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Elementary School: Want Lunch? Put Your Hand On the Palm Reader

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More garbage from MSN and the the $PLC

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Oh, no racism is running rampant. What shall we ever do........?

US Army battling racists within its ranks

Leaders instructed to look out for tattoos of lightning bolts, skulls, swastikas, other extremist symbols

They call it "rahowa" — short for racial holy war — and they are preparing for it by joining the ranks of the world's fiercest fighting machine, the U.S. military.

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and skinhead groups encourage followers to enlist in the Army and Marine Corps to acquire the skills to overthrow what some call the ZOG — the Zionist Occupation Government. Get in, get trained and get out to brace for the coming race war.

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Anti-Obama movie beats Batman, Bourne

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Surging popularity in the anti-Obama movie "2016: Obama's America" has dramatically boosted the number of theaters showing it, making the film the second biggest money-maker per-theater behind the the "Expendables 2," the nation's No. 1 flick.

Having opened last month in just a single Texas theater and facing complaints from the president's supporters, the "2016: Obama's America" was shown in 169 theaters last weekend is slated to be in 800 this weekend, producers tell Secrets.

Just as shocking: Over the weekend it earned $7,391 per theater, topping huge hits like "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Bourne Legacy," and "The Campaign." Last weekend, it earned $1,249,000, a 293 percent one-week surge. "Expendables 2" earned $8,670 per theater, tops in the country. What's more: It was the 13th overall money maker last week, following a movie that was showing in over 1,100 theaters.

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Author Advocates Letting ‘Mouth-breathing, Racist’ South Secede

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KA, my fraternity

Bourbon, REL IV & Hell Week


Liberals really should decide how they feel about the idea of southern states seceding from the union. The MSNBC crowd suddenly wraps itself in Old Glory and rediscovers the meaning of “treason” at the mention of it.

Others, like travel writer Chuck Thompson, wish they’d go. He honestly believes Southern conservatives are standing in the way of progress and solely responsible for political gridlock. The only ‘logical’ way of dealing with it in his mind is secession. Only then can the Northern states have the utopian society they’re apparently on the verge of attaining.

Despite being known for more of a tongue-in-cheek style, he couldn’t have been any more serious. So serious in fact, that he wrote a book called “Better Off without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession”. He promoted it in a recent radio interview with AlterNet’s Joshua Holland.

“We didn’t let the South go when we had the chance. We would have avoided a lot of problems,” Thompson said. “We – meaning this group in the north as we might identify ourselves – could take the country we want into a direction that we think is befitting of America without this push and pull that comes from the Southern states.”

The problem, he said, is that “dim-witted, mouth-breathing, racist rednecks” represent enormous “voting quorums” in the South. Apparently, they get that way by being Christian. Evangelical Christians who literally interpret the Bible and adhere to its principles are “lunatics” somehow. “In the South, it’s different, because there is no such thing as compromise,” he said. “If its God’s law that is driving you … then you simply can’t compromise, and that’s where I think a lot of the dysfunction of our political process comes into play.”

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To the extent that a Muslim internalizes the precepts of Islam, he ceases to be open to Western concepts of freedom, justice, and tolerance for human diversity and variety. He resolutely resists all such notions, for Islam condemns them all explicitly. If you embrace them, he finds fault in you, and the more devout he is, the more serious the fault.
Francis Porretto at bastionofliberty.blogspot.com

Arab Spring crucifixions in Egypt - Ibrahim said extra brutality is reserved for Christians, but the crucifixions are because of Islamic doctrine, and are required by the Quran... "Crucifixion is a hadd punishment, stipulated in the Quran, Sura 5:33, and therefore an obligatory part of Shariah," Lopez said... Lopez includes a warning for Egypt's Christians and compares the coming treatment of the Christians to the Jews in Germany.
Michael Carl at wnd.com

Reality check. Koran Sura 5:33 about treatment of non-Moslems - The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.

Reality check, Islam as a religion of peace - Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!
Ayatollah Khomeini

Starting this fall, all Detroit Public Schools students in grades K-12 will receive breakfast, lunch and snacks at no charge ... sending all students through the lunch line without having to pay will make it harder to identify low-income students and they will be less likely to skip meals.

BCK, 4717 Woodward, made an arrangement with the school district to give away a free pair of black leather Nikes to every student who comes to class on Oct. 3, the day when students are counted and their numbers used as the basis for per-pupil funding from the state and federal government.
Christy Strawser at detroit.cbslocal.com

The feds have asked a judge to strike from the public record the most "scandalous" details of a bombshell sexual-discrimination lawsuit against Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security that refer to oral sex and an odd bathroom prank.
Geoff Earle at nypost.com

It's estimated that more than 2,000 upper-income Californians are leaving per week to flee high taxes and costly regulations, yet California wants to raise taxes even higher; its business climate already ranks near the bottom of most surveys.
Victor Hanson at townhall.com

Over the last few days I have heard the same radio commercial three times, trying to raise awareness about hunger and poverty. A little girl's voice says that when she goes downstairs and looks in the refrigerator, she does not see any food. I too aspire to eliminate hunger from the world, but if our poor have electricity, refrigerators, and two-story houses, we must be doing something right.
Warren Meyer at coyoteblog.com

Detroit Has No Horses But Pays $56K for Horseshoer — Union Boss Says It‘s ’Not Possible’ to Eliminate Positions

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No Horses But Detroit Pays Horseshoer More Than $56,000 in Salary and Benefits

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) pays a “horseshoer” $29,245 in salary and roughly $27,000 in benefits. There’s only one problem — Detroit has no horses for the horseshoer to shoe.

