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Trump: "We Are Going To Punch Through The Media"

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Real Clear Politics is not a right wing site, but boy, check the comments.

Donald Trump hits the media, particularly CNN, 'the Clinton News Network,' at a campaign rally in Harrisburg, Penn. Monday night.

"We have a media that is so dishonest," Trump said. "These are among the most dishonest people you will ever, ever meet."

"We are going to punch through the media," he said. "We have to."

Trump tonight:

TRUMP: These are among the most dishonest people you will ever, ever meet. These people -- you know, I've had days where I have said, 'Boy, this was a great day. I'll look forward to seeing it tonight or tomorrow and it's brutal.' And I say, 'What happened?'

‘No, the Constitution Does Not Bar Religious Tests in Immigration Law’

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Properly vetting would-be immigrants’ religious beliefs is not only legal — it would be wise and prudent. Of all the ignorant pronouncements in the 2016 presidential campaign, the dumbest may be that the Constitution forbids a “religious test” in the vetting of immigrants. Monotonously repeated in political speeches and talking-head blather, this claim is heedless of the Islamic doctrinal roots on which foreign-born Islamists and the jihadists they breed base their anti-Americanism. It is also dead wrong. 
The clause said to be the source of this drivel is found in Article VI. As you’ll no doubt be shocked to learn, it has utterly nothing to do with immigration. The clause states, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States” (emphasis added). On its face, the provision is not only inapplicable to immigrants at large, let alone aliens who would like to be immigrants; it does not even apply to the general public. It is strictly limited to public officials — specifically to their fitness to serve in government positions.

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The Khan Con

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Editor's Note: Due to the importance of the information in protecting President Elect Donald Trump from Clinton Khan jihad, this will be another stand alone post.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Hillary Clinton and her cheering hordes have decided to tie herself to Khizr Khan, a Muslim who treats his wife at the DNC like a dog in not allowing her to speak, and over a decade later in 3rd world barbarism to use your dead son as a  political whore for Hillary Clinton, as Khan disgracefully used the Constitution as an IED to terrorize Donald Trump, it is time to further examine the Clinton Khan "story" which has troubling holes in it.

The fact is we do not know what really took place in Iraq in the death of Capt. Kahn, except from the Americans who survived there. We have a fiction from Khizr Khan about his son in the New York Times, and then there is the reality.

Khan in the Times gives this fiction as Capt. Khan did not care about politics and only his unit:

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Go! Go! Go!: July poll: Nehlen is beating Ryan in the Wisconsin open Primary in 2 weeks: Video

Businessman Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Rep. Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin GOP primary, nationalizes the race to throw out the Republican House Speaker, saying under a Trump administration: “Paul Ryan will be nothing but a problem: He will thwart President Trump at every opportunity.

Nehlen slams Ryan for his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, amnesty for illegal immigrants and “jail-break” criminal justice reforms in this interview with ‘Fox Business Network’ host Lou Dobbs.

“August 9,” the date of the GOP primary, “will be Wisconsin’s Independence Day,” Nehlen said, echoing the successful Brexit slogan.


The Conventions Are Over, Let The Dirty Tricks Begin.

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It's been said before and I'll say it again. In order to win, especially against the Clinton machine, Trump will have to secure enough votes to overcome the margin of fraud. 

Now that the conventions are over, the Clintons focus of dirty tricks has shifted from the hapless Bernie Sanders to the Trump campaign. The first round appears to be to recruit fire marshals in Democrat enclaves to limit the number of individuals allowed into Trump rallies regardless of the size or capacity of the venue. This is of course an attempt to create the optics that Trump's popularity is waining. That this has happened in more than one venue and that the mayor in one of the location had campaigned with Hillary just the day before is substantial evidence of an existing conspiracy.

If Trump's people are smart, and I'm sure they are, they will be preparing two sets of legal documents. The first being FOIA requests for emails and phone logs connecting these local officials and Clinton operatives. The second would be preliminary preparations for law suits to be presented by his advance teams to at least bring this one despicable practice to an end. No doubt there will be more.

An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan

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US Defense Watch

Dear Mr. Khan:

I, like millions of Americans saw your speech at the DNC on Thursday night.

I wish to offer my sympathy for the death of your son, Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq.

As a former US Army officer, and a veteran of the Gulf War, I can certainly understand the pain and anguish that you and your wife endure every day.

Your son died saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. As Jesus told his disciples according to the Gospel of John, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Captain Khan is a hero. I am sure the soldiers he served with regard him as one. I know you and your wife do. Rest assured that millions of veterans regard your son as a hero as well.

To paraphrase from the Book of Ecclesiasticus, your son’s name liveth for evermore.

Your son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, a country that was new to you and your family and one which you openly embraced and certainly love.

When you and your family arrived to America from Pakistan, you assimilated into our country. You adopted American ways, learned our history and apparently you even acquired a pocket Constitution along the way. Good for you sir.

But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.

How archaeologists found the lost medieval megacity of Angkor (Angkor Wat )

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My Brother Henry and Wife Jessica

Mother was enthralled by it after Jackie Kennedy visited  and spoke highly of the area.  She wanted to go, but never made it.  My friend Bill and I visited Cambodia for the first time in 1969 and had planned on going after Phnom Penh, but were having such a good time, we decided to wait  until the next time, but unfortunately the Khmer Dau (Rouge) took the area over after the Lon Nol coup.  I did bring back a temple rubbing for Mother and now have it displayed at  Dixieland.

