Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The plinker went to war: The IDF's Ruger 10/22


 The plinker went to war: The IDF

Ever since their beginnings in 1948, the Israeli Defense Force has had to think outside the box to come up with weapon's systems, therefore it shouldn't surprise you that for the past 20 years the Israelis have used a (much-modified) 10/22 for use in both special operations and in security operations.


 Raffle: Dixie aced my III wine with a .22. :) 

Dixie is even happier with her win now. :)


  1. Know personally that the S. Africans used them against the Cubans, too. Primarily for locating armor.

    1. Wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks.

      The South Vietnamese came up with a great, though dangerous way to defeat NVA rockets shot at their tanks, but I can't find my link right now for some reason. I will post it when found. Thanks.