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The Cluelessness of Wall Street Protesters

Conservative Heritage Times

As HarrisonBergeron pointed out here at CHT and Jim Goad at TakiMag, the Wall Street protesters are either stupid or deceptive. These clowns are allegedly protesting Wall Street greed (which is understandable) but they somehow think that Obama (whose administration is teeming with former Goldman Sachs employees) is going to change things. Wasn’t it Clinton who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act and wasn’t it Obama who could have restored it but didn’t? Ignoring what Justin Raimondo has pointed out as the corrupt bankster issue (which is what should be central to these protests) or instead of going after the Goldman Sachs criminals (as suggested by Matt Taibbi), the protesters are off in dreamland making completely unrelated demands. It’s no wonder anti-Western internationalist George Soros sympathizes with them, since their demands won’t affect his pocketbook cronyism but rather are the typical cafeteria plan of unrelated left-wing fantasies. Interestingly, some protesters are even demanding open borders. Do not these people understand basic economics, that a labor surplus drives down wages?

Dennis Mangan hits the nail on the head:

Those who may be tempted to sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations – possibly a fair number of readers – should take a look at a “proposed list of demands for Occupy Wall Street movement” (via Malcolm Pollack). A sampling:

Demand three: Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.

Demand four: Free college education.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand nine: Open borders migration. anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.

These demands will create so many jobs it will be completely impossible to fill them without an open borders policy. [emphasis added]

Like radical environmentalists – green on the outside, red within – Occupy Wall Street has another agenda than the one they say they have. Ostensibly protesting Wall Street’s unreasonable influence with the government, a position even Ron Paul supporters could get behind, what they’re really after is the full slate of leftist demands. If these people really wanted jobs, they would demand that open borders, which we essentially already have, should be stopped. But it appears that the elementary notion of supply and demand is lost on them. Those expensive college degrees were even more worthless than they thought.

An anomaly of Occupy Wall Street is that its demands are congruent with Wall Street itself: privatize profits, socialize losses. The sign that was held by one protester has already become iconic:

At 21 years old, I am…

-One semester from graduating college with a degree no one seems to hire

-In massive debt because of that once “dream degree”

-About to become a mother to a baby whose illness has gotten us booted off government health insurance…at 9 months pregnant…

-Scared for our future

-I am the 99%-One can assume that if this woman had real prospects in the job market, she would be more than willing to keep the added income for herself, but since she faces a dire future, she wants the rest of us to help her out of her problems. Since she’s about to have a baby, won’t her husband support the family? But of course she probably doesn’t have one, and wants her fellow Americans to support her bad life decisions. What was that degree in anyway? Women’s Studies? Educational Leadership?


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Politics matter.

Implosion is imminent, but that does not mean that our politicians become irrelevant. Indeed, wartime politicians are far more important than ever. Who is shot-calling from the bunkers matters.

Sarah has decided not to run for the White House this cycle. While arguments can be made from several perspectives, if one wants a Palin Presidency it is hard to fault her decision.

Mrs. Palin is perhaps the only politician in America today who is more polarizing than President Obama. The political calculus, in this case, is simple. The moment Sarah enters the race the Left will harden their positions.

Nominee Palin will bring people off the Left benches like nothing else this cycle.

Why should she enter a race with the obvious attacks that will come from the Left, knowing that many in the Establishment R part of the spectrum would rather let her lose than displace President Obama? Whatever one may think of the woman's politics one thing is certain - she is not an Establishment R.

She is banking money in her current position, providing for her family. If she runs and loses, that money is gone forever. However, if she hangs in the open and helps make the next King her political capital will exceed her personal bank account.

If the Republicans nominate a candidate that is acceptable to the real Tea Party and Sarah throws her weight behind him, you can bet there will be Senate confirmation hearings for a Secretary of State Palin in the first term, and a more political Cabinet post in the second term. If the R's screw up and nominate an Establishment idiot, then Sarah gets to hang back and will not be splattered by any of the disgust that will sweep in waves through the American Right.

