxes.

The leadership of NCFIRE urges you, in the strongest possible terms, to contact the North Carolina Legislature and insist they enact laws that discourage illegal immigration into North Carolina. The easiest way to contact them all at once is, to register (for free) at: . Once you are registered, select the "Contact Your State Government" tab at the top and then the "All Legislators" option and write your letter in the box provided.

Our position on enforcing illegal immigration laws in this state are as follows:

(1) Require all companies (public and private), doing business in NC, to use the E-Verify System

(2) Cut off all funding to sanctuary cities in North Carolina.

(3) Require stricter punishments for businesses that hire illegal aliens in North Carolina.

(4) Revoke all North Carolina drivers’ licenses issued without a valid social security number.

(5) Require proof of citizenship for any social welfare program in North Carolina.

(6) Require voters to present a valid photo ID at the polls in North Carolina.

(7) Require all 100 counties in North Carolina to enact the 287g program.

(8) Require that English be the preeminent language of North Carolina.

(9) Deny enrollment of illegal aliens into any North Carolina college system.

(10) Deny North Carolina residency status to any person that is in this Country illegally.

(11) Regulate, control and deport the illegal alien population in North Carolina.

Please feel free to use these points in your letter.

Thanks for your time and attention on this matter,
James Johnson

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A New War Between The States

(Kindness of Bill. BT)
"......after the 2010 census we could see something of a neo-Confederate majority in Congress. Read the rest HERE.

The Constitution

North Carolina

League of the South News Service

Thursday, 29 July 2010

NC Secessionflag.gif

“North Carolina Liberty Flag”

Now on Facebook – the North Carolina League of the South

Are we now convinced now that there is no meaningful reform possible?

The federal agent ignores illegal entry into this country and even encourages it.

Arizona takes steps to defends its own border with Mexico and the feds block it.

Our North Carolina Congressmen are silent and do nothing.

If John McCain were president would anything be different?

The country has long been bankrupt, and Congress votes more Chinese money for war.

Is not the United States Constitution a “dead letter?”

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nullify Bolton's Decision Or Secede

28 July 2010

League of the South News Service

Re: Feds strike down central provisions of Arizona immigration law

Imagine that! A federal judge ruling in favor of the federal government in a case against a State! But that’s what you can expect when there is no impartial arbiter to determine matters of constitutionality.

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, encourages the sovereign State of Arizona to either 1) nullify the decision of U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton that removed the teeth from Arizona’s immigration law, or 2) begin immediately to prepare the State for secession from a union in which the compact has been broken by the general (federal) government. Anything less will not be sufficient to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the citizens of Arizona.

The League also encourages Southern Patriots (and those elsewhere of goodwill) to give aid and comfort to the beleaguered citizens of Arizona and their elected representatives and conversely to oppose the federal government and its minions by refusing the same.

For too long the federal government has shown itself to be an organized, criminal enterprise that defines the extent of it own power and rules for the benefit of the elite. This is but the latest example. Such criminal behavior must be stopped by the citizens of the sovereign States acting in concert with each other. We have the legal and moral authority to do so; but do we have the will?

While it might seem meet and right for supporters of Arizona to make the trek to that State to provide aid and comfort, we in the League suggest you focus your efforts against the feds at home. It is more difficult to extinguish a thousand brushfires than one larger conflagration. Be bold and creative in your dissent.


Statement issued by Dr. Michael Hill of Killen, Alabama. He can be reached for further comment at (256) 757-6789 or by email

Thinking Southern & The (new) American Patriot's Bible

(Kindness of Jack. BT)


Dear Friends of the South,

The following subject is a difficult one for the radical nationalist to come to terms with. There are aspects of radical nationalism that are desperately needed today in order to restore U.S. Constitutional principles. I often discuss these, but the subject of this note is also part of the picture.

There is a great and largely unconscious void and blurred confusion in the United States about . . .

1. the nature of patriotism and nationalism (what we often call “patriotism” is actually “nationalism”),

2. legitimate nationalism vs supranationalism,

3. the difference between a “citizen” and a “subject” of government,

4. the relationship of a responsible citizen to his representative government,

5. the relationship of a State government to that of the central federal government and

6. the relationship of churches, Christianity and Christians to both the State and federal governments.

These authorities, institutions and ideas have become dangerously joined and co-mingled. The result brings us to a position that has divinised (given the highest level of authority to) the government, particularly the federal level of government, and to a continuous flow of self-justification concerning nearly every turn of events about the authority, powers, actions and decisions of the U.S. central government. Government "of" the people and "by" the people has devolved to government "over" the people.

The United States is now nearly the only country in the world in which its subjects or citizens "want" to pledge their personal allegiance to their central government. While it has become a fairly common practice, even some Christians place their hands over their hearts to perform their pledge of faithfulness to their central government. This is a very recent historical phenomena. To question anything about this practice is nearly to commit immediate public political suicide.

Churches have actually excommunicated longstanding and faithful members of their congregations over their refusal to repeat the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance in their church services on dedicated July the 4th or on Memorial Day services. These are people who love their country, served in the U.S. military and would again offer their lives to keep the U.S. secure from any foreign enemy. Echoing through the halls of time it is not difficult to picture the early apostles reactions had some overly enthusiastic Roman tried to flag the Roman Eagle in a first century synagogue or church. A sense of the "Holy" is becoming increasingly secularised and obscured in western Christian churches and in their doctrines.

Until the late 19th century most people in their speech and in their writings used the term “country” when referring to their native State. The word “foreigner” was used to refer to a person from another State, and the word “stranger” was used to refer to a person from outside of the United States. And, government wasn't about “jobs”, an “education”, the “economy” or “making the world safe for democracy.” It was about establishing and preserving freedom, liberty and independence.

Most States now fly the national U.S. flag "over" their State flags flying over their capital buildings which indicates that the States are no longer free, sovereign and independent, but rather a vassal state to a higher ruling government. The States also fly the U.S. national flag in the “superior position” to their State flag in the halls of State government and in their court rooms where State laws are being administered. This also is a very recent historical phenomena, and it is a practice that no one questions.

The States since 1865 have become to the U.S. federal government more like counties are to their State governments. The States are now the underling servants of their central government rather than having their central government as their servant exercising only powers delegated to them by the sovereign States. This is important because now there is no longer a check on federal power and authority. It was the original practice and intention of the united States Founders that the governments of the States would maintain a check and control that would limit and contain the federal government from overreaching the boundaries of its delegated authority and responsibilities. This is also a relatively new practice that the Founders of the united States would have found an offense to the reasonable constitutional practices of independence, freedom and liberty.

