Friday, August 14, 2020

This person is NOT a descendant of General Robert E. Lee

Via Billy


The person pictured above is Rev. Robert “Wright” Lee IV who has been representing himself as a 4th great nephew of Robert E Lee.

Perhaps you saw him speak when Virginia Governor Northam announced the statues along Richmond’s monument avenue were to be removed.  Perhaps you saw him on The View or heard him on NPR or even at the VMA Awards in Los Angeles.  The point is, he is making a career over denigrating the reputation of General Lee and doing so with the false claim of being related.

Here are the facts.  Like his father, grandfather and great grandfather, they all were named Robert Wright Lee, and they were all from North Carolina.  His 2x great grandfather was John Osborne Lee from Alabama as was his 3x great grandfather Robert Scothrup Lee.  His 4th great was William Lee of Georgia.  If anyone knows the genealogy of R.E. Lee you’d know that none of these men were related to the Lee’s of Virginia and certainly not R.E. Lee.

The Lees of Virginia DNA Project does not have any of these (the Reverend) men in R.E. Lee’s line and even when looking at the obituaries of John Osborne and Robert Scothrup, neither mentions a relationship with the R.E. Lee family. The bottom line is, this guy is a fraud and everyone that respects and honors General Lee should not allow this guy to perpetuate his false testimony. 


  1. Why am I not surprised.

  2. Thanks Brock for posting this on your page. I originally wrote this article and let me tell you, it has gotten a lot of traction. As of today, enough pressure has been put on Rev. Rob to come clean that his lawyer has agreed to review the documents showing Rev. Lee's true heritage. In addition, the NPR radio host that did a segment with Rev. Lee has also agreed to review the documentation and if she agrees its credible (its a slam dunk), then Wikipedia has agreed to let us correct his biography on their web page.

    I will say that Rev. Rob is po'd and is refusing to acknowledge our confronting him. However, in an interview at Washington & Lee University, of all places, he admits to having mental illness, that he is bi-polar and that at times part of him feels he is crazy. See for yourself at the 18:20 mark

    The bottom line is he needs to be exposed and enough pressure put on him to stop his fraudulent claim to the RE Lee family.

    R McPherson

    1. Thanks.

  3. Also not surprising, no one in the media challenged his claim or did even the basic degree of background on him. Why? Because they are all used to just making stuff up to fit their narrative. It doesnt need to be true. Just fit their story. All journalism today is just creative writing.


    1. All journalism today is just creative writing.

      Good description.