Sarah has played smart politics...again.

Spots are in & Keep your eye on the ball!

Don't Rob A Convenience Store With A Cop Standing Right Behind You

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Hate Ron Paul?

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Day By Day: Numerology

The Killing Fields: Where Government Grows

To perversely paraphrase Bastiat: “The state is the great fiction within whose tax jurisdiction it deems itself free to fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill its taxpayers and tax clients.” It tends to be more gentle with the latter than the former.

High Tax Commissioner Obama recently ordered the robot murder of two acknowledged American citizens, Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, in yet another undeclared hostility zone in the Middle East in Yemen. No trial and no appeal, simply the remote control murder of two Americans in a foreign country. No empire in history has ever isolated its more obnoxious and deadly behavior in foreign lands simply to the latest imperial conquest, all the countries have eventually brought it all back to their homelands like disease vectors. Wait for it because all the bloodshed and dismemberment we have visited on the rest of humanity will be brought home and used with vigor and no restraint whatsoever as the powers that be emanating from Mordor on the Potomac become more and more desperate as their economic ignorance and chicanery force their hand at increased savagery to preserve their way of life. The United Kingdom shows what will happen to a nation that seeks to rule the world, is reduced to colonial rock formations dotted around the globe and starts to practice empire on its own citizens.

We are all used to news coming over the transom everyday of yet more women and children maimed and killed by our troops or their proxies in the multitude of statist squabbles around the globe. We are bludgeoned day after day with the news of cops misbehaving violently across the fruited plain. The prisons are bloated with the largest per capita population on Earth in the land of the free. Millions of tax dollars are spent in a death penalty system that morbidly worships a premeditated killing of a human being accused of a capital crime.

When stripped of the gaudy music and patriotic bunting, nation states are simply tax jurisdictions whose primary purpose is the forced redistribution of wealth and privilege.

Radical Islamic Website Asks: ‘Is the Assassination of Obama Legal?’

Muslims Against Crusades” (MAC) — a radical Islamic website that vows to “expose the enemies of Islam” — featured a front page article on Monday titled “Is the Assassination of President Obama Legal?

The article’s closing paragraphs pose that very question to “the West,” asking if the president’s death would be “justified” given his “horrific track record against Islam and Muslims.”

The author then references the year then-President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by asking how many people would want to carry out the “horrors of 1963” all over again:

What we mean by this is, if the President of America were to be caught off-guard in Washington or St Louis, would his death be justified given his new criteria in light of his horrific track record against Islam and Muslims and his own confessions?

If the answer is no, then we ask, why not? And if the answer is, yes, then we ask how many people would be likely to want to repeat the horrors of 1963 against this very evil man?

MAC, a British, radical Islamic group that believes its adherents are not “obliged to obey the law of the land in whatever country they reside,” was founded in 2010 by Abu Assadullah. Notorious cleric Anjem Choudary, who once called for the execution of the Pope, is also associated with MAC.


Herman Cain to Occupy Wall Street protesters: If you're not rich 'blame yourself'

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Protests’ Demand: A “World We Want To See”

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SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protecting Bank of America; Refusing Customer Withdrawals

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See update below in comments thanks to DD.
UPDATE: October 4, 2011 ; 16:30
It has come to our attention that this video was originally published in August of this year, thus is not a reflection of OccupyProtests currently taking place in New York and the rest of the U.S. We apologize to our readers for the mistake and inconvenience. While not exactly timely, the video nonetheless reflects what we believe will be the response by police departments the country over if bank runs were to become reality.

Four Thoughts on the Anwar Al-Awlaki Assassination

Via Conservative Heritage Times

As Bob Levy has already ably probed the legal issues surrounding the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, I’ll just append a few miscellaneous thoughts.

