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Black Voters Say They’re LESS Likely to Vote Democrat After Harris Pick

 Kamala Harris' rise sends message of hope to young girls of color ...

Black voters aren’t too happy about Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris, so say recent polls.


Since the former Vice President picked the Indian-Jamaican Senator from California, the media has been fawning over her. But voters feel differently.

Rasmussen reported that after national telephone and online survey finds that 76 percent of Likely Democratic Voters have a favorable impression of Harris, including 48 percent who have a Very Favorable impression.

Trump supporters set sail in Clearwater in attempt to set world record

Alabama passes law to approve castration for convicted pedophiles

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For criminals who are convicted of sex crimes with minors under the age of 13, Alabama will now require chemical castration as a condition of parole. 

The measure was signed into law by Alabama's Gov. Kay Ivey on Aug. 10, and had been introduced by Republican state representative Steve Hurst of Calhoun County. Hurst would prefer that those offenders who have been convicted of these crimes were permanently castrated through surgical means, according to NBC News.

Hurst said "My preference would be if someone does a small infant child like that, they need to die. God's going to deal with them one day."

Romney Blocking Sen. Ron Johnson From Subpoenaing Comey, Brennan


A senior GOP source has confirmed to the Gateway Pundit that Mitt Romney is the Senator leading the way on blocking the calling as witnesses, James Comey and John Brennan.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sen Ron Johnson indicated that at least one member of the committee he chairs is preventing him from subpoenaing James Comey and John Brennan. Unlike other Senate committees, Johnson’s committee has a Democratic majority 8-7 counting Mitt Romney.

Little did we know that we dodged a bullet when Obama humiliated Romney in the 2012 election.

Knead to Know

 Joseph Lee: famed hotelier, restaurateur, inventor - The Bay State ...

Today we are besieged with raucous cries on both America’s streets and its social media platforms, as well as by all too many in the halls of government, to bring to an end what is now termed “systemic racism.”  To bring this amorphous demand about, we are led to believe that the systems that formed the very foundation upon which the nation was built must first be destroyed and then reshaped    . . . much in the same manner as the South was “reconstructed” after 1865.  Those who would call for such a radical and utterly senseless program either fail to grasp, or choose to ignore, the simple fact that the systems they wish to tear down are the very ones that have now allowed racism to be virtually overcome in America.

Comment on Southern Poets and Poems, Part XIII

 Sam Rayburn - Wikipedia

If Sam Houston recognized his bravery, he must have been good. Brock, this congressman from Texas for twenty-five yrs, Sam Rayburn, came from Tennessee to Texas. His father was a Confederate Cavalryman. In his office he had pictures on the wall but they were all pictures of Robert E. Lee. I would like to see this today. But, of course, they wouldn't dare.

Rayburn who hated the railroads, whose freight charges fleeced the farmer, and the banks, whose interest charges fleeced the farmer, and the utility companies, which refused to extend their power lines into the countryside, and thus condemned the farmer to darkness. Rayburn who hated the "trusts" and the "interests"- Rayburn who hated the rich and all their devices. Rayburn who hated the Republican Party, which he regarded as one of those devices-hated it for currency policies that, *he said, "make the rich richer and the poor poorer"; hated it for the tariff ("the robber tariff, the most indefensible system that the world has ever known," he called it; because the Republican Party "fooled ... the farmer into" supporting the tariff, he said, the rich "fatten their already swollen purses with more ill-gotten gains wrung from the horny hands of the toiling masses"); and hated it for Reconstruction, too: the son of a Confederate cavalryman who "never stopped hating the Yankees," Rayburn, a friend once said, "will not in his long lifetime forget Appomattox"; for years after he came to Congress, the walls of his office bore many pictures, but all were of one man-Robert E. Lee; in 1928, when his district was turning to the Republican Hoover over Al Smith, and he was advised to turn with it or risk losing his own congressional seat, he growled:

 "As long as I honor the memory of the Confederate dead, and revere the gallant devotion of my Confederate father to the Southland, I will never vote for electors of a party which sent the carpetbagger and the scalawag to the prostrate South with saber and sword." Rayburn who hated the railroads, and the banks, and the Republicans because he never forgot who he was, or where he came from.

