Sunday, June 6, 2021

R.H. Arizona

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COVID-19 vaccine

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WATCH: PRESIDENT Trump’s Full Speech From North Carolina – June 5, 2021

Repost: "Capt. Julius Dusenberg raises the Confederate Navy Jack over Shuri Castle on Okinawa after its capture by A Company, Red Battalion of the 5th Marine Regiment on May 29, 1945"

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Defense launched after veterans memorial called 'wretched … dumpster fire': Privately funded, privately owned site now targeted by activists

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A privately funded and privately owned veterans memorial is being called a "wretched … dumpster fire" and targeted with a lawsuit because it references Jesus Christ.

It was done for an Eagle Scout project, and he spent two years planning, raising private funds, and creating the site.

It sits in the town's cemetery, where the family purchased the burial plots on which it sits.

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