It has also become a common practice for non-orthodox churches to fly the United States flag inside of their houses and sanctuaries of worship, and all of these churches fly it in the "superior" position with the Christian flag being flown in the "inferior" position meaning that the highest authority of that church is not God but rather the newly divinised government of the United States of America. It indicates that the church is under the authority of the central state rather than the state coming under the authority of God. Such a practice in both the near and remote past would have been seen by Christians as blasphemy against their God. They would not have had a national flag in their churches at all much less have flown it in a superior position to the symbol of the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Many now believe that such church denominations and pastors are no longer morally or spiritually qualified to offer a legitimate opinion on the relationship of church and state much less on how the government should operate. These churches are quiescently compliant to the authority of the centralised state.

A new book titled The U.S. Pledge of Allegiance: A Sacred Prayer to a Secular Power considers “what is a reasonable assessment” of the above commonly accepted practices in the United States of America. The book also contains a large “Appendix” that presents U.S. laws and regulations regarding the proper display and handling of a State or national flag and how ceremonies should be conducted where flags are utilised and honoured. Flag protocols have also been obscured and the handling of the flags has become less respectful during the last 50-100 years. You can order this paperback flag resource and history of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance online and save time at our website TSPR OnlineBookstore at or you can order it for $19.95 plus $3.99 for shipping by sending a check payable to "Tim Manning" to: TSPR, c/o Tim Manning, 160 Longbridge Drive, Kernersville, North Carolina 27284. Visit our website at

This weeks attached essay (Available HERE. BT) is a thought provoking assessment of the new American Patriot's Bible: The Word of God and the Shaping of America by Lawrence M. Vance. Vance is best known for his works on the conduct of warfare and its consequences.

May God bless you as you read.

Deo Vindice.

CSA Scout Dewitt Jobe Died A Horrible Death

“They put out Jobe's eyes. Perhaps then it was that Jobe heaped epithets upon them. How much courage did it take to do what they did then? They cut out Jobe's tongue.” More HERE.

Torture, Coleman's Scouts, Revenge, Butcher Knife, Raving Maniac

"And The War Came"

The Center for Civil War Research


Dear Dr. Neff,

I cannot help but remember a speaker at a symposium pointing out that Lincoln’s statement - “...and the war came...” was, in fact, a deliberate lie. Lincoln used that phrase to obfuscate the actual causes of the war and which side began it! The war didn’t “come”; the war was the direct result of Lincoln and the Republican’s refusal to permit certain states in the Union exercising their constitutional right of secession and the actions they took to prevent that from happening.

On the other hand, the states of the South were driven to secession for economic, political, religious and even cultural reasons (yes, even but not mainly, slavery) and in at least two cases by an illegitimate demand from the federal government for troops with which to wage an unconstitutional war on sovereign states in the South.

Therefore, to use the phrase “and the war came” as the title of your conference is to validate the claim that the war was inevitable (it wasn’t) or, in the alternative, that the war was a result of unprovoked Southern actions which culminated in a justifiable Northern response in an effort to “save the Union”. In other words, the phrase is a lie which conceals and/or excuses a lie. For the actions taken by South Carolina and her sister States in the South were definitely provoked - and over a long period of time - while the response to those actions was not only legally “unprovoked” but were, in fact, illegal, immoral, inhumane and unconstitutional.

Certainly, a study of the issues leading to the war is a noble effort, but if you begin that study with a false premise by virtue of your “motto”, it will be very hard to do anything other than further validate that premise. The book North Over South is an excellent study of the efforts of many outside of Dixie to prevent the South from having any influence in the developing “American” character as the nation moved west. As well, there abound many studies regarding the vilification of the South by the North long before Sumter. The technique of demonizing your enemy or potential enemy so as to be free to make war upon him is as old as war itself.

I would hope that you reconsider your “theme”. The war didn’t “come” as some sort of natural catastrophe. It came because the adherents of the philosophy of Adams and Hamilton wanted to supplant the adherents of the philosophy of Jefferson and Madison; they succeeded and the Republic with its limited government and power residing in the states and the people gave way to an Empire with a strong central government, impotent states and an almost direct democracy (see Amendment 17 of the Constitution). A northern historian, Jay Hoar acknowledged what was wrought by the War of Secession (it wasn’t a “civil war”) when he told authors Walter Kennedy and Al Benson, “The worst fears of those Boys in Gray are now a fact of American life – a Federal government completely out of control.”

Unless you want this conference to be just another rubber stamp of what passes for “history” these days, I strongly suggest that you find another motto.

Valerie Protopapas

Huntington Station, New York

American Revolution & The Secession Of Southern States

(13,000 words and more than 1,600 hits when first posted which is an unheard of amount for my small, Pentagon banned site!;) This article is the best I've ever seen and should be read by all when they have the time. BT)
American Revolution & The Secession Of Southern States
having neither been completed nor garrisoned according to the contract, either within the three years specified time, or, for that matter, by 1861, Major Anderson occupied a piece of property that the United States had not the vestige of a right to occupy, and which was under the ownership, jurisdiction, and sovereignty of the State of South Carolina exclusively."


"......many have come from the North (and not just New England) who don't want to live in the South except geographically. Worse, they then spend a lot of time criticizing the local culture (and people) and using their increasing numbers to create changes contrary to the wishes of the "indigenous" folks. That is bad manners to say the least. It is also arrogant and inexcusable. If one wants New York or Massachusetts big government and all that that implies, one should stay in New York or Massachusetts! I am always amazed by those who move to the Carolinas or Georgia for the lower taxes and then do their damnedest to demand government "services" that caused the high taxes in the states they left! Of course, when they get their wish, the taxes go up and they move on (complaining all the way) leaving the locals stuck in a situation not of their own making. These people are a sort of economic locusts, a red tide of cultural destruction. They remind me nothing so much as the aliens in Independence Day, destroying everything in one place and then moving on to destroy some other pristine environment!

Lady Val
New York

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

State Sovereignty & Federal Tax Escrow Account

Sample legislation for your State Legislature.
State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account

The _____________ League of the South encourages legislators in the State of _____________ to read, study, and sponsor the following "State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account" bill. It is a first step toward the reassertion of State Sovereignty and independence.

