Friday, August 1, 2014

Kremlin's Obama Tweet Puts His Poodle Up Against Putin's Leopard 

A top member of Russian's Kremlin taunted Obama with a tweet on Thursday, comparing his masculinity to that of President Vladimir Putin.

The Telegraph (UK) called the tweet, issued by deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin, "a strange display of one upmanship" amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has prompted the U.S. and international community to impose heavy economic sanctions on Russia's energy, weapons, and finance industries.

Captioned "We have different values and allies," the tweet juxtaposes a picture of Putin holding a leopard, and Obama holding a small white dog.

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  1. This one picture says it all. WTF! A poodle! Real men do NOT own poodles. Period. Would Lee or Patton have even considered one of those? Not a chance

  2. I think this is a Portuguese Water Dog, but Badger's point is still taken - it LOOKS like a poofy poodle - and Barry knows some good eating when he sees it ;)