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I had the honor of being one of the seventeen Southern  scholars to author the recently released: To Live and Die in Dixie. 

There has been a battle for historical truth  concerning the American Narrative that has raged for many decades.

Recently, the agenda driven doctrines of cultural Marxism and political correctness--the "Party Line',, as Soviets once called it, has been suppressing truth and free speech as never before in government, education and media. 
In the last few decades, this has spread like wildfire into  the business world and even church institutions. Indeed, it seems that the era of political correctness is now becoming an era of hysterical political correctness. 
I hope this new book will help restore the framework of historical truth necessary to rebuild our country.
-- Mike Scruggs

Union Official Says ‘Corporate Greed’ Behind Push for H-1B Visas

 AP Photo/Nick Ut

A so-called “war on the American worker” has intensified in the Golden State.

Massive layoffs are being spearheaded by the multi-billion dollar Southern California Edison utilities company, which is terminating scores of American IT workers and replacing them with immigrant IT workers, from a slew of foreign counties, who are willing to work for far less compensation. These immigrants are in the U.S. on an H-1B visa program.

“We don’t need foreign workers. We have plenty of Americans who are fully capable and equipped to carry out these jobs. It’s an absolute issue of corporate greed; nothing more nothing less,” former Edison employee and Marine Pat Lavin told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview late last week.

Lavin is a stalwart Democrat who serves as a business manager and financial secretary for the the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local #47. “Edison are master liars,” Lavin cautioned, quipping that he “caught them telling the truth last week and they tried to lie their way out of it.”

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Happy Birthday, General Cleburne

"Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men."
Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne
 At Franklin, he had two horses shot from beneath him. According to an eyewitness,Cleburne  "moved forward on foot waving his cap and was lost sight of in the smoke and din of battle. " Cleburne fell between the cotton gin and the Columbia Pike within sight of the Carter House, a single bullet piercing his heart. 

The loss of general officers in this battle was staggering to the morale of the Confederate army. General's Adams, Carter, Gist, Granbury, Cleburne and Strahl were killed, and Cockerell, Quarles, Manigault, and Scott were wounded. General Gordon was dragged over the Union breastworks by his hair and captured. Confederate President Jefferson F. Davis would remember Cleburne as being equal to Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee in "ability and leadership." Cleburne's sword belt, sash and buckle were sent to his fiancĂ© Sue Tarleton, of Mobile, Alabama after the battle. 

“There were eyes afar that watched your star/As it rose with the Southern Cross/There were hearts that bled when its course was shed/And old Ireland felt your loss.”

Why our prep-school diplomats fail against Putin and ISIS


Why do our “best and brightest” fail when faced with a man like Putin? Or with charismatic fanatics?

Or Iranian negotiators? Why do they misread our enemies so consistently, from Hitler and Stalin to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph?

The answer is straightforward:

Social insularity: Our leaders know fellow insiders around the world; our enemies know everyone else.

The mandarin’s distaste for physicality: We are led through blood-smeared times by those who’ve never suffered a bloody nose.

And last but not least, bad educations in our very best schools: Our leadership has been educated in chaste political theory, while our enemies know, firsthand, the stuff of life.

Four 'Teens' Murder 94 Year-Old Woman in Mississippi

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A Google News search at 3 p.m. Eastern Time today for stories published in March about "Eva Carmichael" (in quotes; sorted by date) returned only 11 items.

Who is Eva Carmichael? She is a 94 year-old woman who was murdered in Meridian, Mississippi on March 1. Based on the complete lack of press coverage outside of the immediate area, it's reasonable to believe that the nation's journalists don't think, in the popular parlance, that "her life mattered" all that much. And why is that?

A March 6 Meridian Star story (HT to NewsBusters commenter "noncom") reported that "Four teenagers have been arrested and charged in connection with her murder, and that those charges are "capital murder and burglary." Additionally, "Other arrests in the case could be forthcoming."

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Progressives Sign Up For Dhimmitude

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"Climate experts are scoundrels who are paid to lie, while pretending to be actual scientists."

ScreenHunter_7943 Mar. 15 14.32

Climate experts say that massive droughts from the past were natural, but the much smaller drought now has the unmistakable footprint of humans.


ScreenHunter_7944 Mar. 15 14.33 

Experts say that 400 PPM CO is making the oceans acidic, and dissolving the carbonate shells of shellfish.

This is utter bullshit. The Mesozoic shellfish below lived at 1,800 PPM CO2 – more than four times higher than current levels. Oceans are buffered by alkali rock like limestone and basalt, and can’t become acidic.

