Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Via III Percent Patriots

Politics matter.

Implosion is imminent, but that does not mean that our politicians become irrelevant. Indeed, wartime politicians are far more important than ever. Who is shot-calling from the bunkers matters.

Sarah has decided not to run for the White House this cycle. While arguments can be made from several perspectives, if one wants a Palin Presidency it is hard to fault her decision.

Mrs. Palin is perhaps the only politician in America today who is more polarizing than President Obama. The political calculus, in this case, is simple. The moment Sarah enters the race the Left will harden their positions.

Nominee Palin will bring people off the Left benches like nothing else this cycle.

Why should she enter a race with the obvious attacks that will come from the Left, knowing that many in the Establishment R part of the spectrum would rather let her lose than displace President Obama? Whatever one may think of the woman's politics one thing is certain - she is not an Establishment R.

She is banking money in her current position, providing for her family. If she runs and loses, that money is gone forever. However, if she hangs in the open and helps make the next King her political capital will exceed her personal bank account.

If the Republicans nominate a candidate that is acceptable to the real Tea Party and Sarah throws her weight behind him, you can bet there will be Senate confirmation hearings for a Secretary of State Palin in the first term, and a more political Cabinet post in the second term. If the R's screw up and nominate an Establishment idiot, then Sarah gets to hang back and will not be splattered by any of the disgust that will sweep in waves through the American Right.

Sarah has played smart politics...again.

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