Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Paris Commune: A Blueprint for Western Cultural Collapse

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Dalai Lama Says Muslim And African Refugees Should Leave Europe And Return Home

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In a recent BBC interview, the 83-year-old Dalai Lama discussed his views on Muslim and African refugees in Europe.

He believes that refugees should eventually return to their homeland and “keep Europe for Europeans.”

The Dalai Lama made similar comments about refugees last year during an interview with The Sun.

Ex-CIA Agent: Those Who Planned Coup Against Trump Are About To Be Indicted

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Elder Patriot’s Opinion| In order to begin understanding what you are living through, consider the un-American platform that Democrats have coalesced around – environmental Marxism, refusing to protect the nation’s borders, confiscatory tax rates, the establishment of a police state, refusing to properly fund our military, and the demonization of the nation’s founding American demographic (white Christians).

Only after that consideration can you put the severity of their attempted coup against Donald Trump into proper perspective.  Only then can you understand that the enemy within is more dangerous than any foreign power could ever be.

VNAF A-1 Skyraider

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‘New American’ from Nigeria Arrested in Murder of Utah Coed

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 Ajayi arrest
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 He burned her body in the back yard.

I was running errands today when I heard the news on the radio that a “Salt Lake City man” had been arrested in the murder of missing college student 23-year-old University of Utah senior MacKenzie Lueck.

As soon as I heard his name—Ayoola Ajayi—-I knew they were talking about another new American criminal from Africa.

San Francisco School Board to Destroy Historic Mural of George Washington

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The San Francisco School Board voted Tuesday to destroy a historic fresco of George Washington that includes images of slaves and a dead Native American.

On March 20, 1939 the Nazis set fire to thousands of paintings and sculptures in Berlin. Countless prints and watercolors and drawings deemed to be “degenerate were destroyed in the courtyard of the city’s fire department.

The heinous atrocities committed against artists on that day have been lost in the mists of time, overshadowed by the unspeakable book burnings of May 10, 1933.

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New Jersey school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students” to Islam

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What are the chances they will give equal time to the Hebrew Talmud or the Catholics' Baltimore Catechism ?


Like being black, or a woman, or being gay, Muslims enjoy "special privileges" not available to others.

There used to be "double standards," but now we have quadruple or even quintuple standards.  Throw in gay' and it becomes "Sex"tuple standards.  So much for the notion of individual equality promised in the Constitution and embodied in the 14th Amendment to it. We are entering a new era in the USA where ethnic traits and identity politics are evolving to create new winners and new losers into a created melange of inequalities and revised injustice .  We've gone backwards - we already have the 1960's in the reversed rear-view mirror, heading toward the 1910's.  In this societal flux, you are now a winner or loser based on characteristics over which you often have no control.  Which are you?

As for me, I want it all, so I have decided that I no longer want to be a straight white male - I've decided, from this day forward, I'm a disabled, gay, black woman who speaks Spanish and adheres to the Quran - so I can reap all the benefits that powerful combination of "identities" confers.

So it's time for me to put on my wig, apply my 'bronzer,' find a nice dress, hop into my wheel chair (with the rainbow flag) and start reading the Quran as someone pushes me to the nearest KFC.

Have a REAL nice day......


Comment on Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—

Comment on Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—

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"......will leo shoot us? YOU BET YOUR ASS! "

as a nearby resident and former leo i can state that the whole damn day was a setup and an exercise in propaganda with Fields as the patsy, and he fell right into it. first, you don't box in demonstrators, especially two or more opposite factions. you give them exit routes, separate exit routes and leo stands between them. you also don't tell your troops to stand down and let the groups pummel each other, unless you WANT something like this to happen. you don't plaster the world with the "victim's" angelic teenage photo which was far far from the current reality of who she was. you also don't lie continuously about the circumstances/direct cause of her death. you don't hide video that would mitigate or even exonerate an accused. you don't intimidate good lawyers into dropping the case. 

you don't "investigate" any group that puts funding for the accused defense on the table. you don't charge every white guy in attendance while rewarding every person of color in spite of video showing them assaulting people. my biggest issue though is that the leo's and their leadership went along with, when OUR moment of truth comes, will leo shoot us? YOU BET YOUR ASS! as a former leo and vet, i find this fact the most disheartening of all. save the Republic? its already gone....

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