First, over the last decade we have been repeatedly told by foreign policy hawks that it is foolish, and even borderline offensive, to suggest that aggressive U.S. action abroad may have the counterproductive and unintended consequence of swelling the ranks of terror groups. When evaluating the wisdom of drone strikes or invasions of other countries, we need not even factor in the downside risk of “blowback” stemming from such actions, because “they hate us for our freedoms.” In other words, radical Islamist terrorists are fundamentally motivated by a vision of a global caliphate, not by any grievances stemming from real or perceived injuries inflicted by U.S. policy. I think of this as the “No Marginal Terrorist” Theory, because it posits that people are motivated to join terror groups strictly for reasons connected with either personal psychology or theology, such that reactions to specific U.S. actions never make the difference at the margin.

At the same time—and often by the same people—we are told that Anwar al-Awlaki posed a grave threat to the United States, not so much because of any particular logistical genius he possessed, but because he was so dangerously effective as a recruiter and propagandist who could inspire people already living in the West to jihad. Surely, then, it’s relevant to inquire into the nature of this lethally effective propaganda. Here is an excerpt from what The Guardian calls one of ”his most direct, English-language statements endorsing terror attacks on Americans”:


Restore Free Speech for Dietary Supplement Industry

Many savvy consumers these days ignore the slick and expensive advertising campaigns that routinely misrepresent or stretch the truth about products or services touted on TV, radio, and the Internet. More often, it’s an anecdote or testimonial from a family member or friend about a particular product, service, or experience that influences a consumer’s choice.

There is certainly nothing wrong ethically and morally with relating stories about one’s experiences with foods and dietary supplements. Currently the government prohibits sellers and supplement producers from publicizing individual consumer testimonials about health improvements resulting from the use of certain foods or dietary supplements, viewing them as marketing violations that render nutritional supplements as drugs, with strict enforcement.

Example: In April 2011, federal agents raided Maxam Nutraceutics, a company that produces and sells nutritional supplements, even though Maxam complied with the FDA’s demands to a T. The FDA first issued a warning letter months earlier about certain posted testimonials, giving the company 15 days to delete the info. That was done, and every effort made under a hired attorney’s advice to satisfy the government agency. Still the FDA conducted a full-scale raid with almost 80 armed agents at the company’s headquarters, and the owner’s daughter’s home, confiscating everything in sight, from computers to paperwork, products to personal items including the owner’s private invention.

To counter such blatant tyrannical actions, the Testimonial Free Speech Act (H.R. 2908) was recently introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). The intent of the proposed measure is a small step toward restoring free speech for those who wish to pass on their nutritional success stories. This bill would get the FDA out of the business of monitoring health testimonials. House Resolution 2908 would allow the communication of a consumer’s “actual perception of the mitigative, preventive, or curative properties of any food or dietary supplement.” Upon introduction Congressman Paul had this to say: “The necessity for this bill shows how little respect the federal bureaucracy has for the Bill of Rights and the principles of a free society.”

Not only is the FDA’s activity destroying the nutritional industry with its policy that assumes only drugs cure or treat disease, while claims of health improvement due to nutritional supplements are deemed misbranding and unscientific, it also tramples the right of free speech guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Pressure your congressmen into cosponsoring and passing H.R. 2908; send them a message now. This legislation is the only way to curtail the FDA’s unjust and heavy-handed intrusion into private businesses and personal health care discussions. Consumers should be free to exchange ideas, information, and testimonials and anecdotes on any subject, especially those that relate to health in order to reach rational conclusions. And businesses should be free to post those stories alongside their products as a service to their customers, and reap the economic benefits in the process. Anything less is completely un-American in a land once dedicated to the principles of liberty.


Your friends at The John Birch Society


Quote via Bernhard

“Sir…I owe no allegiance to any men or set of men on earth, save only to the State of North Carolina, and, so far as she has parted with her sovereignty, to the United States of America.”

--Judge *William Gaston

*In 1833, Gaston was elected by the legislature to the North Carolina Supreme Court. Although a slaveholder, Gaston surprisingly supported abolition efforts. In the case of **State v. Negro Will (1834), the Tar Heel jurist ruled that a slave had a right to defend himself if his master attacked him without justification. (The culprit wasn't the master, but the overseer. My GG defended Will and this was a landmark decision since it was the first time in the country that a slave was recognized with the right to defend himself against assault. Will killed him and was sentenced to prison, but not death which had always been the case previously.)