Just Who Won the 2014 Elections Again? (Hint: Not the GOP)

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As I like to say about the Left: they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit. Dealt two devastating losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterms, the Democrats simply carry on as if nothing had changed, dominating the news coverage and cowing their pathetic Republican “opponents,” all to the cheers of their media allies. It’s electoral nullification on a grand scale and the GOP simply rolls over and lets them get away with it:
Emboldened by winning the shutdown showdown over homeland security, and poised to triumph on raising the debt limit, Senate Democrats set their sights Thursday on the budget sequesters, demanding that Republicans hike taxes and raise spending. It was a shot across the bow for Republican budget writers, who are set to unveil their proposals next week, which are expected to further slash spending and balance the budget in 10 years — slowing the growth of runaway national debt that currently tops $18 trillion.
Senate Democrats insisted that keeping the automatic spending cuts would jeopardize the economic recovery, hurt the middle class and weaken the U.S. military. And they warned Republicans that President Obama will reject any budget sent to him that does not increase spending on both defense and domestic programs.
Of course, it certainly helps that in Barack Hussein Obama, the Dems have a president who, at this point in his second term, doesn’t give a damn about the Republicans, the election results, or the Constitution; spoiled little princeling Barry must and will have his way.

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‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Target White Diners Eating Brunch

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‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators in Portland, Oregon interrupted predominantly white people eating brunch yesterday before compelling them to express support for Michael Brown.

The demonstration took place just days after the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, an attack carried out by a ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporter.

The protesters marched into the restaurant before reading out a list of names of black people killed by police, including Mike Brown, subsequently chanting, “Which side are you on friends, which side are you on? Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all, and we will fight for freedom until this war is won.”

The diners looked nervous throughout the spectacle before one of the demonstrators said, “Please raise your hands and stand with us if you stand for black lives.” The onlookers responded by half-heartedly raising their hands, while others stood. The clip shows young children, who couldn’t possibly understand the nature of the issue, also raising their hands.

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Black Girl Beats, Stomps On White Girl – Then Beats Her Little Brother While Her Friends Laugh (VIDEO)

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 Language and Violence

Go to link below Gateway Pundit for the video.  I couldn't get Live Leak to embed here for some reason.

For some reason this girl’s friends thought this was funny?

A black girl was filmed beating and stomping on a white girl in a park while her friends cheered.
Then the perpetrator turns on the white girl’s little brother, a five or six year-old, and knocks him down on a sidewalk after he tried to help his big sister.

This was very disturbing.

It would be nice if we had a president who speak out against this all too common form of racial violence rather than go after police officers with trumped-up racism charges.

Here is a shot of the perpetrator’s Facebook page.

                                                       More @ Gateway Pundit

NC: This congressman has a go bag; he wants you to have one, too

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robert pittenger

Many of the “go bags,” medicine kits and boxes of canned food and water that Americans stockpiled after the 9/11 attacks have been lost, expired or gone bad.

Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) says it’s time to pack a new emergency bag and draft updated evacuation plans in preparation for another terrorist attack. He’s put together a “how to” handbook to help constituents and other members of the public plan what to do.

“I was a Boy Scout, and the motto of the Boy Scouts was to be prepared,” Pittenger said.

The chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare said his handbook was inspired by growing concerns about terrorism and the Islamic State group. U.S. intelligence officials say that more than 100 people from the United States have traveled to Syria to fight there. Authorities fear those people might return radicalized and trained to carry out their own attacks.

Teacher and Chess aficionado murdered

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A Jeffersontown man police say was found murdered inside his home on Friday morning has been identified by authorities.

Steve Dillard, 55, was found inside his home by a family member on Friday morning, according to Maj. Kenneth Hatmaker with the Jeffersontown Police.

Authorities say Dillard had been beaten and stabbed to death.

Police have arrested and charged 20-year-old Ronshai Jenefor with murder in connection with Dillard's death.

Dillard was an active member with the Kentucky Chess Association.

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Gun Review: Mossberg’s MVP Patrol 7.62mm/.308

 The MVP Patrol is also available with a tan-colored stock.

Having caught the suppressor bug, I’ve wanted to check out a bolt-action .308 that’s compact enough to handle the extra length and weight of a silencer, yet still remain portable and handy. That’s what peaked my interest in the Mossberg MVP Patrol.

The MVP Patrol is also available with a tan-colored stock.

