Saturday, November 17, 2018

Not a Parody: Woman bishop wants to castrate God and free women in the name of gender equality

 This is what an Apostate looks like. This is what happens when a national Church departs from the faith once delivered. The Church of England was once a shining city on a hill. She produced some of the greatest divines not long ago. Now she is lost. Gone the way of apostasy. She has lost her savour and "is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men."


Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, is a über-feminist. On Sunday, she called for the God of the Bible to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery. “I don’t want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,” she told The Telegraph.

Jesus, the Son of God, called God his Father. Treweek grew up praying the Lord’s Prayer and calling God “Our Father”. But now, as the most senior female bishop in the Church of England and a member of the House of Lords, our Rachel has inside information that God wishes to transition to a non-gendered being.

Michael Avenatti’s law practice evicted from offices!

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 Michael Avenatti speaks during an interview.
 The left has really got two winners with Avenatti and Acosta. :)

Stormy Daniels’ embattled lawyer Michael Avenatti lost a last-ditch appeal Friday to block the eviction of his law practice from its California offices, according to a new report.

Avenatti — who was busted earlier this week in LA on domestic violence allegations — now needs to move out of his ocean-view suite in a Newport Beach office building after Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Moss affirmed an October order that the attorney and his staff vacate the premises, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Avenatti’s longtime firm, Eagan Avenatti, had skipped four months of rent payments — totaling $213,254 — prompting the landlord, Irvine Co., to sue for eviction.

Auction: Good Confederate Items

 Confederate "C.S.A." Belt Buckle with Its Original Leather Belt
 Confederate Starr Arms 1858 Saddle Ring Carbine

 Confederate General's Collar Insignia in Original Case

'Do not Call 30/4 Days of Liberation'

Doctors and Nurses in Vietnam treat a severely wounded United States soldier.

Family Windows into Civil War Hell


My great-great grandfather, Theodoric (Teddie) Edward Scruggs was born in 1806 in upstate South Carolina. He moved his family to Blount County in northern Alabama sometime after his first wife died in 1854. He remarried there and had a total of 17 children by the two wives.

Four of his sons by his first wife, Nancy Stone, served in the Confederate Army. My great grandfather, John Berry Scruggs, and his brother James, enlisted in John Hunt Morgan’s 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, CSA, in May 1862 in Blountsville, Alabama.


SOG Team
 Special Forces 5th group Flash

Repost 2012

 By J. Stryker Meyer

When I die, if the Lord gives me a moment to reflect before I breathe my last breath, my first thoughts will be not of my loved ones, nor my children.

I'll reflect on and thank God for Sau, Hiep, Phouc, Tuan, Hung, Son, Quang, Chau, Cau and Minh. Captains Tuong and Thinh and lieutenants Trung and Trong will follow them in my thoughts. Then, I'll think of my loving wife, our talented and unique children, and our folks.

Why the Vietnamese men before my loved ones? Without the courage, strength and fearless verve as combatants in America's secret war in Southeast Asia, I wouldn't have returned to the United States.

Today, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, I'll pause to salute those warriors, men most Americans will never hear about, including the more than 3 million U.S. troops sent to South Vietnam during America's longest and costliest war.

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LARRY KING: Jim Acosta Is Childish, CNN No Longer A News Network & Sarah Sanders: If Acosta can’t be an adult 'CNN needs to send somebody' else

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Media giant Larry King bashed his former network CNN during a recent interview. He called the actions of Jim Acosta childish and even went so far as to suggest that CNN is no longer a news network. This is a pretty big deal coming from him.