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Idiotic Idioms


Identity Politics is changing our language in order to advance its agenda. One example is “people of color.” Hemingway would have convulsed at such a laborious construction. Does its nearly Global use today  suggest  that “people of whiteness” should also be adopted for consistency? While the simpler “colored people” technically has the same meaning, perhaps its potential racist connotation can be avoided with another simple term such as “minority.”

Another example that is nearly mandatory is “enslaved people” instead of slaves. The true meaning is the same, but presently the first expression is a codified way of signaling the writer’s awareness that slavery was evil. It simultaneously, and falsely, implies that those who do not use the term,  deny the evil in slavery.  In reality, everybody knows that slavery was, and remains, wicked. There’s no valid need for another tortured construction to restate the obvious.

The Carnage at Fredericksburg

 WAR NEWS: Blue and Gray in Black and White : Newspapers in the Civil War
“It is not likely that the full details of this battle will be generally known in the North for weeks and weeks; but if, after the failure of this last and feeblest of all the Federal attempts to reach Richmond . . . the Irish and Germans are again tempted to embark on so hopeless a venture, then it is the conclusion irresistible that, in addition to all the shackles of despotism which they are alleged to have left behind them in Europe, they have left also that most valuable attribute of humanity, which is called common sense.”
The battle at Fredericksburg began at first light, December 13, 1862, and soon became a slaughter of Northern soldiers urged on against a near-impregnable barrier of musket and cannon-fire.  New York Times reporter William Swinton’s post-battle dispatch to the Times noted: “[The Federal soldiers] were literally mowed down. The bursting shells make great gaps in their ranks . . . flesh and blood could no endure it. They fell back shattered and broken, amid shouts and yells from the enemy.”  By nightfall, more than twelve thousand Union soldiers were killed, wounded, or missing.

This severe defeat of Northern forces at the end of a year that witnessed astronomical casualties on both sides, leaves us to question Lincoln’s motives for continuing his war.  After shelling and starving the women, children and old men of Vicksburg into submission, and the wounded, dead and maimed at Gettysburg, Lincoln unleashed Sherman, Sheridan and Grant upon Americans in the South in absolute total war – war against military and civilians.

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Watch: Biden Supporters Steal 7-Year-Old Boy's MAGA Hat, Attack His Mother

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Riley was supporting his President when vicious Joe Biden voters attacked him, stole his MAGA hat and pushed him. Riley was scared and cried in the street. That's where I met him. He wanted to call 9-11. Moments ago Riley got a call from the White House...

Update: Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson shared on Twitter that “Riley got a call from the White House” Friday, posting some pictures of the young boy, one taken at what appeared to be a Trump rally.

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Woke Capitalism: How Huge Corporations Demonstrate Status by Endorsing Political Radicalism

 Woke Capitalism: How Huge Corporations Demonstrate Status by Endorsing Political Radicalism

Via Alex: "If you’ve wondered why Fortune 500 companies feel the need to bend the knee to the radical left in America, you’re not alone. It’s called “woke capitalism” and it’s not going away anytime soon. We explain all the "beautiful" details about woke capitalism in our newest article which I think you'll enjoy. Give it a read, feel free to share, and let me know your thoughts on this Friday afternoon!"

It’s a rather strange claim of the American far left that their interests are opposed to that of corporate America, because there’s virtually no evidence to support it. Quite the contrary: During the wave of Black Lives Matter rioting that took place during the early summer of 2020, American corporations marched in lockstep. Not only did they use social media to swear fealty to this political movement, but they also made massive internal changes in conformity with BLM propaganda.

It’s called “woke capitalism” and while it’s not necessarily new, it’s certainly more prevalent than it ever has been. The term itself was coined by conservative editorial writer Ross Douthat in 2018. He succinctly summed up what woke capitalism is: superficial nods toward cultural leftism that allow the company to do what it really exists to do – make money.

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SIGN IT: Petition to Remove BLM MARXIST CURRICULUM & TEACHER TRAINING From Wake County Public School System

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The insidious philosophy of Woke has been making it’s way into our public schools for a while now. In 2020, however, the immoral ideology has been mainstreamed and welcomed into corporate America and publicly funded classrooms.

One of the school districts that seems to embrace the Woke vehicles of anti-racism and the Marxian, debased, anti-American, anti-White, anti-Capitalist, Black Lives Matter organization is Wake County. The Wake County Public School System has a whole website dedicated to promoting this pseudo-intellectual poison that is currently attempting a cultural coup in the United States.

A Kystallnacht For White Americans?

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Neuwied, June 15,1946

"Did you ever get the letter telling you of the tragic end of Anneliese and her family? No one of you mentioned it. She was in Dresden with her mother and sister when the Russians came in. He husband died in the war several years ago. She and her two dear little boys, her mother and sister committed suicide out of fear of future happenings. How she must have suffered to be induced to such."(Tante Marie was the aunt of my brother-in-law, a VMI graduate.)

Those who are working overtime to delegitimize white Americans have coined a term that they use as a weapon—“white privilege.”  The propaganda is that being white is a racial privilege that elevates white Americans above other Americans and enables white people to oppress blacks. It doesn’t strike those who use the term as a weapon that these same “racist white people” are the ones who elected Obama president and put Kamala Harris in the Senate.

BUSTED: DNC Faked Kamala Supporters! Used Double Images of Kamala Fans After Speech

After her speech, the DNC panned to a virtual crowd clapping and cheering for Harris and Biden, who joined his running mate on stage. Three of these individuals were shown more than once.
Do you mean to tell me that they couldn’t even find 30 Democrat women to live stream the event?

Do you mean to tell me that they couldn’t even find 30 Democrat women to live stream the event?
The Democratic National Convention has been one of the biggest jokes of the election so far.

They’re all pretending that they’re deathly afraid of the coronavirus so they’re holding the event in an almost entirely empty venue and did most of it virtually.

While Kamala Harris was delivering her speech at the DNC, Harris has a screen behind her which was supposed to be 30 Democratic voters (all women, of course) from New Jersey.

"The Law of the Jungle prevails in this musical interlude from the DNC Convention"

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Official drink of the DNC | You make me laugh, Speech and debate ...

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