1. Name of sponsoring Senator or Representative

SB or HB _______


To enact, pursuant to the amendment of the Official Code of the State of ___________, the State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act;" to provide legislative findings; to define certain terms; to properly define the legal geographic borders of the State of _____________; to create the Federal Tax Escrow Account in the State treasury; to provide that moneys collected by the State for payment to the federal government shall be paid into such fund; to provide that any private person liable for a federal tax shall pay such tax into such fund; to provide that should the federal government, including, but not limited to, the federal courts, act toward the State of ____________ or any of its citizens in a manner deemed unconstitutional by the ____________ State Legislature, the State treasury shall withhold a certain portion of the funds due the federal government; to provide that if the federal government takes any punitive action against the State in any manner for failure to comply with a federal statute or directive of any kind that the ____________ State Legislature deems unconstitutional, the State treasury shall withhold from payment a certain portion of the funds due the federal government; to provide sanctions for failure to comply with such provisions; to provide that State officials shall comply with such provisions without regard to any action taken by the federal government; to provide for a special session of the ____________ State Legislature; to provide that unconstitutional measures taken by the federal authorities shall constitute an action against the State of ____________ and shall be met with all necessary measures to safeguard the sovereignty of the state and the constitutional rights of its citizens; to provide for retroactive application; to provide for the expenditure of funds withheld from the federal government; to provide for other matters relative to the foregoing; to provide an effective date; to repeal all conflicting laws; and for other purposes.


This article shall be known as the "State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Account Act."

(a) The Constitution of the United States of America is a compact between the people of the sovereign States creating a general, or federal, government as their agent and endowing it with only enumerated powers. That general, or federal, government is not, and can never be, the sole authority in determining what powers were enumerated, or delegated, and what powers were reserved to the States and to the people thereof.

(b) The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The ____________ State Legislature finds that the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America defines the entire scope of federal power as being limited to that specifically delegated in the said Constitution and no more.

(c) The ____________ State Legislature finds that the Congress of the United States has the power to lay and collect taxes pursuant only to clause 1 of Section 8 of Article 1; and clauses 4 and 5 of Section 9 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

(d) The ____________ State Legislature finds that the federal government, it agencies or agents, including the Congress of the United States, does not have the power under the Constitution of the United States of America to withhold from the States the benefits of those taxes defined in Section 1 (b) of this act by the use of federal mandates or other means that fall outside the scope of the powers delegated to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States of America.

(e) In consideration of the continuing unconstitutional federal mandates, directives, laws, court orders, and other usurpations that withhold the benefits of those taxes defined in Section 1 (b) of this act to the States, the State of ____________ hereby reasserts it claim of sovereignty pursuant to the original compact between the several States and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.


As used in the following sections of this code, the term:

(1) "Consumer tax" means any tax imposed by the federal government on any beer, liquor, wine, or similar alcoholic beverage, tobacco, gasoline, or any other consumer goods.

(2) "Excise tax" means any tax that forms a component of the State Highway Fund.

(3) "Federal Tax Escrow Account" means the escrow account described in this act.

(4) "Income tax" means any tax imposed by the taxing authorities of the federal government on incomes from whatever source derived.

(5) "Person" means natural persons, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, associations, and other legal entities.

(a) The Federal Tax Escrow Account is created in the State Treasury. All federal tax moneys collected by the State of ____________ on behalf of the federal government, or any of its agencies or agents, shall be deposited by the State Treasurer into the Federal Tax Escrow Account.

(b) The State Treasurer, on a quarterly basis, shall disburse the funds to the appropriate federal recipient if the ____________ State Legislature deems that the federal government, and its agencies or agents, have acted in a constitutional manner toward the State of ____________ or its citizens. If, as a result of State action taken pursuant to this article, the federal government imposes or mandates any financial sanctions or penalties or otherwise acts in a punitive manner toward the State of ____________ and its citizens, the State Treasurer shall withhold from payment all or part of the quarterly disbursement that otherwise would be disbursed or transferred to the appropriate federal recipient.

(c) Funds that are withheld by the State Treasurer from the federal recipient shall be transferred to and deposited in the State of ____________’s General Fund for general use.


(a) Any person liable for any federal excise, income, or consumer tax shall remit such tax when due along with a federal taxpayer identification number (if applicable) to the State Treasurer for deposit into the Federal Tax Escrow Account. A Social Security Number, according to statute, is not to be defined as a federal tax identification number.

(b) All moneys collected pursuant to Section 3. (a) of this code shall be transmitted to the State Treasurer, who, as a fiduciary agent, shall credit such funds to the Federal Tax Escrow Account on behalf of the person who remitted the tax.

(c) The State Treasurer shall submit to the federal Internal Revenue Service, or other such tax-collecting agencies that the Congress of the United States may from time to time establish, the names and tax identification numbers, where applicable (and excluding Social Security Numbers), of, and the amounts deposited by, persons liable for any federal excise, income, or consumer tax so that the Internal Revenue Service can credit the State of ____________'s taxpayers for federal tax obligations.

(d) Upon enactment of this code, no federal agent or agents may operate within the borders of the State of ____________, as defined in Section 4. (f) of this code, for the purpose of collecting taxes or of exacting punitive measures because of the exercise by the State of ____________ of any provision or provisions of this code.

(e) Except as provided for in Section 2.(b) of this code, the State Treasurer shall transfer at the end of each quarter the moneys held in the Federal Tax Escrow Account, less any interest earned on the deposit, to the appropriate federal recipient in payment of the tax obligations of those persons who remitted the tax funds to the State Treasurer.

(f) Should the federal government, or any of its agencies or agents, impose sanctions on or take punitive actions of any sort against the State of ____________ for failing to enact legislation called for by a mandate from the federal government, of any of its agencies or agents, a vote shall be taken in the ____________ State Legislature as to the constitutionality of the said sanctions or punitive actions. By a simple majority vote in each house of the ____________ State Legislature, if the federal government, or any of its agencies or agents, is found to be operating beyond the scope of its constitutionally delegated powers, and therefore unlawfully, the State Treasurer shall be notified in writing within two (2) days by the Attorney General of the vote of the each house of the ____________ State Legislature, and the ____________ State Legislature shall instruct the State Treasurer to carry out the procedure specified in Section 2.(b) of this code.

