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The plinker went to war: The IDF's Ruger 10/22


 The plinker went to war: The IDF

Ever since their beginnings in 1948, the Israeli Defense Force has had to think outside the box to come up with weapon's systems, therefore it shouldn't surprise you that for the past 20 years the Israelis have used a (much-modified) 10/22 for use in both special operations and in security operations.


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How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps

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College diversity officer charged for #KillAllWhiteMen tweet

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She certainly won't have a problem with being raped.........:)

U.K. college diversity officer’s utopia would include no white men – after they are all executed.

An employee of Goldsmiths University of London’s independent students’ union was arrested in London Tuesday and charged with sending a menacing or offensive messages via a public network for her “#killallwhitemen” tweets.

Bahar Mustafa, 28, faces one charge each for electronic communications she sent over social media on Nov. 10, 2014, and May 31, 2015, the Washington Times reported Tuesday.

“A woman interviewed under caution regarding a complaint of racially motivated malicious communication made on a social media network has been summonsed to court,” Metropolitan police spokesman said in a statement, the newspaper reported.

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"I'm A Good Ol' Rebel" – Revisited :)

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Oh, I'm a good ol' Rebel, now thats just what I am.

And for ObamaNation I do not give a damn.

Abortion shoulda been legal, when all was said and done,

when Barak Obama was born in sixty one.

My Battle Flag was brought down and then was put to bed.

A flag of rainbow colors now flies in 'er stead

The sodomites are smilin' they laugh and stomp and cheer,

they think that they is normal but them are truly queer.

I hates ObamaNation and everything they do.

The Congress and the Judges are all corrupted too.

Political correctness they try to force on me,

Their dumbed down education is such a travesty.

Sixty million babies lie killed in Yankee dust.

Crimes again' these children is morally unjust.

Them crim'nal politicians, a' rotten to the core,

hellfire and damnation is what will be in store.

I won't be reconstructed, I will not bend the knee.

I won't give up a fightin' for my Liberty.

I wish we had fought harder, I only wish we'd won

I ain't asked any pardon for anything I done

Oh, I'm a good ol' Rebel, now that's just what I am

And for ObamaNation I do not give a damn.

I'll rise and fight again' 'er with cannon shot and shell,

until I blow them Commies and Marxists straight to hell

I ain't asked any pardon for anything I done.

I ain't asked any pardon for anything I done

Mark Motto 


& another from 2012

1780: Patriots prevail in North Carolina

Patriot militia under Colonel William Campbell defeat Loyalist militia under Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King’s Mountain in North Carolina near the border with Blacksburg, South Carolina, on this day in 1780.

Major Ferguson’s force, made up mostly of frontier Loyalists from South Carolina, was the western wing of General Charles Cornwallis’ North Carolina invasion force tasked with protecting Loyalist outposts from attacks by Patriots led by Isaac Shelby, Elijah Clark and Charles McDowell. Ferguson had declared that the Patriots could choose to lay down their arms or see him “lay waste to their country with fire and sword.”

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German Officials Accused of Covering Up Sexual Abuse in Refugee Centers to Protect Image of Migrants

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german migrants
A Greek police officer guides migrants arriving to enter Macedonia, near the border with Greece, August 27, 2015. (Asia One)

Germany is expected to “absorb” 750,000 1.5 million migrants this year.

86 percent of citizens think Germany is a “country of immigrants”, and a clear majority want more refugees to come, according to a new social attitudes survey.

German officials are accused of covering up sexual abuse at refugee centers. They want to protect the image of migrants.

NIEUWS reported:

(rough translation)

N.C. needs stricter gun control laws

 I get a tickle every time I run across this picture.  Priceless! :)

Following the recent campus shooting in Oregon, I decided to look into North Carolina’s gun laws.

Needless to say, I was shocked at how lax our gun control laws are here. Here’s what I found out, and some of the things that disturbed me most.

In North Carolina, there are no state-imposed restrictions on “assault weapons,” no magazine/clip capacity restrictions, no caliber restrictions and few restrictions on the open carrying of firearms.  Oh no, how horrid, why didn't they tell us.....? :)

Sweden: Gangs of immigrants riot for a fifth consecutive night

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Bookstore in Stockholm suburb had its windows smashed by rock-throwing immigrants. Cars were torched and buildings burned but a media blackout is in place in the U.S., which plans to step up its own importation of Muslim refugees under President Barack Obama's recently announced plan.

Sweden, seen by many American progressives as the model of multiculturalism and tolerance, has erupted into an orgy of violence as gangs of rioting immigrants took to the streets for a fifth consecutive night Tuesday in Stockholm.

