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'A lot of people die out here' and 'all this on Obama's hands'

 Vickers carries an M4 semiautomatic rifle with a 30-round magazine for his encounters with armed drug-runners on his ranch

The dead bodies of illegal immigrants are turning up in south Texas as Central Americans pour across the U.S.-Mexico border, and a veterinarian who ranches cattle 70 miles from ground zero has the photos to prove it.

Dr. Mike 'Doc' Vickers of Brooks County, Texas showed some of the grisly images to MailOnline, all of them far too grotesque to publish unedited.

One picture shows a corpse propped up against a tree near his ranch in Brooks County, his eyes missing and dried blood cascading down his shirtless body.

'This guy, obviously, had to lay down up against that tree, and that's where he died,' Vickers says in interview footage provided exclusively to MailOnline by documentary filmmaker Chris Burgard.

Falcons native to the Rio Grande river valley 'plucked his eyes out before he was dead,' the animal doctor concludes. 'He bled out through his eyes, which tells me that he was probably in a coma but they were eatin' on him before his heart stopped beating.'

Obama, please list Muslim contributions to America

Via comment by Badger on Muslims Create A Literal River Of Human Blood By B...
Muslim contributions........... 

Obama released a statement thanking Muslims for their many “achievements and contributions to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”


I’d like to know what Muslims have done to improve America. It must be a secret list, kept with Obama’s birth certificate and his college transcripts!


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Muslims Create A Literal River Of Human Blood By Butchering 1500 Innocent People

ISIS just released a video showing what they claim are Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, driven away in truck loads and then shot them all dead. The video caption stated that there were 1,500 individuals. The video shows their end being shot at point blank in several horrific mass slaughters reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany Stalin's Russia. The young teens begged for their lives as they were made to curse Al-Maliki but to no avail while they were forced to chant “long live the Muslim nation”. were the first to discover the video:

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Obama and Kerry behind one of most strategic mistakes in military history

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The obsession by the Obama-Kerry administration with imposing a cease-fire on the warring parties in the Hamas-Israel war will go down in history as one of the most strategic mistakes in military history.

Here is a fact the administration deliberately and maliciously ignored: In the history of modern warfare, no terrorist group has ever honored a cease-fire. Hamas has broken every cease-fire it ever said it would honor. Every single one.

Even the Israel-Hamas 2012 cease fire, brokered by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was simply agreed to by Hamas to give it an opportunity to restock its military arsenal, pressure Israel to lift its restrictions on the import of cement and steel into Gaza – material that Clinton said would be used to build hospitals and schools, but in fact was used to build a network of underground tunnels into Israel and build a subterranean network of underground bunkers, weapons storage facilities and launching pads.

Hamas simply used the cease-fire to rebuild its military infrastructure and as predicted by Israeli military intelligence, would simply break the cease-fire when it felt ready to take on the Israelis once again.

And on Friday, Hamas did the exact same thing.

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Hawk vs Bull Snake

Vote In the W&L Poll

Brock, this is a Yankee poll from Brooks Simpson the Yankee sympathizer. Let the South teach him a lesson in the poll, we can prove him wrong.

Cousin John


Given the controversy concerning the Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University, what do you think of how the WLU administration chose to address the issue of the display of flags in the chapel and the museum next to the Lee family crypt?

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90 minutes = Shortest cease-fire ever: Hamas resumes attacks

 Shortest cease-fire ever: Hamas resumes attacks

You say “cease-fire,” the barbarians of Hamas hear “reload.”  Just 90 minutes into the planned three-day break in the fighting, a suicide bomber popped out of those terror tunnels Hamas has been squandering the Palestinian treasury on building, a firefight erupted, and an Israeli soldier was reportedly taken prisoner.  Eight rocket and mortar attacks against Israeli civilian targets promptly flew out of the Gaza, with the most seriously threatening rocket intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

The Jerusalem Post has the details:

Brian Terry Murder Suspect Extradited From Mexico

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Just a coincidence that on the day it’s announced that a federal court has ordered the Justice Department to initiate the process of turning over withheld Fast and Furious documents, the Justice Department announces another defendant in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder has been extradited to face charges.

