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The Personification of Class.........


The “screw you” fashion trend of young ‘urban’ yoots has landed one “goot boy” in the hoosegow after he refused to pull his pants up on a US Air flight. After being axed to pull up his pants before boarding the plane, Deshon Marman apparently refused and pushed by the ground crew onto the plane. The pilot used a citizens arrest on the young urban yoot, cleared other passengers from the plane and Marman was arrested and hauled away.

Here’s an odd twist. The young urban yoot’s mother is upset at her child for acting like an idiot and showing his ass (literally) and hopes he will learn from this experience to be more respectful of others. She demands he serve his sentence and accept the judgment like a man. I just made all that up. That’s what a responsible parent would say but not the ghetto black moms of young, innocent Deshon. After all, he a goot boy!

This and that

The SCV meeting last night. His mother made the best cookies I've ever had, aptly named "Southern Pride!"


Today, flying proudly.


A goodie seen afterwards, but way too much.

M44 saves the day

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For Don: Mosin Nagant M44 Brake


Your rifle doesn't have to swim in gun oil to work

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NC HB 650 Update

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Thank you for writing me regarding the Amend Various Gun Laws/Castle Doctrine Act (HB650). As a long time Concealed Handgun Permit holder and an avid shooter, I strongly believe in all law-abiding North Carolinians’ right to responsibly own and carry firearms in order to protect themselves and their families. Since being elected to the North Carolina Senate, I have sponsored several pro-gun bills that seek to further protect the right to own, possess, and carry firearms in North Carolina.

After months of hard work and careful study by Senate Republicans, the North Carolina General Assembly passed HB650 by a wide margin and without amendments. As the provisions come into effect, all North Carolinians will enjoy more freedom, protection, and convenience when choosing to carry a firearm. Innocent citizens will be able to protect their families better thanks to the “Castle Doctrine” provisions. Parks and various other “gun free zones” will no longer be safe zones for criminal activity. Most of all, law-abiding North Carolinians will be able to more fully enjoy their 2nd amendment rights after decades of usurpation by past administrations.

This legislative accomplishment could not have happened without the participation of concerned citizens like you. Please continue to stay informed and involved. HB650 represents a great victory, but there is much more work to do in the years to come. Rest assured, as your elected representative, I will never stop fighting for liberty and freedom for all North Carolinians.

Once again, thank you for writing me regarding the Amend Various Gun Laws/Castle Doctrine Act. Please feel free to contact my office again if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Best wishes,

Senator Kathy Harrington

Office of Senator Kathy Harrington

District 43 Gaston County

Office 2113, Legislative Building

16 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

(919) 733-5734

"Obama and Holder are complicit in murder"

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Via Western Rifle Shooters Association


On Gunwalker - The Ultimate False Flag Operation

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 17, AD 2011 9:54 AM MST
Yes, I have been watching this closely but it feels like the fit is hitting the shan on this - finally. Obama and Holder are complicit in murder and are engaging in outright treason just within the matrix of Gunwalker alone. Here is a link to a great piece at Pajamas Media that sums it all up - and read the comment thread which is every bit as informative as the article itself.

(I have finally read through all the comments and I cannot recommend them too highly! The game is up Hussein! Take the time to read them all, please. BT)

Click Here for article and comment thread.

Bottom line:

Gunwalker never, ever had ANYTHING to do with drug enforcement or stopping the cartels. NOTHING. The reason that the Obama regime, which we all know is a treasonous Marxist-totalitarian enemy force, executed the Gunwalker program was to create optics (lots of dead Mexican civilians, dead Mexican law enforcement, dead Mexican military and dead Americans) that they could then use to justify the elimination of the Second Amendment via the U.N., specifically the Small Arms Treaty. ATF insiders have reported that the Obama regime was "giddy" that Mexicans were being killed by Gunwalker firearms. This is because these people are Marxists, and as I have said here repeatedly, Marxists lie and murder human beings as policy. Marxists believe that human life has no intrinsic value and that human beings are object pawns that can be used and exterminated without compunction in order to further their own goals and increase their own power. In this case, the goal is to disarm the people of the United States so that the Marxist-Obamaist regime can seize totalitarian, dictatorial power, overthrow the Constitution, and establish a global power matrix. This disarmament will be achieved (or so they think) by using the meme of American omni-culpability. In other words, everything is OUR FAULT.

