Friday, August 21, 2020

A Kystallnacht For White Americans?

Via Billy

Neuwied, June 15,1946

"Did you ever get the letter telling you of the tragic end of Anneliese and her family? No one of you mentioned it. She was in Dresden with her mother and sister when the Russians came in. He husband died in the war several years ago. She and her two dear little boys, her mother and sister committed suicide out of fear of future happenings. How she must have suffered to be induced to such."(Tante Marie was the aunt of my brother-in-law, a VMI graduate.)

Those who are working overtime to delegitimize white Americans have coined a term that they use as a weapon—“white privilege.”  The propaganda is that being white is a racial privilege that elevates white Americans above other Americans and enables white people to oppress blacks. It doesn’t strike those who use the term as a weapon that these same “racist white people” are the ones who elected Obama president and put Kamala Harris in the Senate.


  1. No disrespect to those people, I did not go thru their experience and can not imagine what they went thru. But I wont be committing suicide. If it comes to it I will take as many with me as I can.

  2. This is why the right - barring a great European-American awakening, in which the traitors among us, as well as their pets are finally dealt with in a permanent manner - will ultimately lose. "Failed to understand that these same racist whites twice elected Obama." Those on the right who still trot out this, worthless and tired phrase are missing the entire point. THEY DON'T CARE, THEY NEVER DID!!!! Getting whites to vote for that arrogant, lazy, squatter was another step in the plan to finally eliminate us once and for all. I wish people like this would just finally let go of the mental frame work of the past - vis-a-vis "If we just present the facts, they'll have to come around."- no, they won't, so please stop trying. You cannot negotiate with people who want you dead.

    1. You cannot negotiate with people who want you dead.


  3. You cannot reason with madmen.

    Y'all have a nice day.