The MVP Patrol is a 7 ½ pound rifle (not including optic) that, as the name implies, is short, light and handy enough to tote around in a car or pack. The 16 ¼ inch barrel is capped by a standard birdcage flash hider, which means that threading for suppressor attachment is already there. The stock is composite and the forend is thick and sturdy. The Patrol is a hard use rifle, not a svelte and trim hunter model, although there’s no reason it wouldn’t serve as a great field rifle.

NC:Homeowner faces weapon charge after shooting two intruders in his home

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 Williams fired shots at the two men, Roy Lee Hawk (above), 27, and Martize Douglas, 23, who said they were armed, as they forced their way into his home on Friday eveningBoth men were injured in the incident, as Hawk on Saturday was listed in critical condition, Douglas (above) was listed in serious condition

A homeowner who shot two intruders who broke into his home has been charged with gun possession.

Harold Williams, 42, of Fayetteville, North Carolina shot the two men, Roy Lee Hawk, 27, and Martize Douglas, 23, who said they were armed, as they forced their way into his home on Friday evening.

Both men were injured in the incident, as Hawk on Saturday was listed in critical condition and Douglas was listed in serious condition. 

Williams was not harmed during the incident.

Police said the homeowner is a convicted felon and is not supposed to be in possession of a gun - he has since been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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Funniest Comments from Gun Owners to ATF on Ammo Ban

Well that was a colossal waste of time and tax payer dollars. Thank you.” — Dan Bennett

“‘Thank God for the ATF’ — No one ever.” — Wellington Shivelsworth

“4,489 people like the ATF page…do they all work there?” — Andrew Liptak

“How many agents are investors in ammunition manufacturers?” — Raymond Taber

“Better luck next time, you boot-licking, wannabe tyrant knuckleheads. Get bent.” — Mike Hutchinson

“Can you call your buddies over at the DEA and have them ban meth too?…oh wait.” — Andrew Amis

“Dear atf. Please choke and die” — Justin O’Camb

“Darn constitution, always getting in the way of power grabs.” — Jared Kinder

“So really what you are saying is ‘Stop emailing us and calling us stupid.’” — Randy J Hilliker

“Translation: People: 1 ATF: 0” — Ryan Clark

“Has anyone noticed we don’t have a free speech agency? Or a freedom of religion agency,??” — Chris Watson

“I see 80,000 people being closely watched! That’s right! Just leave a critical comment.” — Bruce Boren

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Obama administration says Iran and Hezbollah no longer terror threats

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 Hezbollah Missiles Supplied by Iran Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Just when you think Obama’s absolutely awful foreign policy and pandering to radical Islam couldn’t possibly get any worse, he decides to remove both Iran and Hezbollah off the list of terror threats.

So either this guy is intentionally placing our country and our relationships with allies in the Middle East at risk, or he’s dumber than a box of rocks and actually believes his progressive kumbaya style policies will create a peaceful Utopian society on earth.

I’m thinking it’s both.

From Times of Israel:

The ATF’s Ammo Ban Is Back…in the Form of a New Bill From Democrats

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Four House Democrats have taken the Obama administration’s idea of a regulation to ban a widely used kind of ammunition — one it had to pull back because it was so unpopular — and turned it into legislation.

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) introduced the Armor Piercing Bullets Act, which he said would ban the sale of “.223-dervied, 5.56x45mm NATO ‘green tip’ rounds” that are commonly used on the AR-15 rifle. That’s the same ban that the ATF proposed in February, through the adoption of a “framework” that would justify a ban on all bullets that can pierce police body armor.

More with video @ The Blaze

A Green Light for the American Empire By Ron Paul

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The American Empire has been long in the making. A green light was given in 1990 to finalize that goal. Dramatic events occurred that year that allowed the promoters of the American Empire to cheer.

It also ushered in the current 25-year war to solidify the power necessary to manage a world empire.

Most people in the world now recognize this fact and assume that the empire is here to stay for a long time. That remains to be seen.

Empires come and go. Some pop up quickly and disappear in the same manner. Others take many years to develop and sometimes many years to totally disintegrate. The old empires, like the Greek, Roman, Spanish and many others took many years to build and many years to disappear. The Soviet Empire was one that came rather quickly and dissipated swiftly after a relatively short period of time.
The communist ideology took many decades to foment the agitation necessary for the people to tolerate that system.

Since 1990 the United States has had to fight many battles to convince the world that it was the only military and economic force to contend with. Most people are now convinced and are easily intimidated by our domination worldwide with the use of military force and economic sanctions on which we generously rely. Though on the short term this seems to many, and especially for the neoconservatives, that our power cannot be challenged. What is so often forgotten is that while most countries will yield to our threats and intimidation, along the way many enemies were created.

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