"See? These Mexicans are dead because of weapons sourced in the U.S. If it weren't for the U.S. and the Second Amendment, none of this would have happened."

Yeah, except the Obama regime specifically handed the weapons in question to the Mexican cartels, and then explicitly FORBADE the ATF agents from interdicting them.

Kids, we have to get our heads around the fact that the Obama regime is an enemy of this nation. They are not "us". They are not "on our side". These people are the sworn, declared enemy of this Republic, its constitution, and every single person who is loyal to the Republic and the constitution. Additionally, any other sovereign nations that are allied with the United States are the ENEMY of the Obama regime, and, conversely, those nations and groups that are enemies of the United States are the allies of the Obama regime. The Obama regime IS THE ENEMY. The Obama regime is the "black flag". They are engaging in operation after operation, be it Gunwalker, cultivated destabilization on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in more nations than I have fingers, overt support of Marxist factions in Honduras, surrendering Poland to Russia, handing Russia the U.K.'s missile codes, and on and on, that are diametrically opposed to the United States and her allies. All of these actions are being taken IN THE NAME of the United States, but the Obama regime IS NOT the United States. The Obama regime is its own non-American Marxist entity that is in a state of war against the United States, its constitution, its economy and its people. This is the mother of all false flag operations, and Gunwalker is just one facet of that operation.

Watch this carefully. If Issa folds on this, then this iteration of the United States of America will be finished. From there, the only options will be a reboot and upgrade to America 2.0, or a permanent fatal crash.

Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing her for spanking her kid

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Via The Bonnie Blue Blog

A judge in Corpus Christi, Texas had some harsh words for a mother charged with spanking her own child before sentencing her to probation.

"You don't spank children today," said Judge Jose Longoria. "In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don't spank children."

Rosalina Gonzales had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of injury to a child for what prosecutors had described as a "pretty simple, straightforward spanking case." They noted she didn't use a belt or leave any bruises, just some red marks.

As part of the plea deal, Gonzales will serve five years probation, during which time she'll have to take parenting classes, follow CPS guidelines, and make a $50 payment to the Children's Advocacy Center.

She was arrested back in December after the child's paternal grandmother noticed red marks on the child's rear end. The grandmother took the girl, who was two years-old at the time, to the hospital to be checked out.

Gonzales who doesn't have custody of the child or her other two children, is trying to get them back, but until CPS feels she is ready the kids are living with their paternal grandmother.

Calif. seizes 1,200 firearms possessed illegally

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If you want to read this article without my running commentary - go here. (But if you don't want to hear what I have to say about the matter, why come here in the first place?)

Calif. seizes 1,200 firearms possessed illegally


Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- California law enforcement agents have seized 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them because of mental illness or restraining orders.
However, Attorney General Kamala Harris said Thursday that more than 34,000 handguns and nearly 1,600 assault weapons are still believed to be held statewide by people who should not have them. [ Seized? As in kick the door down with a SWAT team seized? The other thing to note is restraining orders can strip you of your 2A rights. Amazing huh? ]

Most people bought the weapons legally but were later prohibited from owning guns.
But 12 people were arrested on suspicion of illegally owning assault weapons or grenades during a six-week sweep by the state Department of Justice in April and May.