The latest reports indicate the riots are now spreading to the country’s two other major cities – Gothenburg and Malmo.

Sweden, along with Germany, make up Europe’s two most generous welfare states. They are also the most welcoming of Islamic immigrants, more than a million of which have flooded into the continent this year from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and North Africa.

The unrest and destabilization in Sweden, which has received zero coverage in the U.S. media even as President Obama plans to ramp up his own refugee welcoming program, is exactly the type of upheaval that the global elite have planned for all of Western Europe and America, as predicted by analyst Paul McGuire in a Oct. 6 article by WND.
Hundreds of cars were torched.

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"Washington Redskins drop 'Washington' from their name as offensive to most Americans."

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 I'm all for it! :)

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Harvard's champion debate team loses to New York prison inmates

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Months after winning a national title, Harvard's debate team has fallen to a group of New York inmates.

The showdown took place at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison where convicts can take courses taught by faculty from nearby Bard College, and where inmates have formed a popular debate club. Last month, they invited the Ivy League undergraduates and this year's national debate champions over for a friendly competition.

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Kim Davis' lawyer: 'Hate' charge comes from discredited $PLC

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Liberty Counsel, the nonprofit civil rights group that has been defending Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis as she fights to not violate her religious faith as ordered by U.S. District Judge David Bunning, is responding to an article by the Associated Press that cited a “hate” label applied by the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center.

Liberty Counsel argues that under the standard that SPLC uses to call groups “hate” organizations and individuals “haters,” the Catholic Church would qualify.

So, too, would virtually every major Christian group in the wold. 

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Is the Public Getting a Skewed Idea of Thomas Jefferson?

 Jefferson peale

In a recent article on Thomas Jefferson’s mythic and contradictory legacy for Time, Joseph Ellis begins with an account of an encounter during a book tour with an outraged woman. She snaps: “Mr. Ellis, you are a mere pigeon on the great statue of Thomas Jefferson.” Ellis has a decisive retort. “Madam, it makes no difference whether or not you regard me as a pigeon. But you ought not [sic] regard Jefferson as a statue.”

Ellis, of course, trumped the woman in the battle of metaphors and wits (how could he not, as it was his account of the tête-à-tête). His point, made by numerous other historical revisionists vis-à-vis the Founding Fathers, is that neither Jefferson nor any Founding Father ought to be treated as statues—i.e., “creatures of legend more than history.”

As a creature of history, we find, Jefferson deserves censure, not praise.

The Nuclear Option: ‘Teflon Don’ Morphs into a Real Candidate

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First they ignored him. Then they mocked him. Then they tried tearing him down.

With each failure to destroy Donald Trump, the political experts and establishment stooges only made him stronger. And now they don’t have a clue what to do.

Those in Washington who still think a Donald Trump presidency is preposterous or absurd have only themselves to blame for creating an environment that has made it so easy for the swashbuckling, smack-talking businessman to rise so effortlessly to the top of the heap.

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'Don't make it worse for yourselves': Helicopters drop leaflets on ISIS and rebel fighters warning them to give up now ahead of huge Russian-backed ground offensive

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A graphic showing who is fighting who in the Middle East and why. The conflict has become so complex that arch enemies are finding their interests have aligned, presenting  diplomatic and military conundrums
Syrian army helicopters have dropped tens of thousands of leaflets on ISIS and rebel fighters, warning them to get out now and 'don't make it even worse for yourselves'.

The flyers were let go over the embattled cities of Rastan and Talbiseh, which have been pounded by Moscow's warplanes this week and where Russia claims 5,000 ISIS and al-Nusra Front terrorists are stationed. 
It came as Russian media said there would soon be a large ground operation in the area driven by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's troops - with Russia's military backing from the air and possibly on the ground, involving Spetsnatz special forces.

Iranian troops are said to have crossed the border from Iraq last week to help prop up Assad's ailing regime. 

More with videos and pictures @ Daily Mail

CNN Report Shows White Hands for Oregon Shooter's Mom

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CNN has denied claims by conservative websites that a photo of Chris Harper-Mercer, the man who shot and killed nine people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon last week, was altered to make him appear white. But a report on his mother, who is black, used footage of white hands to illustrate her making web postings on Tuesday.

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Canada: SHRC Confederate Flag Complaint, Conclusion?

Another Canadian cousin.

