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The Right Side of History


A review of Robert E. Lee: A Life (Random House, 2021) by Allen Guelzo

“How do you write the biography of someone who commits treason?” asks historian Allen C. Guelzo in his new book Robert E. Lee: A Life. It’s a bit of an odd question for a historian to ask. Sure, treason is a terrible crime. But so are lots of things: spreading violent revolution, engaging in unprovoked wars with other nations, or having one’s wife (or wives) killed. And yet biographies of Marx, Napoleon, and Henry VIII abound. Presumably the authors of these books did not feel the need to anguish in their introductions over their subject matter.

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"I am Ready for Thanksgiving"

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"Just One Example"


January 6th Committee Subpoenas Alex Jones, but Jones Used a bullhorn telling Trump supporters NOT to quarrel with police and demonstrate peacefully.


As Donald Trump Predicted, Thomas Jefferson Removed from NY City Hall

"Trump has posited that the statues of Founding Fathers could come down following the removal of Confederate symbols across the country. Historians say he's wrong," wrote the far-left liars at NBC News in 2017.

“Trump has posited that the statues of Founding Fathers could come down following the removal of Confederate symbols across the country. Historians say he’s wrong,” wrote the far-left liars at NBC News in 2017.

On Monday, Democrats in New York removed a statue of Thomas Jefferson from City Hall, and here are some delicious screenshots:


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Look at the Goodies: 2021 December 12 Arms & Armor, Civil War & Militaria Signature® Auction


Jesse James Cartridge Belt

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Laughing at all of the Democrats' laughable lies (Some good ones)


When the Soviet Union existed — 1917 to 1991 — its hapless citizens resorted to dark humor in the face of constant lies.

Open defiance could land them in the Siberian gulag or a KGB torture chamber in a dank basement near the Kremlin. So they learned to joke among themselves about absurd government claims, such as Pravda insisting that the economy was surging and the collective farms overflowing with food.

Here are a couple of typical Soviet jests:

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Ice Fishing RVs

Freedom is not a Government Program

 men walking and talking  
                  A Conversation between Howard Hutchinson and Dr.  Dan 

Howard Hutchinson (HH):  Our nation is in a sad state, and we are headed for some hard times.  People with skills will survive, and they will be hardened.  We will have another turn of events following that cycle.  I’m feeling a little bit of optimism by what I see portrayed in at least some of the news that’s out there that people are standing up and saying, “Hey, wait a minute, what science?  Hey, wait a minute, why are you indoctrinating my kids?  Hey, wait a minute, why are you making me wear a mask when all the science says it’s ridiculous?  Hey, wait a minute, you want me to get a vaccine that does what?  Oh, it doesn’t prevent me from getting the disease?  Can you explain to me what a vaccine is supposed to do?”  Enough people are now beginning to say, “Hey wait a minute”.

Rittenhouse On Jail Conditions: ‘Didn’t Have Running Water,’ ‘Skin Was Bleeding’ After Not Showering For Weeks

Kyle Rittenhouse told Fox News during an interview on Monday night that during a stretch of several weeks while in jail he did not have access to running water and he went so long without showering that when he finally did shower again his skin was bleeding because it was coming off of his body. (I've never heard of that and it's strange he didn't mention this to the guards.)

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It's time to hold Democrats accountable for the lies that incite riots and violence (Way past due)

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If there is one lesson to be learned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, it is that lies that lead to rioting should no longer be tolerated. Far too often, Democrats have peddled numerous falsehoods resulting in chaos and destruction. While the trial focused on a teenager who decided to act when his government would not protect people, it started with the lie told by many Democrats that Jacob Blake was an innocent black man killed by police. As a country, we must say "no more" when it comes to these incendiary Democratic deceptions.

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Boat People Monuments Around the World

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