Saturday, August 9, 2014

CBM: I Want A Love I Can See

Feds Bend CDC Rules for Sick Illegal Immigrants

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What a deal, so the 11 years and countless bucks spent getting two relatives to legally immigrate was ignorantly wasted when all that had to be done was run them through Mexico......Got it......

Individuals and families immigrating to the U.S. legally are required to pay for and undergo medical examinations by approved physicians; those who are deemed as having "inadmissible health-related conditions" are not allowed into the country. But the same standards are not applied to illegal immigrants, many of whom remain in the U.S. despite testing positive for diseases that would prevent law-abiding migrants from entering. 

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Egyptian Court Rules Muslim Brotherhood, As A Political Party, Officially Banned In Egypt

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 & we all have an IQ less than 80

A court in Egypt has dissolved the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing.

The ruling will effectively prevent the banned Islamist movement from formally participating in parliamentary elections expected later this year.

The government declared the Brotherhood a terrorist group in December.

It was accused of orchestrating a wave of violence to destabilise the country after the military overthrew President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

The Brotherhood has denied any connection to the jihadist militants based in the Sinai Peninsula who have killed hundreds of security personnel.

Iraq & Vietnam: Democrats Lose Won Wars; Holocaust to Follow

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The video above at the link below is Barack Obama in December of 2011 declaring the mission in Iraq accomplished -- in his words, a "success." According to the president, we were leaving behind an Iraq that was "stable and self-reliant."

Except we weren't, and Obama knew it and so did anyone else paying attention.

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Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls

Finnish band called Steve'n'Seagulls plays AC/DC's awesome song called Thunderstruck. Recorded by Jaakko Manninen Photography

Guns: Justice in New Jersey?

Shaneen Allen was arrested and charged with illegally carrying a firearm in New Jersey, even though she legally owned the gun and had a concealed carry permit for it in Pennsylvania. The single mother of two young children spent 46 days behind bars and now, being denied a motion of dismissal or admission to a pre-trial intervention program, she is facing up to three and a half years in prison — all for what she readily admits was a honest mistake.

NC: Restaurant Drops Prayer Discount After Threats From Freedom From Religion Foundation

 This diner gives 15% off if you pray over your meal

There’s a restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that’s made headlines recently when it became known that they give (when they feel like it) a 15% discount to those customers who pray before their meal. As the owner said, it wasn’t required that you necessarily pray in order to receive the discount; it was more that if you showed an attitude of gratitude for your meal, she felt compelled to give those people a discount. And it wasn’t a policy or anything, because she didn’t offer it every time. She’s the owner, and she can do whatever she wants. If people were offended by her selective generosity, they could go somewhere else.

But thanks to the religious fanatics over at the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), the owner of that restaurant has decided to drop the whole discount thing. She doesn’t want any trouble or lawsuits against her establishment. Here’s what’s now posted to the entrance door at her restaurant:

Ron Paul: US 'hiding truth' on downed Malaysian plane


Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) accused the U.S. government of "hiding" the truth behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine last month.

"The U.S. government has grown strangely quiet on the accusation that it was Russia or her allies that brought down the Malaysian airliner with a Buk anti-aircraft missile," Paul said on his news website Thursday.

U.S. officials believe the plane was brought down by a missile likely fired by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. The U.S. and Europe have slapped tougher sanctions on Moscow for providing the rebels with weaponry and assistance.

Paul, though, questioned that account and said the U.S. could be more forthcoming with information.
"It’s hard to believe that the U.S., with all of its spy satellites available for monitoring everything in Ukraine, that precise proof of who did what and when is not available," the former lawmaker and GOP presidential contender said.

More @ The Hill

Russia, China agree on national currency swaps

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The swap agreement will boost the potential for using Russian rubles and Chinese yuans in trade settlements

 The Russian and Chinese monetary regulators have agreed a draft document on national currency swaps, the Central Bank of Russia said on Thursday.

“The draft document between the Central Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China on national currency swaps has been agreed by the parties” and is at the stage of formal approval procedures, the Russian regulator’s press office said.