**State V The Slave Will 1834, My G, G Grandfather Wins

(Reminiscences Of My Great, Great Grandfather's Slaves)

"I want to see the Wall Street Protesters make this work. So I have a proposal."

Via The Feral Irishman

Let's give them the opportunity to show us how it works.

Let's fence off a piece of the country and give it to them. Good land with water, decent rainfall, rivers, and a growing season. We could pick out part of Nebraska. Inside that area, say the size of Connecticut, they would be free to create their utopia.

For our part we would give in to their demands as much as possible. All their debts would be forgiven(11). Everyone would be equal(8). Everyone would be free to join the worker's union(13). There would be no credit reporting allowed(12). They could hold whatever elections they like, by what ever system they devise(10). They could provide free education to whatever level they want(4). They could make products or grow crops and sell them to one another, but everyone would be guaranteed an equal share of the money and food, even if they contribute nothing to the economy(1,3). No fossil fuels will be allowed, they are free to use any alternative power sources they can devise(5). The area given to them will include a large hospital, fully stocked. Staffing it will be their problem, as no one can be forced to work for anyone else(3). Anyone that wants to join them can do so at any time(9). No electricity from nuclear power will be allowed(7).

In addition, although they have not thought of it, I would be willing to provide the following items to help get them on their feet.
1. Draft animals, such as cattle to breed oxen, horses, and mules. They will need them since fossil fuel things like tractors, trucks, and trains are banned.

2. Chickens, pigs, and goats in large enough numbers to serve as breeding stock.

3. Seeds for food crops in sufficient quantity to begin farming.

4. Hand tools of every sort. Hoes, rakes, plows, shellers, hammers, whatever we can think of or they ask for, as long as they don't use power from forbidden sources.

5. Shelter, food, and clothing to get them started for the first year. I realize that the first pioneers built sod houses and made do, but I'm willing to do better than that, if they want it.

6. Other items requested as long as they don't interfere with the Demands.

My reason for offering to do this is for them to have the chance to show me how it is done.

Don't Blame Capitalism for High Health Insurance Costs

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Suppose Congress passed a law requiring that all restaurant meals include broccoli and okra, whether the customer wanted them or not. Restaurants must also charge the same price for all meals, regardless of whether the customer ordered a small salad or a large steak. And they must serve free meals to children up to age 26 whenever their parents purchased a meal.

As meal prices rose, most Americans would understand that this was caused by the government regulations, not the free market. Today, similar laws are driving up the price of health insurance—and it's equally important not to unfairly blame capitalism for the problems caused by the government.


I work three jobs........

"Hitler’s Youth, Correction Obama Supporter: Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protest [CLEAN VERSION]"

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Pure class........


Allen West on the Black Family

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House can conduct its own special investigation of Holder utilizing the House Sergeant at Arms office

NY State Senators Say We've Got Too Much Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That

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We've been pointing out a variety of attempts to push back on the First Amendment lately. One fertile ground for such attacks are local politicians carrying the "cyberbullying" banner, in various attempts to magically outlaw being a "jerk" online, usually by making it illegal to offend someone online. Of course, making someone's action illegal based on how someone else feels about it is all kinds of crazy. It also would seem to violate the very principles of the First Amendment, which bar Congress (and local governments) from passing any laws that take away one's right to free speech.

