Saturday, August 15, 2020

Comment on This person is NOT a descendant of General E Robert

Confederate General Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) - History

Thanks Brock for posting this on your page. I originally wrote this article and let me tell you, it has gotten a lot of traction. As of today, enough pressure has been put on Rev. Rob to come clean that his lawyer has agreed to review the documents showing Rev. Lee's true heritage. In addition, the NPR radio host that did a segment with Rev. Lee has also agreed to review the documentation and if she agrees its credible (its a slam dunk), then Wikipedia has agreed to let us correct his biography on their web page.

I will say that Rev. Rob is po'd and is refusing to acknowledge our confronting him. However, in an interview at Washington & Lee University, of all places, he admits to having mental illness, that he is bi-polar and that at times part of him feels he is crazy. See for yourself at the 18:20 mark

The bottom line is he needs to be exposed and enough pressure put on him to stop his fraudulent claim to the RE Lee family.

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