He was impeccably honest - when he died, his savings consisted of $15,000. The filth nowadays, come out richer than they went in.



My G, G Grandfather - Tariff Must Be Reduced

*Mr.Pippen  adverted to the importance of the present election - important in many respects, but chiefly in respect to the Tariff and Texas. The Tariff must be reduced; it was grinding the South to powder. The northern manufacturers were declaring dividends of 25 and 30 per cent per annum, while the poor farmer at the South could scarcely "make both ends meet." The Tariff must be reduced - it made the rich richer and the poor poorer

The Second Korean War: A Forgotten Conflict 1966 - 1969

Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners

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Wealthy school district says supporting cops, not watching news is racist

 Fishbein told the Free Beacon that parents privately message her echoing their disapproval of the cultural proficiency curriculum, but are scared to speak out for fear of being branded racist.
Elementary school children returning to a wealthy Pennsylvania classroom in the fall will learn that sympathizing with police officers is racist.

Gladwyne Elementary School—located in Lower Merion School District, one of the richest in the nation—will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism. The curriculum also assigns A Kid's Book About Racism to kindergarten and first graders.

Plot and Deflect. The Democrats Path to Victory

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The Democrats have adopted Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky strategies to regain power.

One thing that the Democrat Party learned from Barrack Obama are the strategies of the Marxist pair, Cloward-Piven, on how to galvanize community action groups to gain power, and the application of Saul Alinksy’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ against political opponents for the same purpose. In this case the target has been Donald Trump.

The ultimate aim is to gain power, keep it, and change the country, not by giving the people what they want, but by making them dependent on an overpowering government.

Alinsky’s writings are the lodestar for radicals in building militant community organizations in order to gain power. Although not a Communist, his rules are a step ladder to hardened Socialism. Hillary Clinton, as a student, was an ardent fan of Alinsky. They exchanged letters.

Perhaps more important to Democrat radicals is the influence of the Marxist activists, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. The four aims of the Coward-Piven strategy are;
Overload and Break the Welfare System.

Comment on This person is NOT a descendant of General E Robert

Confederate General Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) - History

Thanks Brock for posting this on your page. I originally wrote this article and let me tell you, it has gotten a lot of traction. As of today, enough pressure has been put on Rev. Rob to come clean that his lawyer has agreed to review the documents showing Rev. Lee's true heritage. In addition, the NPR radio host that did a segment with Rev. Lee has also agreed to review the documentation and if she agrees its credible (its a slam dunk), then Wikipedia has agreed to let us correct his biography on their web page.

I will say that Rev. Rob is po'd and is refusing to acknowledge our confronting him. However, in an interview at Washington & Lee University, of all places, he admits to having mental illness, that he is bi-polar and that at times part of him feels he is crazy. See for yourself at the 18:20 mark

The bottom line is he needs to be exposed and enough pressure put on him to stop his fraudulent claim to the RE Lee family.

On This Day in 1945, Japan Released Me from a POW Camp. Then US Pilots Saved My Life

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It was noon on August 15th, 1945. The Japanese Emperor had just announced to his people that his country had surrendered unconditionally to the Allied Powers.

To those of us being held at Ohashi Prison Camp in the mountains of northern Japan, where we’d been prisoners of war performing forced labour at a local iron mine, this meant freedom. But freedom didn’t necessarily equate to safety. The camp’s 395 POWs, about half of them Canadians, were still under the effective control of Japanese troops. And so we began negotiating with them about what would happen next.

Complicating the negotiations was the Japanese military code of Bushido, which required an officer to die fighting or commit suicide (seppuku) rather than accept defeat. We also knew that the camp commander—First Lieutenant Yoshida Zenkichi—had written orders to kill his prisoners “by any means at his disposal” if their rescue seemed imminent. We also knew that we could all easily be deposited in a local mine shaft and then buried under thousands of tons of rock for all eternity without a trace.

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