In the past, lawmakers pushing these laws have tended to simply ignore the First Amendment issue, and focus on screaming "protect the children!" as loudly as possible (never mind the fact that kids seem much less concerned about "bullying" than all these adults seem to think). However, it appears that some state Senators in NY are trying a new line of attack: going directly after the First Amendment and suggesting that current interpretations are way too broad, and it's not really meant to protect any sort of free speech right. In fact, it sounds as though they're trying to redefine the right to free speech into a privilege that can be taken away. Seriously:

Proponents of a more refined First Amendment argue that this freedom should be treated not as a right but as a privilege — a special entitlement granted by the state on a conditional basis that can be revoked if it is ever abused or maltreated.
Yes, that totally flips the First Amendment on its head. It is not a "more refined First Amendment." It's the anti-First Amendment. It suggests, by its very nature, that the government possesses the right to grant the "privilege" of free speech to citizens... and thus the right to revoke it. That's an astonishingly dangerous path, and one that should not be taken seriously. Of course, given their right to speak freely, state senators Jeff Klein, Diane Savino, David Carlucci and David Valesky have every right to put forth that argument -- but similarly, it allows others to point out their rather scary beliefs.

If you'd like to see the full report (pdf), I warn you that it is almost entirely written IN ALL CAPS (for no clear reason, there are a few chunks that revert to normal capitalization -- including a big chunk in the middle, that starts mid-section). I have no idea why so much of the paper is in ALL CAPS, but I'm kind of offended by it. Can we please remove their "privilege" to put out such things until they've learned to not maltreat capital letters?

The paper attempts to list out various examples of types of cyberstalking and cyberbullying -- some of which seem pretty ridiculous:

Transcript of Darrell Issa on Anderson Cooper 360

Sipsey Street Irregulars
"They would have you believe that I knew, that I knew what the Attorney General didn’t know, that I knew what they were deliberately withholding from ATF, DEA, and Justice agents in Mexico City and from the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico."
Here's the transcript of Anderson Cooper's interview with Congressman Darrell Issa last night on CNN.

Anderson Cooper: “So Congressman, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has formally asked the President to appoint a special counsel to investigate what Attorney General Holder knew and when he knew it. The request is based on an exchange that you had back with him in May. Do you believe the Attorney General lied to you?”

Rep. Darrell Issa: “Well, I certainly believe that he either misrepresented the facts or he’s sufficiently incompetent that he didn’t know what was in his weekly briefings. And I certainly support the fact that the Attorney General cannot investigate himself.”

Anderson Cooper: “CNN has obtained some of the documents that you and your colleagues have referenced and the Attorney General did receive some memos last year acknowledging the existence of Operation Fast & Furious, but only in passing. The Justice Department is saying basically, ‘Look, he receives dozens of reports every week, some more than a hundred pages. There’s no indication he knew of the problems of this particular operation that far back.’ Do you believe that?”

Rep. Darrell Issa: “Well, it’s difficult if at all possible [to] believe it. Additionally, there’s a spin going that when they talked about guns walking in excess were other programs. We’ve had testimony in front of our committee that says, ‘Justice never lets guns walk.’ And now we have written proof that they were concerned about the guns walking. They were concerned about the optics of press interviews in which they were going to talk about problems, including Brian Terry’s murder. And very clearly, this was not hundreds of pages of reports… He had to at least say, ‘I’m familiar with the name. What is it you mean?’ or that ‘I don’t fully understand everything as well as I did two weeks before.’ Instead, in fairness both to myself and to Jason Chaffetz, the Attorney General implied that he had never heard of this until two weeks before, rather than that perhaps he didn’t know what a felony stupid program this was that led to the death of Brian Terry and the release of at least 2,000 weapons into the worst of the worst people’s hands.”

Anderson Cooper: “I want to read you what a Justice Department official has told CNN cause they’re pushing back on what you’re saying. They said, ‘Chairman Issa, of all people, should be familiar with the difference between knowing about an investigation and being aware of questionable tactics employed in that investigation since documents provided to his committee show that he was given a briefing that included the Fast and Furious Operation in 2010 – a year before the controversy emerged.’ So I mean, did you, yourself know about the operation last year?”