(g) It shall be determined by a simple majority vote in each house of the ____________ State Legislature when the federal government, or its agencies or agents, have properly rescinded or removed any sanctions or have ceased punitive actions against the State of ____________ and its citizens. Until such time as both houses of the ____________ State Legislature have determined by a simple majority vote in each that the federal government, or its agencies or agents, are operating within the scope of its constitutionally delegated powers, and therefore lawfully, the State Treasurer shall disburse or transfer no funds from the Federal Tax Escrow Account to the federal tax recipient.

(h) Any person liable for any federal excise, income, or consumer tax who fails to forward said federal tax moneys to the State Treasurer shall be subject to penalties assessed pursuant to the applicable laws and statutes of the State of ____________.


(a) The Governor, members of each house of the ____________ State Legislature, judges, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, the State Auditor, and all other State officers and employees shall implement the provisions of this article regardless of any sanctions, threats, punitive action, federal court orders, or other measures brought to bear against them by any and all federal authorities and their agencies and agents.

(b) Should the federal government, or its agencies or agents, impose any sanctions on or execute any punitive action against the State of ____________ or any of its citizens while the ____________ State Legislature is not in session, the Governor shall call the ____________ State Legislature into special session for the purpose of implementing the appropriate provision of this article.

(c) Any action by the federal government, or its agencies or agents, including the President of the United States, the Congress of the United States, and the federal courts, against any person in the State of ____________ for compliance with the provisions of this article shall be considered a hostile and unconstitutional action against the State of ____________ and its citizens, and the State of ____________ shall by all necessary measures act to preserve its sovereignty.

(d) This article shall apply to all federal actions within the State of ____________, including, but not limited to, the collection of federal excise, income, and consumer taxes, upon the date, which it is enacted. Because the Constitution of the United States of America has been the fundamental law of the land since its ratification by the requisite nine (9) states in 1788, this article shall be enforced retroactively to repeal any unconstitutional federal laws, mandates, edicts, and court orders that have been imposed on the State of ____________ and its citizens.

(e) The ____________ State Legislature, by a simple majority vote in each house, shall determine how the moneys transferred from the Federal Tax Escrow Account to the State General Fund, including accrued interest, are to be used for the benefit of the people of the State of ____________. These moneys shall be used only for the benefit of the people of the State of ____________.

(f) The ____________ State Legislature shall, upon approval of this article, commission an official survey of the current geographical borders of the State of ____________. Upon completion of such survey, the ____________ State Legislature, by a simple majority vote in each house, shall declare the current borders of the State of ____________ inviolate against any action undertaken by the federal government, or its agencies or agents, to change or otherwise alter such borders. The federal government, or its agencies or agents, including the President of the United States, the Congress of the United States, and the federal courts, shall have no authority to determine the geographic borders of the State of ____________.


This Act shall become effective immediately upon its approval by the Governor or upon its becoming law without such approval.


All laws and portions of laws in conflict with this Act will be thereby repealed upon its approval

Revised Drafts: Prepared by The League of the South, 31 July 1999 & 29 July 2009. © Copyright 1999-2009, The League of the South, Inc. All rights reserved.

Brazil's Grey Ghosts - Confederados

See and read all about them HERE.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sam Davis Youth Camp Hate Group!

The $PLC must really be hurting for contributions to stoop this low. Read the libel HERE.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Katrina's Prince In Shining Armor

Would, of course, have Confederate blood flowing through his veins.

Restore The Constitution Rally, 14 August, Greensboro, NC


Time: August 14, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park
Street: 2331 New Garden Rd
City/Town: Greensboro, NC

Muster 8-14 Restore The Constitution


Speakers at this rally include:

1. Mike Vanderboegh (Alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters)

2. Daniel Almond (Organizer of the Original Restore The Constitution rally)

3. Dr. Ida Fisher(National Spokeswoman for the Conservative Republican Party)

4. Taylor Ruble (from NC Rangers)

5. John Ainsworth (Civil War and Constitutional historian)

6. Ron Woodard (NC Listen)

7. David DeGerolamo (Founder of NC Freedom)

8. Bubba from the blog “What Bubba Knows”

9. Laura Long from “Triangle Conservative Unite”

10. Dr Dan (from the mountains in NC and has his own TV show)

11. Dr BJ Lawson (running for Congress)

12. Rick Smith (Former Marine and running for NC State Senate)

13. Bill Randall (running for Congress)

14. June Griffin (running for Governor of Tennessee)

More information

When There Is No Rule Of Law

Dr. Ron Paul: " What is happening to this country when the Republic of Congo is better for business than the United States." See/read it HERE.

Why Foreign Policy Matters Most

Two in a row by The Southern Avenger HERE.
Lindsay Graham, Lieberman and McCain have to go back to the Democratic party where they belong."

A Tea Party Caucus?

Another excellent video By The Southern Avenger. See it HERE.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creed Of Gold

Creed Of Gold
"A movie that bashes the Fed. Now that sounds entertaining. Check out the trailer." HERE.

Diversity And The Myth Of White Privilege - James Webb

"......government-directed diversity programs should end...... Non discrimination laws should be applied equally among all citizens, including those who happen to be white. The need for inclusiveness in our society is undeniable and irreversible, both in our markets and in our communities. Our government should be in the business of enabling opportunity for all, not in picking winners. It can do so by ensuring that artificial distinctions such as race do not determine outcomes." Read the rest HERE.

Sons Of Confederate Veteran's National Reunion Opens

See the video HERE.

The Burning Of Columbia

See/read it HERE.

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Run Away Slave (This Movie Should Be Great!)

(Or as Frederic Bastiat states in The Law, Socialism invariably turns into Communism. BT)
"There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide."
-- Ayn Rand, “Foreign Policy Drains U.S. of Main Weapon,” The Los Angeles Times, Sept. 9, 1962
Run away from the slavery of tyranny towards the blessings of liberty! See the trailer

Cedar Island, North Carolina

I have tracked this for a long time and they would probably take one million. It would be doable with at least twenty families and would be a defensible area with seafood galore. Start out with fifth wheels, what have you. See it HERE.

Also the satellite image HERE.

The Day Has Arrived

23 July 2010

Ten years ago, The League of the South issued the following Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence. Standing on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, the leadership of the League understood that the day must come in which the South would be politically free so she could preserve her sublime cultural inheritance and all that stems from it. That day has arrived. The South can no longer abide in an empire hostile to her very existence as a distinct and living entity. On this day, 23 July 2010, we, The League of the South, call upon our Southern brothers and sisters to rise and shake off the chains—both figurative and literal—that have for too long bound us in thrall to an empire of deceit and tyranny. The empire cannot survive amongst us if we ourselves do not provide it with hands and feet, eyes and ears. Moreover, it cannot continue to exist if we decline to acknowledge its legitimacy and therefore withdraw our consent from it. Lastly, it cannot keep us in bondage if we refuse to fear it.