Harris said 90 percent of the people who had guns seized were barred from owning weapons because of mental illness and 10 percent because of restraining orders or convictions usually related to domestic violence. [ Mental illness by whose definition? If I pitch a hissy fit becuyase I'm having a bad day on the job, and my boss suggests I seek some counceling on handling stress, does that make me a "looney tunes" and cost me my gun rights? ]

"They were known to be a danger to themselves or society," Harris said. "We obviously have put a dent in that, but there is a lot more work to do." [ If they're truly a danger to themselves, why aren't they in a rubber room already? ]

She used a news conference at the California Highway Patrol's Sacramento headquarters to promote SB819, a bill that would expand the use of a $25 registration fee collected by gun dealers to pay for the department's Armed and Prohibited Persons System. [ This reminds me of making condemned men dig thier own grave. The fishing license I begrudingly pay for also funds the wildlife officer who comes out and hassles me when I'm peacefully fishing somewhere!]

The system was created 10 years ago to cross-reference five databases to find people who legally bought guns and registered assault weapons but are now barred from owning the weapons.
It has found nearly 18,000 people who shouldn't have weapons. [ That's five databases that are probably liek every other government database: chock full of errors! But that's what they'll use to strip you of rights the Declaration of Independence says are "inalienable" ]

However, Harris said local law enforcement and state agents don't have the time or personnel to track down their addresses and conduct the high-security operations needed to safely seize the guns from people who are presumed to be dangerous. Many of them own more than one weapon. [Oh but it won't be long before they WILL find some revenue source that will provide them with the ability to conduct those wonderful little "high-security operations" that these power mad son's of bitches crave! ]

The last time California conducted a similar sweep was in 2007, when a third as many weapons were seized. [ Read that to mean they are doing three times as many seizures as they were in 2007 ]

The bill being carried by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would let Harris seek to use nearly $1 million from a $5.5 million surplus in the registration fee account to train local police and hire five more state agents to aid the 20 already assigned to the firearms program. [Ahhh there's that additional enforcement revenue we were talking about! ]

"Resources are needed to do this type of work," Leno said against a backdrop of seized weapons.
[ It's God's work and we need to be about it - FOR THE CHILDREN! ]

"How many lives are going to be saved?"

[ How many lives are going to be LOST when they start kicking down the doors of folks like me who ARE paying attention, and have NO INTENTION of being disarmed? ]

His bill cleared the Senate and is awaiting a hearing in the Assembly Public Safety Committee on Tuesday


GR4U - First of all, you'd never catch me living in the socialist paradise of California. But this nonsense is coming to the rest of the country soon enough. I pray to God Almighty that when it's my turn, I give a good accounting of myself.

GOA: Time to Close Down the ATF

This week, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) beamed a spotlight on the criminal behavior of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, commonly referred to as the ATF. At Wednesday’s hearing, Issa took on Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich by asking him: “Who authorized this program that was so felony stupid it got people killed.”

Chairman Issa started off the interrogation of Weich by IssaRedactedholding up one of the pages that the ATF had provided his committee. It was completely blackened, one of hundreds that had been totally redacted by the agency. Issa told Weich that this was unacceptable and that he was tired of the lack of cooperation at the Department of Justice.

Issa also caught Weich in a lie by pointing to a letter in which he denied any knowledge of Fast and Furious, when we now know that Weich did know about the program. Weich said that the letter had been written by a committee and that he did not know who had written that particular sentence. He refused to commit, however, to finding out who authored that lie and reporting back to Issa about it!

ATF’s lies exposed

Founding Fathers Tea Party Patriots Action Alert

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From: Steve Ramey <>
Subject: Urgent - U.S. Chamber threatens Tea Party
Date: Friday, June 17, 2011, 11:57 AM

Please call the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC and express your shock, disgust, and disagreement with Chamber President Tom Donohue. (This action was initiated by Debbie Dooley and Julianne Thompson) I agree with their action and prevail upon you to make this call!

Tom Donohue spoke at the Atlanta Rotary Monday and not only spoke poorly of the Tea Party movement, but said that they would make sure the debt ceiling would be raised regardless of what we or tea party leaders in Congress think. He then went on to say they will get rid of all of the fiscal, tea party reps we just elected who are standing strong on these issues.