Some critics argue that the department has been turned into some sort of a government jobs program. Meanwhile, the local union president says it is “not possible” to eliminate positions, the Michigan Capitol Confidential reports.

The horseshoer’s job description, which was last updated in 1967 (Lyndon B. Johnson was president), is “to shoe horses and to do general blacksmith work… and to preform related work as required,” according to the department’s website.

With a large amount of debt, DWSD has struggled with rising water prices and inefficient services. They use roughly twice the number of employees per gallon as comparable cities like Chicago.

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Urban Danger - the film - Just Released!

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Danger is stalking the city.

Like it or not, its a fact ... life in urban areas is about to radically change due to developments most people are not aware of. Find out what the issues are and what YOU can do to not only survive but also thrive.
Far from a "survivalist" film, Urban Danger takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. You will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead. And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what "real living" is all about.


Survivalist congressman is ready for doomsday

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) is one of the the country premiere proponents of preparedness against doom.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) is one of the the country premiere proponents of preparedness against doom.

Deep in the West Virginia woods, in a small cabin powered by the sun and the wind, a bespectacled, white-haired man is giving a video tour of his basement, describing techniques for the long-term preservation of food in case of "an emergency. "

"We don't really think of those today, because it's so convenient to go to the supermarket," he cautions. "But you know, you're planning because the supermarket may not always be there."

The electrical grid could fail tomorrow, he frequently warns. Food would disappear from the shelves. Water would no longer flow from the pipes. Money might become worthless. People could turn on each other, and millions would die.

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SCV logo
James Malachi McDonald

(SAVANNAH - August 21, 2012) On Saturday, August 18, 2012, in the south Georgia town of Terryville, what may be the last surviving "real" son of a Confederate veteran from Georgia passed away. John Charles McDonald, 76 years old at the time of his passing, was the son of James Malachi McDonald (1847-1941) of the 4th Georgia Cavalry during the late War for Southern Independence.

As did so many Southern boys late in the War, James McDonald joined the Confederate army at the young age of 13 years old and served alongside his brothers in the 4th Georgia Cavalry until he was mustered out of the service at the end of the War in 1865 at the ripe old age of 16. Upon returning home from the service, James married and settled down in Montgomery County, Georgia. The last son born to this Confederate veteran was John Charles McDonald, born in 1936 during the Great Depression. John was just a small boy when his father passed away.

John McDonald was the owner of John McDonald Farms and was very well-known for his cultivation and promotion of the Vidalia onion in south Georgia. His passing on Saturday marks the end of an era in Georgia history - an era when children of the actual veterans who fought so gallantly to defend Georgia against the innumerable masses of Yankee invaders still lived to tell the stories of our fathers who now lie in hallowed graves throughout Georgia and beyond.

At the request of the McDonald family, a Confederate funeral ceremony conducted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans will be held for Mr. John Charles McDonald at the Sammons Funeral Home in Soperton, Georgia at 11:00 am on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans join the family of John Charles McDonald in mourning his passing but also in commemorating the honourable heritage left by his generation and that of his parents. The Sons of Confederate Veterans was formed in 1896 by "real" sons of the veterans, themselves, for the purpose of perpetuating their stories, their memories, and the truth about the Cause of liberty and freedom from federal tyranny for which they lived, fought, and died. With the passing of Georgia's last "real" son, the SCV in Georgia has committed to redoubling its effort to promote the true history of the South and her sons who fought to defend Georgia.

Interviews and more information may be obtained by contacting the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans online at www.GeorgiaSCV.org or by calling 1-866-SCV-IN-GA.

Shocker: Gun laws fail to pass in California

SB 249 is dead. And that’s great news for Second Amendment advocates in the state of California.

The bill, introduced by State Senator Leland Yee, sought to make California’s gun control laws more restrictive by prohibiting semi-automatic firearms with “easily changeable magazines.”

California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. The state heavily regulates the sale, transfer, possession, and use of firearms.

In a July 20 statement (“Colorado Massacre Reaffirms Calls to Close Assault Weapon Loophole in California”), Sen. Yee cited the Aurora, Colorado shooting as justification for why the state legislature should pass SB 249, as amended:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families. These events are shocking to all of us and sadly remind us of the carnage that is possible when assault weapons get into the wrong hands. It is imperative that we take every step possible to eliminate the types of senseless killings witnessed in Aurora, Colorado. We must limit access to weapons that can carry massive rounds of bullets or that can be easily reloaded. SB 249 is a step in that direction and should be approved by the Legislature as soon as possible.”

