Monday, September 9, 2019

.45 ACP Federal HST 230 gr Ammo Gel Test

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I use this in my 45's

Henry’s Long Ranger Is A Lever Gun For The 21st Century


Henry’s new Long Ranger may change your perception of lever-action guns. The action is tight, it shoots modern cartridges, and it combines all the nostalgia of the Old West with modern design and manufacturing. Is it the next rifle for you?

I’ve been using the Long Ranger chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor quite a bit lately from the shooting range to the open range. I’ll introduce you to its intricacies as well as its quirks.

It’s Still A Lever Action

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Former Miss Nevada, Daughter Of Immigrant, Launches GOP Congressional Bid

Lisa Song Sutton, a business owner and former Miss Nevada United States, has launched a congressional bid as a Republican for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.
Sutton, who has a law degree from the University of Miami, launched her bid a few weeks ago with a campaign video that she posted to Twitter.
 Sutton, whose father is a Vietnam war veteran and whose mother is an immigrant from Korea, is a self-described lifelong Republican who strongly supports small business, cutting regulations, the U.S. military, immigrant enforcement, border security, and the Second Amendment.
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Vietnam: Cry Havoc

Lawlessness by Wes Rhinier

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I Pledged Allegiance to the Flag of the once great United States of America, to the Republic for which it claimed to stand. I swore an Oath to Uphold the Constitution against Enemies foreign and Domestic. That Oath never expires.

But we’ve become a Nation under God Forsaken Fools. 

Highly Divisible.

The Moral High Ground our nation was built upon has long since eroded.

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What Is A JHP Bullet?

The science and technology hidden in today’s jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullets can be lifesaving in a criminal attack, making them the ideal choice for self-defense—particularly in handguns. The design is simple in principle, but modern engineering has packed better-than-ever fight-stopping performance into these projectiles.

JHP Bullets Explained

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Image result for Comment on 'DEAR MR. SECURITY AGENT'

This is an EXCELLENT letter to all who have taken the oath on BOTH sides of the LAW. Choose a side and Make your stand. There are an awful lot of former Military members who seemingly are not on the side of the U.S. Constitution. Some Republican politician has pissed them off, or some Demonrat has promised the moon. These GOOD men and women SERVED OUR COUNTRY. It is sad that they didn't get their dream slice of the pie, life happens. After all, What have DEMONRATS EVER GIVEN TO THE MILITARY? Unfortunately, like so many others on the Demonrat Plantation, they keep voting for the same LIES each time. We have all met them and wondered why they would support the likes of Obama and Hillary. Crap, just look at John Kerry, McStain, Bergdahl, Bradley AKA Chelsea Manning. These are the Left's Super Troops, they are all TRAITORS and COWARDS.

We have talked to the Men and Women that we personally know, respect, and love. We have tried, on many occasions to listen and understand them, tried to explain things in a different light. But they be in lockstep with the wrong side. I KNOW that I didn't spend more than twenty years of my life serving this country to see it handed over to a bunch of mind numb GREEDY, POWER HUNGRY, COMMUNIST Progressive TURD POLISHING DemomonicRATS. But there are those folks out there who served and still can't see the TRUTH all around them. May God Help us all. The real STINKY STUFF is just getting started. It will get worse. The 2020 Presidential Election is going to be a Political Bloodbath before and afterwards. No matter who wins. It is coming to a small town near you. Heads up! REMEMBER YOUR OATH to this Great Nation. IT IS STILL VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT! We all volunteered to serve. WE ALL RAISED OUR HAND and REPEATED THOSE WORDS. This Nation is BESEIGED by Enemies both Foreign and Domestic, more so today than at any other time in our brief history. Choose WISELY.

--G.W. Long

Killing a Dream


Author’s note: The purpose of this series is to explore the technical details behind some of history’s most infamous assassinations, not to precipitate rancorous political discourse. I find these stories darkly fascinating and hope you do as well. However, don’t infer any deeper political messages. Thanks.

Born into poverty and the son of a criminal, this man’s life was surrounded by chaos from the beginning.
The man was born in Alton, Illinois, in March of 1928. Seven years later his father, who went by the nickname Speedy, had to skip town with his family leaving behind a trail of bad checks. After dropping out of school at fifteen the young man eventually joined the Army and served in post-WW2 Germany. By the time he was twenty, he had been discharged for lack of adaptability and general ineptitude.