We need Tom Donohue to realize we do not cower to idle threats against our public servants working hard to do the right thing. The Chamber doesn't set policy and unilaterally decide what happens in elections. We the people do. Encourage Tom Donohue to resign as US Chamber President, and encourage their board to remove him.

Your participation is very important. Thanks for all you do!

Chamber number : 202-659-6000

Cops Beat Man For Taking Out A Camera After Witnessing Bogus Traffic Stop

Old, but I haven't seen it before.


Cop Busts Window of Two Elderly Men on Way To Hospital


Police Brutality: Mother Tasered While Kids Watch for Using a Cell phone


Via Steve

Issa: Gunwalker political decision?

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Sipsey Street Irregulars

So let me just ask a question for your supposition, but I think it's a very well educated one. If you only look at the beginning and the end of the dot, isn't the only thing you've proven is that guns in America go to Mexico? Now could that be a political decision? Could that be a decision that basically, we just want to substantiate that guns in America go to Mexico--something we all knew, but would have considerable political impact, as Mexico began complaining about these, and they could say, "Well, yeah--we're even rolling up the straw purchasers." It wouldn't change the fact that Mexicans were dying at the bequest of the United States, but wouldn't it ultimately meet a political goal?

-- Darrell Issa at Wednesday's hearing.

Running home to mommy

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I think we can promise Eric a reckoning all right. It is interesting to note that Holder, under severe pressure in the Gunwalker scandal, is running home to his leftist Mommy. Already under criticism from the few remaining Blue Dogs over the Gunwalker scandal, I guess he figures the only friends he can count on are on the left. It may also be that he is "finding his voice again" in this legacy hunting because he knows his days are numbered.


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06-16-11

Jose Guerena's Rifle and Blood

Injustice Everywhere


Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, June 16, 2011:

  • A Kane County IL deputy is being investigated after allegedly pulling gun on a man who was in a car accident while off duty & threatening to shoot him in the head. [2]
  • Warrensburg IL cop took a plea deal where he will be sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal child porn charges and will face 10 more years in state prison on sexual assault charges involving a girl under the age of 12. [0]
  • 2 Philadelphia PA cops sentenced to 10-15yrs in plea deal for robbery, kidnapping, oppression & possession w/intent to distribute. [0]
  • West Deer PA police sued by 53yr-old woman claiming she was injured when cops burst thru her door in search for son even though she offered to let them in after she got her dog under control. [3]
  • Fruitland Park FL settles suit for $75k to 60yr-old claiming cop arrested & injured him for beeping at him because his cruiser was blocking traffic. [0]
  • Winnsboro SC cop investigated for alleged confrontation & harassment of a man who filed a complaint about damages to his car during a traffic stop when the officer busted his window when he wanted to search his car for drugs but failed to find any. [4]
  • Scranton PA cop charged w/oppression, assault, terroristic threats & other charges in an off-duty bar fight w/bouncer who refused to let him and his friends in while they were carrying alcohol and were too intoxicated. [0]
  • Hartford CT sued by woman badly injured in crash w/car chased by cop who ignored orders to stop pursuit [0]
  • Peel ON regional police officers accused of fabricating evidence by judge who dismissed prostitution case [3]
  • East Washington PA settles suit for $9k to man claiming cuffs were too tight when he was arrested w/o cause [0]
  • Pinelawn MO cop suspended while investigated for firing at car in chase despite allegedly knowing a baby was in the car. [0]
  • 2 Norfolk VA cops on desk duty while subject of probe related to arrest of cop on pot & steroids dealing charges [0]
  • Belle WV cop jailed for violating bond conditions by continuing to contact wife after DV no-contact order [0]
  • High Springs FL cop fired for altering doctor’s excuse, filed suit alleging retaliation for whistleblowing [0]
  • Waltham MA cop faces disciplinary action for helping council president with his landlord tenant dispute [1]
  • Bartlesville OK police & police union sued by female cop claiming sexual harassment & discrimination [2]
  • And finally, a Canton IL cop was charged with theft on allegations that he shoplifted some over-the-counter male enhancement pills from Walmart. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Request for info: P. Eddie Compass, former NOPD Police Superintendant


........for those not familiar with P. Eddie Compass, he's the one issuing the "no one will be able to be armed" order in the video below:

Requesting any and all info on Compass. Home address(es), vehicles, place(s) of work, current pictures, etc.