As you read and ponder the words below, consider whether our Southern homeland is worth your sacrifice of “blood, treasure, and sacred honor.” If it is, we invite you to join our ranks and fight for her survival and prosperity against the forces of darkness that threaten to envelope her.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

Thanks for the first 1,000!

This new blog has now passed 1,000 unique hits and we thank y'all for that! Thanks also to Brock for his blogging here. He's the one who is making all this happen. I would wager we'll make it to 2,000 faster than we made it to 1,000 as we keep the momentum going.

Cape Fear Museum sends Confederate flag away for preservation

'The Cape Fear Museum is saying good bye for a while to a few pieces of Wilmington's history. With gloves on and ready to pack, museum staff wrapped, packed and boxed the second of two Civil War-era flags today. They're going to Minnesota monday to be conserved. The staff worked Friday morning to pack up a Confederate national flag that was made by local women and flew over Fort Fisher before the Union captured it in 1865 and sent the flag up north.'

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Desk, A Letter & A Ghost?

A Desk, A Letter & A Ghost?

Poor Whites Most Discriminated Against In College Admissions

"To have the same chances of gaining admission as a black student with an SAT score of 1100, an Hispanic student otherwise equally matched in background characteristics would have to have a 1230, a white student a 1410, and an Asian student a 1550."

“Being an officer or winning awards” for such career-oriented activities as junior ROTC, 4-H, or Future Farmers of America, say Espenshade and Radford, “has a significantly negative association with admission outcomes at highly selective institutions.” Excelling in these activities “is associated with 60 or 65 percent lower odds of admission.”

Read the rest HERE.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful western North Carolina

I had the opportunity to visit western North Carolina today. It's a place I used to visit every Fall with my family and so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. I had forgotten how beautiful it is though. Here is a picture I took of a roadside creek.

One Of The Greatest Generals Ever Produced By America

Read the rest HERE.

Blatantly False Statements By Glenn Beck


I am writing this month's CONFEDERATE JOURNAL about the Constitution of the Confederate States of America because of a blatantly false statement made about the document by nationally-syndicated radio host and Fox News Channel television host Glenn Beck.

Let me begin by saying that I have listened to the Glenn Beck radio program for more than five years and have watched his TV program two to three times a week since it began on Fox. I must say that 5 PM does not always find me at home in front of my television.

have found Beck to be industrious, sincere and oftentimes bold. He has done some praiseworthy work in identifying (and outing) many Progressives, Socialists and Marxists associated with the current administration in Washington. Especially laudable has been his ongoing effort to recognize and praise those giants of American history, the Founding Fathers. He obviously spent a great deal of time and energy studying the Progressive Movement in this country. Kudos for all this.

I have been perplexed by two horrific blind spots that Beck has concerning this country and its direction. He claims to fear and abhor the concept of a strong, centralized national government (as do I), yet he is a big admirer of Abraham Lincoln. Where does he think our big, centralized government originated? It was certainly in place before his favorite whipping-boy, Woodrow Wilson, came along.

I will not elaborate on Lincoln here as I have written about that tyrant before in this column on several occasions. Suffice to say that it was Mr. Lincoln's War with all its ramifications that destroyed the federal system of limited government that was given to this country by the Founders.

Why did Lincoln ignore a Peace Delegation sent by President Jefferson Davis in early 1861 and continue doggedly with his plans for war? One newspaper, the Providence (RI) DAILY POST, opined the following on April 13, 1861 concerning why there was to be war in America: "Why? We are to have war, if at all, because Abraham Lincoln loves a Party better than he loves his country. Why?". British Foreign Secretary Lord Russell answered that query succinctly: "Not for Union, not for slavery - for power."

Yet Beck persists in his admiration for old Dishonest Abe.

Beck also speaks often on his shows about his disdain for the Progressives and their marching mates - the Socialists and Marxists - who have for years infiltrated the national government. Yet Beck presents himself as a big admirer of Martin Luther King. He seems oblivious to the many Communist connections ( Stanley Levison, Bayard Rustin, et al ) of King and the fact that King was warned by John Kennedy about those associations and was watched by the FBI for years for the same reason. Go figure.

Despite these blind spots I had remained a defender of Beck when members of my several lunchtime discussion groups would criticize him. I just considered Beck a work in progress and believed he would eventually get around to the truth. After all, he speaks incessantly on his programs about bringing the truth to the fore.

I experienced an epiphany about two weeks ago, however. It was a Saturday and I had just arrived at home after working out of town. I turned on the TV to relax a bit and was surprised to see the Beck show. It must have been a rerun of a previously aired show and was being used as a Saturday filler. I had missed the beginning of the show and didn't know what had been discussed.

Beck's first remark was about what he called the "Confederate Constitution". My ears perked up. He stated to his guests that he had visited "that museum in the South" where he had read the entire document. My jaw dropped with his next statement. He looked at his guests and said it was actually "the Slaveholders Constitution" since "the whole thing was about nothing but slavery". I did my best imitation of one of my heroes, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, and yelled at the TV, "You lie!". Allow me to explain.

The Constitution of the Confederate States of America contains a total of 5856 words of text in 7 Articles, 22 Sections and 93 Paragraphs. In this entire document the term "slave" or a derivation ("slaves", "slaveholding", etc.) occurs a grand total of 10 times. By any stretch it is hard to justify saying "the whole thing was about nothing but slavery".

The first mention of the term is in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 which simply deals with taxes and apportionment (census issues). The next occurrence of the term is in Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 1 which is approximately 1800 words after the first reference. This section is interesting so I will quote it from the C.S.A. Constitution:

The importation of Negros of the African race,from any foreign
country, other than the slaveholding States or Territories of
the United States of America,
is hereby forbidden, and Congress
is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the

Did you get that? The Constitution of the C.S.A. forbade the importation of any black slaves into the Confederate States. I will not discuss the strong feelings in the South during that time that slavery should be gradually fazed out but I will remind you that no slave ship carrying that wretched human cargo ever sailed under a Confederate Flag.

I am not going to quote all the paragraphs containing the words "slave", "slaves", "slaveholding" and the like although there are only 7 such paragraphs in the entire document. By the way, the Constitution printed in standard book form is almost 18 full pages. Other references to the term relate to such issues as the right of a slaveholder to take his slaves into another state of the Confederacy either in transit or for permanent settlement and a prohibition against importation of slaves from any state of the United States not a member of the Confederacy.