I filed a Human Rights complaint regarding the Confederate flag as an example of logic, integrity, ethics, and morals. I called and held a brief discussion with a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) staff member. Sometimes a discussion might lead me to filing a complaint, while most times I leave with a better understanding for part of the Human Rights Code of Canada and it's interpretation. In this particular instance I was not willing to mediate nor negotiate. Due to a recommendation of a SRHC staff member I filed a complaint. Human rights have been a lifelong interest and passion my entire life.

Despite any intelligent conversation I had with or a genuine recommendation by the SRHC staff member, I fully expected my complaint to be tossed in the trash immediately.

I posted the initial complaint on this blog to gain media and public attention to a serious matter. When the media campaign of bias hate stories started providing false education and information against the Confederate flag I decided to push back. I have never in my life heard of such hate and disgusting disrespect to any soldier of any war- as a Confederate soldier. It is absolutely clear that a person cannot take pride in the Confederate flag nor southern heritage without mass public confusion and/or accusation of racism.

Black Lives Matter Leader Demands New Constitution or There will be "Bullets"

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 black power bullets

A "Black Lives Matter" leader has issued a dire warning for the United States: the United States needs a new Constitution or else, he warns, "it will be the bullet" for the US.

Blake Simons, who wrote an article detailing his ideas, is the Deputy Comms Director of "Afrikan Black Coalition." The name of his piece is "A New Constitution or the Bullet."

Simons writes, "Our Black Lives Matter protests have stormed the country, yet cops continue to kill us daily, and the judicial system continues to justify our deaths with acquittals, non-indictments, and light sentences-all in the name of upholding the Constitution."

After months of protesting, Simons explains that he came "to realize that the Constitution is the root of virtually all our problems in America."

Roseburg Rally Goes Viral, Patriots Standing Nationwide

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It’s been roughly 36 hours since a patriot in Oregon—local activist Casey Runyan—posted on Facebook to say that “on Friday, we assemble.” Runyan’s words were a direct call to patriots in the Pacific NW to stand with citizens in Roseburg who have already made it clear that Obama is not welcome there for his planned visit on Friday. The call was regional…but the answer was national. The rally went viral. Not even the mainstream Obama cheering section can ignore it anymore.

In that 36 hours, 23,000 people have been invited on Facebook alone, not counting emails, Twitter, and other social media. Watching the incoming links on PHS yesterday, I counted no less than 26 various patriot, gun, and prepper forums who were discussing it. Almost 2,500 people are listed as “going” on Facebook with another 1,000 as “maybe.” A search on Facebook for posts about the rally net an astronomical number of results. To say that Runyan’s words sparked a firestorm is like saying Hillary is possibly a bit of a liar.

California Mayor Forced to Hand Over Electronics and Passwords at Airport, Compares U.S. To Nazi Germany

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“I think the American people should be extremely concerned about their personal rights and privacy. As I was being searched at the airport, there was a Latino couple to my left, and an Asian couple to my right also being aggressively searched. I briefly had to remind myself that this was not North Korea or Nazi Germany. This is the land of the Free.
  – Anthony Silva, Mayor of Stockton, California

Just in case you’re still under the infantile illusion that you reside in a free country.
From ArsTechnica:

More @ Zero Hedge

4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea

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© Google Maps

Four Russian Navy warships have fired a total of 26 missiles at the position of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced. The missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea.
“Four missile ships launched 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to objective control data, all the targets were destroyed. No civilian objects sustained damage,” Shoigu said.

The missiles flew some 1,500 km before reaching their targets, probing their efficiency.

More with video @ RT

Oregon mass murderer was fan of Islamic State (ISIS), bought flag online

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The mainstream media didn’t think that information about Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer’s Islamic connections were important enough to mention. (See link below). But now, evidence of a purchase he made online of the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) has been found.

Harper-Mercer goes by the User Name IRONCROSS and left a comment about his purchase of an ISIS flag  (shown at left of comment) that reads:


Field hand graveyard

Victoria and Dixie

Ron Newman: Neighborhood protection teams

John Ainsworth State Constitution

KrisAnne Hall: The Constitution as it exists today 

Publius Huldah*, John Ainsworth and KrisAnne Hall: Constitutional Roundtable 
 *Original Constitutional Constraints

Peter White: BDOC Exercise: Training exercise featuring a simple Base Defense Operations Center in a WROL scenario. (Kindness of  Tom Baugh)

The best of the best.

The Seven Blackbirds 

My Grandfather Joseph Powell Pippen's pet.

The William Mayo Pippen house. (My great grandfather's)

Raffle: Dixie aced my III wine with a .22. :)