Thank you.

Netanyahu Urges U.S. Return to 1845 Borders

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Benjamin Netanyahu Retrospective

ISRAEL - NOVEMBER 1, 1971: (ISRAEL OUT) This Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) file photo first made available on November 1, 1971 shows Benjamin Netanyahu (R) during a training exercise as a member of the Israeli army's elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit. Netanyahu, who is the leader of the conservative Likud party, has a growing lead in the race to become Israel's next Prime Minister. The politician and former special forces soldier has already served as Israel's Prime Minister, from 1996 to 1999.




Israeli PM calls for "just solution" to end the conflict.

Aboard Air Force Aleph (Reuters) - Speaking to reporters accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his long flight to the United States tonight, Netanyahu spoke of the injustice and hardship Mexicans have endured since American forces annexed Texas in 1845.

"Tens of thousands of ordinary Mexicans were driven out of their homes - the only homes they had known for centuries - and forced to live in poverty and squalor south of the border imposed by American aggression," Netanyahu said. "The Israeli and Mexican people agree on this: This festering wound will never heal until America takes bold steps to return to the internationally accepted lines of 1845. Clearly the settlement activity that's taken place in occupied Mexico since then is illegal.

When I meet the President tomorrow I will tell him to halt all building activity in Texas immediately. Two lands for two peoples, yes, but not on land taken by force from Mexico," the Prime Minister said.

Asked if his hard-line stance could hurt the U.S.-Israel relationship, Netanyahu reiterated Israel's commitment to America's security and the unshakeable friendship shared by the two countries, then added, "But who was it who said, part of friendship is being able to tell your friend the truth. The ball is now in Obama's court." Received VIA Email
"we feel sorry for the American people who elected a president that who is so foolish to make remarks that are so irresponsible and so detached from reality!" From NY Times Video

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: “I am outraged" over Gunwalker scandal.

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars

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Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

Federal Operation Fast and Furious placed Arizonans at risk

“I am outraged by findings in a new Congressional report that alleges federal agents were instructed to stand aside and do nothing as up to 2,000 weapons were illegally purchased in Arizona and resold. In many cases, the end result appears to have been the arming of violent drug cartels south of the border.

“During Operation Fast and Furious in 2010, according to this report, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms were ordered to simply track these „straw buyer‟ weapons sales but not intervene. Longtime federal agents have now testified before Congress that allowing these weapons to leave the premises, a practice generally known as „gun walking,‟ was a marked departure from accepted law enforcement practices.

“ATF agents lost track of many of these weapons, including assault weapons and .50 caliber sniper rifles. A significant number undoubtedly found their way to Mexican drug cartels. Tragically, two AK-47s traced back to Operation Fast and Furious later turned up at the crime scene near Rio Rico, Arizona, where Arizona Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by bandits. Authorities are still looking for the murder weapon.

“If the allegations contained in this Congressional report are accurate, then Operation Fast and Furious endangered the lives of innocent people on both sides of the border. The people of Arizona deserve answers from the Department of Justice and ATF as to how this could have been sanctioned, let alone encouraged. We may never know how many weapons illegally sold as part of this operation later turned up at a crime scene. But the connection between this failed federal operation and the death of Border Patrol Agent Terry is clear. The Congressional report puts it best: „The death of Border Agent Brian Terry was likely a preventable tragedy.‟”