Rep. Darrell Issa: “That is an outright lie that the Justice Department has been spinning. They shopped that to the newspapers until they found one that would print it. The fact is Kenneth Melson, a man who under oath very, very well recorded, has said he didn’t know about much of this, and clearly did not brief me in one briefing that was about gun trafficking into Mexico. And let’s understand something, Anderson. They would have you believe that I knew, that I knew what the Attorney General didn’t know, that I knew what they were deliberately withholding from ATF, DEA, and Justice agents in Mexico City and from the M- U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. So as this cover-up and this game of spin-and-delay continues, the problem is it’s only creating problems that didn’t initially exist. Initially, this was a dumb program that led to very adverse consequences. Now it’s about a cover-up, about deception, about slow-rolling discovery of this and other committees. Understand I got involved in this because Senator Grassley was denied any discovery because he wasn’t the Chairman over in the Senate, and I got involved somewhat on his behalf, and my committee has taken a lead on it. But this was about stonewalling of the Senate long before I got involved.”

Anderson Cooper: I’d always thought this was the first time this kind of a program had been tried. There are new revelations tonight coming out that the Bush Administration had a similar weapons program, something called Operation ‘Wide Receiver.’ Do you know about that? Do you think officials from that Administration should be looked at, as well?”

Rep. Darrell Issa: “Well, Anderson, we’d know a lot more about it except that’s among the documents we’re still waiting to get. What we do know about ‘Wide Receiver’ somewhat is very small amount of weapons, much more intensive following, but, in fact, we will get to the bottom of whether or not this practice in a smaller way may have begun on the Bush watch. We’re not putting it past any Administration and giving anyone a pass. The American people and the people of Mexico expect us to have a zero tolerance for letting drugs come into our country or weapons go into Mexico.”

Anderson Cooper: Congressman Issa, appreciate your time. Thank you.

Rep. Darrell Issa: Thank you, Anderson.


The gang that couldn't shoot straight

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-04-11

Injustice Everywhere
  • Detroit MI police officer has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the high-profile shooting death of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones during a questionable raid conducted in front of a television crew for a reality TV show. Interestingly, one of the producers of that show was also charged with perjury & obstruction in that case as well. [0]
  • Chicago IL settles suit for $1,250,000 to a man who was imprisoned for 12 years after he was allegedly tortured into making a false confession by the notorious police Lt Burge’s unit. [0]
  • Denver CO pays $225,000 to settle an excessive force lawsuit that threatened to force the department to open up several years of their excessive force records. However, there is another pending lawsuit that still threatens to do the same. [3]
  • DeKalb County GA police officer was indicted for vehicular homicide for killing 2 people after crashing into their car with a cruiser while speeding. [0]
  • Indianapolis IN is being sued by a couple left critically injured by an alleged drunk driving cop who hit them on their motorcycles while he was responding to a call. [0]
  • Manchester NH school resource police officer is being accused of using excessive force in an incident caught on cellphone video that school officials tried to force the student who recorded it to delete. Interestingly, the video was released by the people at but I wasn’t informed about it from them, instead the person who runs site tipped me off to the story. (thanks for the tip!) [3]
  • Fullerton CA police have given notice to the cop involved in the recent $500k settlement to 2 of 7 women claiming he groped and sexually harassed them during traffic stops that they wish to fire him. However, the department is refusing to say exactly why they want to fire him after they didn’t discipline him for those allegations. [3]
  • Yakima WA tribal police officer was found guilty of felony harassment for falsely detaining a man who was sleeping with his estranged wife. [0]
  • Plum PA cop was arrested on burglary, bribery, theft of crack from evidence, use of the stolen drugs to bribe someone, and insurance fraud charges. [0]
  • Braddock PA cop faces burglary, distribution of narcotics and other charges for alleged incidents that spanned 2 counties. [1]
  • 2 San Jose CA cops were arrested for allegedly embezzling $120k from a Latino Police Officer Association. [0]
  • South Bend IN cop was charged with misdemeanor intimidation for allegedly sending threatening text messages to his ex-wife in an attempt to force her to apologize to his police chief and recant allegations that he abused their son. [0]
  • 3 El Paso TX join 5 other officers who have already resigned during an investigation into overtime abuse tied to a federal traffic enforcement grant. One of the officers is claiming that the investigation is retaliation in an attempt to keep that department’s use of quotas a secret. [1]
  • North Miami Beach FL cop was fired for posting a threatening ethnically-charged comment on a local blog [0]
  • Primera TX police chief was suspended 1 week without pay for sending transgender porn images to a county constable’s work phone after losing an election bid against him. [0]

1914 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle Portholme Torpedo

Injustice: Exposing The Racial Agenda Of The Obama Justice Department

Eagle Owl coming in for the kill

Via Cousin Colby


What Banner Do We Fly?