Oh yes, there is included an almost carbon copy of the Fugitive Slave Act from the laws of the United States. In fact, if Glenn Beck had taken the time to study it, he would have realized that the Constitution of the Confederate States very closely paralleled the Constitution of the United States.
If he doesn't like one he should not like the other.

It is puzzling to me why Beck, who otherwise seems to research his topics well, would make such an inane and stupid statement about the C.S.A. Constitution. I am left with only three possible explanations:

1) he deliberately misspoke because of an anti-Southern, anti-Confederate bias;
2) he was incapable of understanding what he read (this seems unlikely); or
3) he never read the document.

Whatever the reason, I am very disappointed in Glenn Beck and have lost a degree of confidence in the accuracy and truthfulness of other statements he has made or will make in the future. I hate this because I have had such confidence in his truthfulness and admire his courage in revealing many of his findings about powerful people and potentially explosive situations.

When will Glenn Beck realize that it was the South that was fighting for the concept of limited government, not the Federal leviathan. Does he not know that the Northern sentiment toward slavery was summed up in that famous statement from Union general Ulysses Grant who said after the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation (that actually freed no one) that if he thought the war was about freeing the slaves he would resign his commission and offer his sword to the other side?
Does he know nothing of the Corwin Amendment which was passed by the U.S. Congress (minus the elected representatives of the seven states that had already seceded) just the week before Lincoln's inauguration and Lincoln strongly endorsed the amendment in his inaugural address?

If you are unaware of the Corwin Amendment (it's one of those secrets of history that the national education establishment likes to keep a secret) , or the First 13th Amendment as it is sometimes called, its purpose was to prohibit the U.S. Congress from trying to ban slavery in whatever states still permitted it. It was introduced in the House by Rep. Thomas Corwin of Ohio and in the Senate by Sen. William Seward of New York. It passed the House on February 28, 1861, by a vote of 133 to 65 and the Senate on March 2, 1861, by a vote of 24 to 12. Lincoln approved it and even lobbied for its passage.

The Northern politicians mistakenly thought that by protecting slavery constitutionally and in perpetuity that the seven seceded Southern states would return to the Union and no other states would secede. They did not realize that slavery was not the primary issue for the Southern States and, in actuality, the South was seceding because the various states were committed to independence. After its passage in Congress, the Southern States ignored the Corwin Amendment.

As I mentioned earlier, I think Glenn Beck is still a work in progress (as are so many other Americans who are historically-ignorant). I hope and pray that he will eventually learn the truth about the South, the Confederacy, the Constitution of the C.S.A. and so many other issues generally ignored or lied about by the government-influenced media.

Beck has done a fine job in identifying individuals who can assist him in developing his knowledge of the American pageant. He found David Barton to bolster his knowledge of the Founding Fathers. A good choice for that but Barton is certainly not a scholar when it comes to the Great War of 1861-65. Beck also found the magnificent Stanton Evans to instruct him about the middle part of the 20th Century.

I only hope that Beck will eventually discover such outstanding scholars and people as Marshall DeRosa, Thomas DiLorenzo, Chuck Baldwin, Clyde Wilson, Donald Livingston and many others who can teach him the truth about that delicate period in the middle of the 19th Century when this country lost its way and also lost the Republic that Ben Franklin had spoken of after the ratification of the United States Constitution.


Bob Hurst is a Southern Patriot who belongs to a number of heritage, historical and ideological organizations. His particular areas of interest are Confederate history and the architecture of the antebellum South. He is Commander of Col. David Lang Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in Tallahassee and 2nd Lt. Commander of the Florida Division, SCV. You can contact him at or 850-878-7010.

Conquered But Never Defeated

-- I am a Christian and the son of a conquered but undefeated nation. For the South had
peaceably seceded from the United States as a last resort to secure the
Constitutional liberties under which all states had agreed to act in concert by
forming a limited national government. Whereupon the Southern states formed a
new government of their own, claiming the same rights as stated in The
Declaration of Independence as belonging to all people: "— That to secure these
rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from
the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes
destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish
it, and to institute new Government".
These Southern states were invaded at the
behest of a tyrannical government, brutally crushed in battle, their homes,
their property, and their livelihoods destroyed. They were forced to rejoin the
"United States" at the point of a gun and punished by nine years of vindictive
military occupation. No other people subdued by the United States have ever
been treated more cruelly and less humanely than was the prostrated South.
Accordingly, the United States is forever compromised by an act of profound evil
and a blatant hypocrisy so perverse that no myth such as "fighting a war to free
the slaves" or other rewritings of history shall ever hide its guilt or
ameliorate its shame.

The current circumstances in which the U.S. finds itself, today, are the direct
result of this great wrong and the concurrent elimination of the checks and
balances previously held by the states over the federal government. -- Roy H
Norris, a non-reconstructed Confederate

I hope someday for the re-emergence of a Southern Nation, which extols Southern
principles, Southern religious values and Southern culture, free from the apostasy and perversions of our
current government. If Obama destroys this country, as seems his purpose,
perhaps we can pick up the pieces and reform a Southern nation.

-- Roy H Norris, a non-reconstructed Confederate
Deo Vindice

Monday, July 19, 2010

What If They Threw A Race War And Nobody Came?

"The great leading objects of the federal government, in which revenue is concerned, are to maintain domestic peace, and provide for the common defense. In these are comprehended the regulation of commerce that is, the whole system of foreign intercourse; the support of armies and navies, and of the civil administration."
--Alexander Hamilton, remarks to the New York Ratifying Convention, 1788

"So far, thankfully, that sums up the results of the left's recent efforts to instigate racial animosity in America." Read the rest HERE.

The Ten Cannots

Barackracy II: Fully Institutionalize Socialism Nationally. Read the rest and more HERE.

Vet Snub Shocks Families

“You are injured,” Fisher said. “We are all here. Where are they?” Read the rest HERE.

Disabled Veterans, White House MIA, Korean War, Vietnam War

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Manners Camp

Tarboro has this each year and we should have them all over the South. See the children HERE.


The Untold Story

"As the Sesquicentennial unfolds, we will be indoctrinated with stories of how blacks deserted the South and flocked to the Union army to fight for their freedom. Nothing will be said about the majority millions who stayed behind in loyalty, friendship and patriotic devotion to their southern homeland." Read the rest HERE.