The legislative branch of the National Rifle Association stated that the bill would force the owners of “hundreds of thousands of semi-automatic rifles, which were legally sold in California over the last decade,” to hand over their firearms to law enforcement.

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Newsweek's Obama Slam Could Be Turning Point

Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. —
The financial crisis a few weeks before the last presidential election was enough to push Barack Obama over the top. This week’s Newsweek cover slamming President Obama could have almost as much impact.

“Hit the Road, Barack — Why We Need a New President” the cover says. “Obama’s Gotta Go” the article inside says.

Journalists are not idiots. They recognize that Obama, as the Newsweek cover story documents, has been a failure. But they are also lemmings who will not depart from their traditional support of Democrats unless given permission by their peers. The cover story in Newsweek, one of the most liberal-leaning publications in the country, does just that.

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Printable Gun

Here's an interesting, yet inevitable combination:

  • Community funding (Crowdfunding) via Indigogo or Kickstarter


  • Disruption. To gather info or build things that will disrupt (postively or negatively dependending on your viewpoint) the social landscape.

Here's an example of a tech team that's is trying to raise money (the link to the funding site) to design the first open source plastic weapon that can be printed using accessible technology and materials.

Here's a couple of "reporters" / "freedom fighters" looking for funding to go to Syria (they participated in Libya and one of the guys spent 6 months in a Libyan prison).


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Greater Metropolitan Downtown Rome City Center, 306-337 AD

Model by Italo Gismondi, 1:240 scale. Built 1933 through 1971. Photo: ssqq.com

Rome, 509 BC. Two and a half centuries of monarchy ended in revolutionary war. A commission of distinguished citizens formalized a constitutionart-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only.gifestablishing the Republic and the rule of law. It lasted almost five hundred years. In 27 BC the era of empire began, which also lasted about five hundred years. The early emperors made a show of deference to the Senate, some promised a return to constitutional government, but the empire sank ever deeper into tyranny and dissolution until it collapsed utterly in the fifth century AD and the Dark Ages began.

Thomas Cole summed it up in the most dramatic way possible with his series of five paintings called The Course of Empireart-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only.gif. The Republic, perhaps the finest hour of ancient times, is represented not at all, he takes us directly from Arcadia to Empire. Like Holmes's dog that didn't bark, it may be Cole's strongest statement.

The notion of progression from kingdom to republic, to empire and collapse was well in place by Cole's time, in fact, it was the accepted reading of history long before the Constitutional Convention. Consider Franklin's statement, 'you have a Republic, if you can keep it.' In our time the notion has taken on the urgency of impending inevitability, perhaps because Sovereign movements, the Austrian School and the like can hardly rise Phoenix-like until there are ashes to rise from, or perhaps because Julius Caeser didn't precipitate a civil war by crossing the Rubicon with a gaggle of rebels in tow, he crossed it in good order with a regular field army. The parallels to our own "repurposed" commands and the ongoing militarization of the DHS are ominous.

Just as Medieval Christianity was fond of using the ruins of Rome as evidence of its own spiritual and historical imperative—although zero maintenance and constant earthquakes are at least equally convincing—so too are we told the collapse is about to happen, is happening or has happened because of this or that imperative.

Alas, there is no good news. It's true, collapse is upon us, although the imperatives currently on auction are being bid up past the point of farce. Strip away the ancient narrative, recount only our own history since we overthrew King George's rule and only the deficient or devious could fail to reconstruct it from that source alone. Nor are the utopians-in-waiting entirely without merit, historians suggest the former empire's standard of living went up markedly after its disintegration. The reason is easy to find. As Myers said of popular assemblies in the era of empire,

"Since the free, or practically free, distribution of corn [old sense, meaning cereal crops] and the public shows were drawing to the capital from all quarters crowds of the poor, the idle, and the vicious, these assemblies were rapidly becoming simply mobs controlled by noisy demagogues and unscrupulous military leaders aiming at the supreme power in the state."
Ancient History, Philip Myers, Ginn & Co., 1902, pg. 452

At present we think of cities in this way, Detroit and DC and Atlanta are standout examples, but as we lurch from emergency to emergency, each cycle worse than the last, states, then regions and then nations will be subsumed in the same accelerating cascade. Our former republic is so fundamentally and openly compromised, so hostile to the minimums of the alleged social contract, so distant from its legitimate charter, so venal and corrupt that DC can't acknowledge itself for the lawless enterprise it is without precipitating a crisis on that ground alone. This is the one indigestible contradiction preventing effective action. Illegitimacy's every act is, necessarily, illegitimate.

What lies on the other side of the collapse can't yet be said, perhaps a patchwork of warlord territories and Oneida Communities and patriot redoubts. Or constitutional government could be reestablished. Or perhaps it's to be long-term martial law, or simultaneous civil wars and military occupation by UN peacekeepers. Such possibilities are equally likely and unlikely while the dice are in the air. The least likely proposition is nothing bad will happen because "this time it's different."

As a people we can say our intentions were honorable, and they were. We can say the dark visions of the doomers aren't inevitable, and they aren't. We can say all this and more but it never has been different, and it isn't different now.