Let us, as an exercise, examine our inaction. We will not harass or bother the justices of the Supreme Court, who routinely betray the intent of the Constitution because we will be thrown in jail. We will not stand up for liberty at the airport because we will be detained, miss our flight and perhaps be thrown in jail. We will not cause a ruckus in the House of Representatives because we will be thrown in jail. We will not attempt to interfere with the FED because we will be thrown in jail. We will not fight back against the unions because we will be thrown in jail. We will not fight back against the banks because we will be thrown in jail. We will not refuse to be pulled over at a DUI checkpoint because we will be thrown in jail. We will not refuse to pay taxes as a protest because we will be thrown in jail.

The problem with being thrown in jail is the sudden lack of income attendant to that action. The need for a lawyer, with the sudden demand on the income attendant to that action. We don't want to wind up in some inner-city jail where life would not be so pleasant. Jail presents a risk to our employment and consequently a sudden drop in income.

So, the truth of the matter is that we do not resist because we cannot find a way to do so that will not adversely affect our other lives, the ones where we are fathers and mothers or otherwise responsible adults. We don't want to be homeless. We don't want to suffer or make our children suffer.

Now, I could make all of the reasons that suffering is becoming a fact with or without resistance, but I'll let that go for now and just focus on our inaction.

The Glock

"These whites are Obama voters."

Life Imitates Arts Criticism

On August 31st, I extolled Clybourne Park (now playing at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre), Bruce Norris’s 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about white flight in 1959 and white gentrification in 2009. That same day, in an example of life imitating arts criticism, liberal gentrifiers sent a 40-man SWAT team to smash down the door of an extended family of about 30 underclass blacks still living in Chicago’s Lincoln Park on the 1800 block of N. Sheffield Ave. (That’s right between Steppenwolf on N. Halsted and the Crate & Barrel on N. Clybourn.)

Making Norris’s cynical satire sound unrealistically genteel, authorities evicted the enormous Harris clan from the two adjacent homes they’ve owned since 1970. When Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich complained about the eviction in “Family shattered after raid, home loss,” one Lincoln Park resident wrote in to explain, “People don’t pay $20,000 a year in property taxes to have neighbors like these.”

Norris cleverly sets his two acts a half-century apart in the same Near North Side house that the integrating black family in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun buys. The story of the Harris tribe answers two questions left hanging by Clybourne Park: Why were my Chicago in-laws so disastrously mistaken when they hoped in 1967 to make integration work with the hard-working, Hansberry-like blacks who had started moving in? And just how ruthlessly far will today’s liberals go to make the desirable parts of the inner city white again?

“Just how ruthlessly far will today’s liberals go to make the desirable parts of the inner city white again?”

Overall, Lincoln Park is among the wealthiest and whitest (85 percent white, only 5 percent black) neighborhoods in Chicago. Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama carried Lincoln Park 3 to 1. The Harrises lived just seven blocks west of Gazillionaires’ Row, where Hyatt Hotels heiress Penny Pritzker, Obama’s campaign finance chairwoman, spent $7 million to buy five lots for her new fortress-like mansion.

The demolition of the notorious Cabrini-Green housing projects finally boosted the Harris clan’s southwestern corner of Lincoln Park into the home-price stratosphere, too. estimates that the Harris family’s two houses should be worth $1,697,000.

N. Sheffield had been one of the last streets in Lincoln Park to yuppify, for a reason I discovered in 1982 while apartment-hunting with my cousin Rob. After visiting a half-dozen small and expensive places, we toured a huge layout on N. Sheffield.

“How much?” I asked the landlady.