Executioners of A Sovereign State

A Southern officer in Canada, Captain John Yates Beall was captured at the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge in December 1864 after attempts to capture a US warship on Lake Erie, free Confederate prisoners at Johnson’s Island, and rescue seven imprisoned Southern generals near Buffalo. For taking the brutal war to the Northern border of the United States, he was summarily hung as a “guerilla and a spy” on February 24, 1865. Read it all HERE.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Scenes: National Unity/Glory Of The Coming Of The Lord

See it all HERE.

The Story Of The South Part I: Early Colonial Times

Watch it HERE.

Weekly US Senate Report

This week in the Senate ended with a final vote on the Financial Regulatory Reform Bill. I think we can all agree that our country is in need of smart, effective financial regulation that promotes accountability, enforcement, and transparency. Never again should the American taxpayer and Main Street be on the hook for the wild abuses of Wall Street. Unfortunately, the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Billl fails to address the root causes of the financial crisis.
At the heart of the financial meltdown was a housing bubble fueled by subprime and other risky mortgages which were backed by the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These government-sponsored organizations attached little to no underwriting standards on these mortgages. The Dodd-Frank bill does nothing to address Fannie and Freddie and does nothing to ensure that prospective homeowners can actually afford the homes they want to buy. Further, the Dodd-Frank bill fails to end “too-big-to-fail.” Giving the federal government the power to take over and run a Wall Street bank is not the reform that I believe the American taxpayers want. When Wall Street gets itself in trouble, a Wall Street firm should suffer the consequences of bankruptcy.
Rather than correcting the root causes of the financial crisis, ending "too-big-to-fail," and reforming Fannie and Freddie, the Dodd-Frank bill instead expands the federal government’s reach into Main Street businesses and consumer transactions that had nothing to do with the crisis. The Dodd-Frank bill creates at least 17 new federal bureaucracies with unprecedented powers to regulate small businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers. It even creates a new federal bureaucracy that will have the ability to monitor every conceivable consumer transaction, including credit card purchases. The costs of this government expansion will make it even harder for deserving Americans and businesses to get access to credit, finance growth and expansion, and create jobs.
We must improve our financial regulatory system, but our goal in Washington should be to pass legislation that encourages job creation and helps Main Street, not stifles it.
Equally troubling, the Dodd-Frank bill breaks the promise made to the American public that all unused and reimbursed funds from TARP would be used to pay down our nation’s debt. Instead of keeping their promise of using TARP savings to pay down the national debt, the Dodd-Frank bill instead uses that money to pay for the creation of new government agencies.
What Americans do need now are jobs. In order to create new jobs, our nation’s employers need clarity and predictability in our tax code and government regulations. The issues that have been pushed through Congress—health care taxes and mandates, impending income tax increases, the financial regulation bill and cap and trade—all foster a climate of uncertainty, particularly as it relates to the cost of doing business. This week, I held a press conference with Senators John Barrasso, Orrin Hatch and George LeMieux to discuss the damaging effects that recent legislation has had on job creation. I’m committed to kicking our economic recovery into gear, but in order to do so we must work to foster a climate that leads to more investment, innovation and job creation. Click here to see my remarks from that press conference.
Over the July 4th holiday, I was disappointed to learn of the recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick as the head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Dr. Berwick, who has been an advocate of government rationed health care, was nominated by the President to be CMS Administrator on April 19, 2010—more than 450 days into the President’s term. No hearing was held, or even scheduled, on his nomination, and the Senate was never given an opportunity to review his record or ask questions about his plans for CMS or his views on health care generally. Even Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) expressed dismay over the appointment. The public deserves to know how Dr. Berwick will handle an agency that controls over $800 billion in taxpayer money and will be implementing many of the new policies contained in the health care reform law.
Next week, the Senate is expected to swear in a new Senator from West Virginia and vote on an unemployment extension on Tuesday afternoon. Between now and the August recess we will also consider Elena Kagan’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. Senator Richard Burr

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Neo-Cons Or Neo-Trotskyites Or Neo-Marxists

".....the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal, an anti-Western organization promoting the destruction of the West under the banner of Edmund Burke." Read their menu HERE.

Big News on SR 519!

Big News on SR 519!

We are very excited to announce three new cosponsors on Senate Resolution 519, which opposes U.S. ratification of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. Just in the last few hours, Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kansas), Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) have signed on as official cosponsors!

This brings us to 25 cosponsors, which is a rarity in the U.S. Senate. And when we consider that SR 519 was introduced just 2 months ago, this kind of support is very encouraging. It shows that Senators are listening, and that they understand our desire to have Americans making laws for Americans.

Your calls and our Declaration Campaign have also been very effective. If one (or two!) of these is your senator, please consider sending a thank you card to their nearest local office (for an address, visit, click on your state, then click on the senator’s name).

It has been an exciting week for stopping the UN’s CRC, and we would like to see that continue. With only 9 cosponsors to go, we are hopeful that some who have not yet signed on will look closer and join. But we need you to help us keep their attention!

Please take a moment now to visit and check the status of your own senators. If they’re in orange, they’ve signed on. If not, their phone number is provided – please give them a call and urge them to cosponsor SR 519. (If you need some talking points, find those here.) Tell them asked you to call – this will aid our lobbying efforts when we go to visit them on your behalf.

Together, we can protect the right of children to have their interests protected by parents who love them!


Michael Ramey
Communications Director

Join the Network

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Declaration Campaign

Please donate to fund ads in your state making your Senator's CRC position known. Read more here. Ads run Aug. 2.

Become a Member

Your gift of $35 will support our on-going efforts, and you'll receive a Membership Kit to share the word with your friends.

View This Email Online

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P.O. Box 1090 Purcellville, VA 20134 * (540)-751-1200 *


The Story Of Your Enslavement (The Best I've Ever Seen)

Plus The Importance Of The November Election. See them HERE & HERE.

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John Stossel: Attacks On Freedom

"Congress creates, on average, one new crime every week. Federal agencies create thousands more -- so many, in fact that the Congressional Research Service itself said that merely counting them would be impossible." Read the rest HERE.

How Sweet It Is! ($PLC)

Scholar's libel suit proceeds against $outhern Poverty Law Center. Read the rest HERE.

