Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Russia Destroys Somali Pirate Ship


"Tell me are you a Christian, child?" Ma'am, I am tonight."

Got to be one of the best lines ever.

A Vet Who Understands The Enemy (Islam) We Face

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Rep. King Blasts Critics, Defends Hearing On Radicalization Of Muslims

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The New York Times is just basically being a mouthpiece for political correctness,”

Top Detective Blasts 'Culture Of Silence' That Allows Sex Gangs To Groom White Girls Because Police/Social Services Fear Being Branded Racists

On-street grooming: CCTV footage shows Mohammed Romaan Liaqat and Abid Mohammed Saddique, who were jailed last year for a string of sexual offences in Derby, cruising the streets in a BMW

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Please, No Citizen Militias On FM 755

"I've been getting calls and emails from very nice people who want to bring citizen militias to patrol FM 755. Last week, the National Examiner featured the Channel 5 News Report about "Family Driven From Ranch By Drug Cartels" and it's been picked up in internet forums and caused a national uproar"

Taliban With Captured M240

"I guess the question here is how did this insurgent get the weapon? The picture was taken in Nangarhar province in Afghanistan’s east. It’s a pretty nasty place with lots of insurgent activity and daily firefights."

TSA Busts Montel Williams For Marijuana Pipe

I was on his show many years ago in California He had the SCV, the UDC, a black congressman from Georgia who thought the flag should be in a museum, and the KKK. The congressman had flown up from Georgia with the UDC and SCV and they were all congenial. I met him after the show and had a pleasant conversation. Montel Williams was impartial and a gentleman. The audience was predominately black and after I gave my brief speech, I received nothing but congratulations from all.

AP reports that the TSA busted Montel Williams for carrying a pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana (see below). They’ll copy credit cards, rummage through your stuff and tell your husband you’re taking his money, interrogate you about $5K in cash you have on you, and now they’re pretending to be the DEA?! The TSA is like the new secret police. They’ll go through your stuff without any legal right and get you in trouble for the most harmless and ordinary of items. Had enough yet? Read the rest HERE.

VIDEO: Missile Seen Off Texas Coast - 1-2-2011

"Honesty will be found on every experiment, to be the best and only true policy; let us then as a Nation be just."
--George Washington, Circular letter to the States, 1783
An NAS employee states he saw it also near the end of the video.