According to a Justice Department news release, Ivan Soto-Barraza was extradited to the U.S. from Mexico today to face first degree murder charges in Terry’s December 14, 2010 shooting near Nogales, Arizona just north of the Mexico border.

Of six defendants charged so far, two have pleaded guilty and two are awaiting trial, says the news release.

Gun-toting son scares off hammer wielding burglar

 The car used by Stokes in the burglary.

An Indiana burglar is lucky to have escaped with his life after attempting to break into a home in Leesburg.

Michael Samuel Stokes allegedly shattered a window in the home, alerting the homeowner, who walked into the room to encounter shattered glass. The homeowner alerted her son, who grabbed his .45 ACP pistol and went outside to confront an approaching Stokes, who had gone to his car to collect a hammer.

Stokes then ran back to the car he was driving, and attempted to run over the armed son in his escape, prompting the son to fire several times in self-defense.

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Kremlin's Obama Tweet Puts His Poodle Up Against Putin's Leopard 

A top member of Russian's Kremlin taunted Obama with a tweet on Thursday, comparing his masculinity to that of President Vladimir Putin.

The Telegraph (UK) called the tweet, issued by deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin, "a strange display of one upmanship" amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has prompted the U.S. and international community to impose heavy economic sanctions on Russia's energy, weapons, and finance industries.

Captioned "We have different values and allies," the tweet juxtaposes a picture of Putin holding a leopard, and Obama holding a small white dog.

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Police K-9 Bites LAPD Officer As Cops Frantically Look For Shotgun Lost By Motorcycle Unit

 The LAPD motorcycle in question was supposed to look like this...

An LAPD K-9 has been suspended after attacking an LAPD officer that was part of a frantic search for a LAPD motorcycle officer’s missing a loaded tactical shotgun.
A search for an officer’s loaded shotgun turned up empty Thursday night nearly 12 hours after the weapon fell off a police motorcycle in South Los Angeles.
The search temporarily shut down streets near W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near South Normandie Avenue in South LA, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.
An officer noticed his loaded shotgun had fallen out of its motorcycle holster, prompting dozens of officers to scour the area in search of the weapon.
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How Can God Permit Such Villains to Wander Over the Country?

English-born Captain Henry W. Feilden was appointed assistant adjutant general by President Jefferson Davis in early 1863 and assigned to General P.G.T. Beauregard’s staff at Charleston. After the fall of Savannah and South Carolina threatened with invasion in early 1865, he departed the city with General William J. Hardee’s forces bound for North Carolina and described the chaos in letters to his wife. 
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

How Can God Permit Such Villains to Wander Over the Country?

“Henry W. Feilden to Mrs. Julia Feilden, c/o J.K. Sass
Charleston, S.C., February 14, 1865
 “ . . . I am afraid the enemy are moving rapidly on Columbia.  Things are culminating here, rapidly, to a crisis, and our exit from here cannot be long delayed. I expect we are going to see hard times.  I hope you, and all in Greenville, will be mercifully preserved.” 

Florence, S.C., February 28, 1865
 “We evacuated Charleston on Saturday morning the 18th.  I have just seen a gentleman from [Columbia].  He tells me that Columbia is burnt to the ground and that it is an awful scene of desolation, the population starving.  Sherman then moved to Camden burning a large portion of that town.  His army is now moving on Cheraw. Genl Hardee and our army are there.
I am distressed of course at the amount of misery that I see around me. I am staggered when I think how God can permit such villains as these Yankees to wander over the country, burn our cities and turn out our women and children to perish of starvation. I hope and pray the day of retribution may come.  

I hear the Yankees have stripped the inhabitants of everything even to their dresses.  I do not know how much more we have to endure but as far as I am concerned I am a stronger Southern man at this moment that I ever was before, and I shall not give in till the very last moment.” 