CCW Holder Assaulted By Cop

Read about the unprovoked attack HERE.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Damned Yankee' AF Academy Graduate Understands Secession

“Yesterday we took our kids to Charleston. We went to the Citadel and out to the point where they fired on Fort Sumter in 1861. I’m a ‘Damned Yankee.’ I believe slavery was evil. But the way our government is acting today, I think I understand why the south seceded.” Read the rest HERE.

Hasta La Vista, Baity

When the North Carolina legislature asked Ron Baity to serve as a guest chaplain at the state house, the pastor of Berean Baptist Church said it was an honor. What he didn't know was how short-lived that honor would be! During the last week of May, when Pastor Baity was scheduled to open the session in prayer, a House clerk asked to first review the text. When she noticed the last line, she said, "We would prefer that you not use the name of Jesus. We have some people here that can be offended." But it was Pastor Baity who was most offended. When the clerk raised the issue with House Speaker Joe Hackney, Pastor Baity said plainly, "My faith requires that I pray in His name. The Bible is very clear." In the end, Hackney decided that the pastor could offer his prayer--but that it would be his last one. After that, Baity's services would "no longer be needed." A stunned Baity told Fox News Radio, "When the state tells you how to pray, that you cannot use the name of Jesus--that's mandating a state religion. They talk about not offending other people but at the same time, if they are telling me how to pray--that's the very thing our forefathers left England for."

For FRC, the controversy is personal. As part of our Watchmen on the Wall outreach to pastors, we partner with 50 ministers who network and lead other pastors in each state to advance faith, family, and freedom. Ron Baity is our volunteer pastor-leader in North Carolina, and he certainly understands the church's role in securing our liberty. So when the "powers that be" in the North Carolina State House told him that he wouldn't be allowed to finish the week as chaplain because he was praying a "sectarian" prayer, he knew better. And he also won't give up without a fight! That's why he enlisted the help of Attorney David C. Gibbs of the Christian Law Association, who had this to say about the Tar Heels' censorship. By the way, this isn't Baity's first run-in with North Carolina's PC police. Here's his testimony from an incident a few years ago and how our Watchmen on the Wall program has helped him.

We Are Still A Few Votes Short Of Killing The Kagan Nomination

-- Time to redouble our efforts

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The hearings on Elena Kagan to be a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court are over.

Senate Democrats slammed them through quickly, in the same way they did ObamaCare. And, like ObamaCare, they made sure that Senate Republicans would not have the material they needed to review Kagan's record -- withholding, for example, large amounts of Clinton administration legal advice on a claim of executive privilege.

(If you missed GOA's testimony at the Kagan hearings, you can view it here: .)

While much has been concealed, what we do know about Kagan is not good, as her public service has clearly shown antagonism to the Constitution and the Separation of Powers.

For example, when it became clear that the Supreme Court might strike down parts of the Brady Act (which it eventually did in 1997), Kagan suggested that President Clinton "by executive order, [might] prohibit a FFL from selling a handgun" without a certification from local police.

In other words, Kagan believed that the President could circumvent the role of Congress and to act unilaterally, without any legal authority, to impose restrictions upon the private ownership of handguns.

Not only that, Kagan drafted a memo for President Clinton suggesting a whole list of guns that could be banned by executive fiat. The Los Angeles Times reported on May 27, 2010, that: "At the time of the [1997] import ban, Jose Cerda, who worked in the domestic policy shop run by Kagan and her boss, Bruce Reed, said, 'We are taking the law and bending it as far as it can to capture a whole new class of guns.'"

Combine all of this with the fact that in 1987 Elena Kagan told her boss, Justice Thurgood Marshall, that she was "not sympathetic" to the plight of an African-American man who wanted to own a gun for self-protection because he carried large sums of cash when depositing money for the laundromat where he worked in Washington, D.C.

Elena Kagan will follow philosophically in the footsteps of Sonia Sotomayor. During her confirmation hearings, Americans were promised that Sotomayor believed the Heller case in 2008 established "that the Second Amendment right is an individual right." But in the recent McDonald case, Sotomayor joined the minority in wanting to both overturn Heller and deny that the Second Amendment protects a "fundamental" right.

So, Justice Sonia Sotomayor lied her way onto the bench. And "cagey Kagan" is doing exactly the same thing. Please make sure you take action!

ACTION: The Senate Judiciary Committee will probably be voting on the Elena Kagan nomination next week -- which means the proverbial ball is now rolling. So contact your Senators and urge them to oppose Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court. And please urge your family and friends to do the same.

You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send a pre-written message to your Senators.

----- Pre-written letter to Senators -----

Dear Senator:

You will be asked soon to vote up or down on Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court. After reviewing just some of the evidence against her, I think the case is clear that... a vote for Kagan is an anti-gun vote.

Kagan's public service record has clearly shown antagonism to the Constitution and the Separation of Powers. Emails taken from the Clinton Library clearly bear this out.

For example, when it became clear that the Supreme Court might strike down parts of the Brady Act (which it eventually did in 1997), Kagan suggested that President Clinton "by executive order, [might] prohibit a FFL from selling a handgun" without a certification from local police.

In other words, Kagan believed that the President could circumvent the role of Congress and to act unilaterally, without any legal authority, to impose restrictions upon the private ownership of handguns.

Not only that, Kagan drafted a memo for President Clinton suggesting a whole list of guns that could be banned by executive fiat. The Los Angeles Times reported on May 27, 2010, that: "At the time of the [1997] import ban, Jose Cerda, who worked in the domestic policy shop run by Kagan and her boss, Bruce Reed, said, 'We are taking the law and bending it as far as it can to capture a whole new class of guns.'"

Combine all of this with the fact that in 1987 Elena Kagan told her boss, Justice Thurgood Marshall, that she was "not sympathetic" to the plight of an African-American man who wanted to own a gun for self-protection because he carried large sums of cash when depositing money for the laundromat where he worked in Washington, D.C.

Elena Kagan will follow philosophically in the footsteps of Sonia Sotomayor. During her confirmation hearings, Americans were promised that Sotomayor believed the Heller case in 2008 established "that the Second Amendment right is an individual right." But in the recent McDonald case, Sotomayor joined the minority in wanting to both overturn Heller and deny that the Second Amendment protects a "fundamental" right.

So, Justice Sonia Sotomayor lied her way onto the bench. And "cagey Kagan" is doing exactly the same thing.

I am sure you have seen the recent polls -- fewer than four in ten Americans want to see Kagan confirmed to the Court. I hope you will follow the will of the American people on this one, and not blindly follow the President who, himself, is at near record lows in the polls.