Camp near Fayetteville, N.C., March 12, 1865
 “ . . . [W]e have been running from Sherman ever since we left Charleston and will continue to do so until we can join with Bragg & Beauregard then I suppose we can turn and give fight.  We were driven out of Cheraw on the third by the enemy. We had a little skirmish there as were burning the bridge behind us.  Ned Parker had his mare killed under him there; 6 shots put through her.
The day before yesterday [General Wade] Hampton (who is with us) surprised Kilpatrick and captured his camp taking over 450 prisoners, releasing 150 of our men and damaging the enemy considerably. Our troops are in good spirits and will make a good fight at the first opportunity we have of confronting the enemy.

I do hope the Yankees will not come to Greenville. All the reports I have from the rear of Sherman’s army agree in saying that he leaves a howling wilderness behind him.  Every horse & mule and all [live]stock and particle of food are taken and the house robbed of everything, frequently burnt down. I can only hope that [P]rovidence will vouchsafe to us a victory over him & that we may run him from here to the sea coast.  I should like to see that day.” 

(A Confederate Englishman, the Civil War Letters of Henry Wemyss Feilden, W. Eric Emerson and Karen Stokes, editors, USC Press, 2013, pp. 104-108)

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Illegals Tell Filmmakers: We Were Told To Vote Democrat, Or Be Deported

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Photo credit: Michael Fleshman (Flickr)

A pair of documentary filmmakers have reportedly been working on a project detailing the struggle illegals face in coming to the U.S., as well as the impact this constant flow of intruders is having on American citizens.

In researching the new documentary, Luke and Jo Anne Livingston say they have spoken to numerous illegals to gain a firsthand perspective of the ongoing border crisis. Jo Anne recently shared some of the disturbing insights resulting from these conversations with her Facebook community.

She said the couple, along with numerous other conservative advocates and anti-amnesty legislators, have spent time at the source of the influx along the Texas-Mexico border.

“Luke spent 8 days on the border,” she wrote. “We talked to a doctor about the diseases coming in unchecked by by any medical personnel.”

Livingston asserted that she actually read proposed legislation that would strip judges from issuing any penalties to illegals who refuse to show up for immigration hearings.

“The judge can only set another hearing and another hearing and another hearing,” she wrote, “into infinity.”

"When we say our enemies are out to wipe every trace of the Confederacy from the face of the earth, this is what we mean...

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The banning of "Colonel Reb" was just the tip of the iceberg at the University soon to be "formerly known as Ole' Miss".  Chancellor Jones announced a new program today, that, among other things, will rename "Confederate Avenue" and place plaques at the Confederate monuments and markers on campus, (or what he calls "racially divisive sites") in order to "add modern context to their symbolism."

The name "Ole Miss" will be gradually phased out, as apparently “Some faculty are uncomfortable with (the term “Ole Miss”) — either because they see it as a nickname or because they believe it has racial overtones", says Jones.

Please note that Ed Ayers, with whom Waite Rawls (of the museum formerly known as the Museum of the Confederacy) has worked closely over the last several years, and Christie Coleman, who runs the American Civil War Center at Tredegar, to whom Rawls sold out our museum, were named among those influential in helping Chancellor Jones to construct this program to eradicate our history and dishonor our Veterans.

Mr. Rawls remains a member in good standing of the Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans... while our Confederate treasures, so lovingly donated and collected "in eternal memory" of our Confederate ancestors, are now subject to the same revisionist "modern interpretation" that is already found at Tredegar, and is soon to be nailed to our Confederate monuments and markers on the campus of "The University of Mississippi".

“It is my hope that the steps outlined here – reflecting the hard work of university committees and our consultants – will prove valuable in making us a stronger and healthier university, bringing us closer to our goal of being a warm and welcoming place for every person every day, regardless of race, religious preference, country of origin, ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or gender expression.”, says Jones.

Apparently,  that warm welcome extends to everyone...except those of Confederate ancestry.

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