The Tuol Sleng Museum, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I Have Committed The Mistake Of Believing In Americans 

Kerry And His Mystical Khmer Dau (Rouge)


The ornate, pinecone-shaped towers of Angkor Wat in Cambodia float above a vast temple complex of shrines, pools, houses, and a perfectly square moat. Today, only a small number of monks remain within the temple walls. The remaining structures have been reclaimed by trees whose roots wind around the stone like cellulose tentacles. Archaeologists have long wondered what life was like here when Angkor was the cosmopolitan heart of the Khmer Empire in the 12th and 13th centuries. Why did so many people abandon this place in the 15th century, never to return?

Unlike a majority of archaeological endeavors, the answers didn't come from digging up the ground. Instead, our first glimpse of Angkor as it once was came just a few years ago from a sophisticated laser scanning machine mounted on a helicopter.

Invisible city

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Welfare is the new work

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Chart to accompany Moore article of Aug. 1, 2016

The welfare state of mind has spiraled out of control in America


Two recent news stories highlight how pernicious the welfare state has become in America today.

The first was an announcement by the feds that food stamps can be used to have groceries delivered right to a recipient’s door. Service with a smile. The Obama administration says it is too much of a hardship for those on welfare to actually travel to the grocery store. What’s next? Cooking the meal for them? If only the DMV would do home deliveries for drivers licenses.

The second story was about the hullabaloo over a proposal by Maine governor Paul LePage to prohibit food stamp recipients from using their food aid to purchase junk foods like sugary soft drinks and candy bars. He says that the state has an obesity problem and he will “implement reform unilaterally or cease Maine’s administration of the food stamp program altogether.” The Obama administration rejected his request and the left activists act as if the idea that a welfare recipient can’t buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at taxpayer expense is a violation of civil liberties.

Trump blasts ANOTHER fire marshal for 'political' interference after thousands are left outside his rally despite massive empty spaces inside

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FURIOUS: Donald Trump blasted a fire marshal in Columbus, Ohio on Monday after his crowd size was limited 'purely for political reasons'

Donald Trump renewed his complaints on Monday about fire marshals limiting the size of his rally crowds, telling reporters in Columbus, Ohio that thousands of fans were kept out of the city's convention center 'purely for political reasons.'

'We've had thousands of people outside. Thousands,' Trump told pool reporters as he entered the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

'They were turned away by – for political reasons – purely for political reasons.'

Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together

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Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia—and to international Islamist investors through his own law firm. In addition to those ties to the wealthy Islamist nation, Khan also has ties to controversial immigration programs that wealthy foreigners can use to essentially buy their way into the United States—and has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative through the Clinton Foundation.

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Comment on Racially Incorrect Facts on Slavery: African Slave Traders

Comment by DK on Racially Incorrect Facts on Slavery: African Slave Traders

 The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

"At this time America the continent was split between 4 colonial powers, Spain, Dutch French and English. The 13 English colonies only had indentured British Isles subjects (slavery itself being illegal in England) and transported 'criminals' therefore every last 'slave' was white up until long past the war of independence. In French and Dutch areas black slavery was rife and the Dutch were known for particular brutality because Americans and English complain about what they used to see.

When those states belonging to the Netherlands, France and eventually Spain were brought into the Union, their laws, practices and population (along with their black slaves) came in with them during which time slavery being an industry, corporations, churches and individuals had invested in plantation ownership in the Southern United states importing slaves from the Spanish colonies and an entire class of patrician slaves owners who were English Catholics originating from English Civil war exiles who migrated into the Southern states from Caribbean Islands - an actual flood in 1830 their plantations in British territories were under Abolition and they had oodles of slush money from the British taxpayer as compensation, so they started again with news slaves in the Colonies with every intention of never having their influence and wealth endangered again.

At this point you should notice several things.

a) The majority of the slaves in the English Colonies were white, Irish/Scott West Country English and the majority of Americans are therefore descended from these slaves.

b) Ownership of a Slave for life was considered illegal in all the original states, you were permitted an indentured servant for a period of time(Contract employee) or a state could use criminals for hard labour both practices still exist.

c) The majority of the practice of black slavery was imported into the colonies from French, Dutch and Spanish

d ) The English Corporation slave plantations were equal opportunity and did not care about your colour, just your price.

e) The white people descended from the British Isles in the United States of America have take the blame for Old Aristocracy's greed, corporate investment trusts, European banks, Church funds from the likes of the Quakers who all run and owned plantations. Yet the majority of white people in the Americas originated from freed white slaves."

Texas shale oil has fought Saudi Arabia to a standstill: Pre-tax production costs $2.25 a barrel.

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Orion Drilling Co's Perseus rig in Webb County, Texas


Opec's worst fears are coming true. Twenty months after Saudi Arabia took the fateful decision to flood world markets with oil, it has still failed to break the back of the US shale industry.

The Saudi-led Gulf states have certainly succeeded in killing off a string of global mega-projects in deep waters. Investment in upstream exploration from 2014 to 2020 will be $1.8 trillion less than previously assumed, according to consultants IHS. But this is a bitter victory at best.

North America's hydraulic frackers are cutting costs so fast that most can now produce at prices far below levels needed to fund the Saudi welfare state and its military machine, or to cover Opec budget deficits.

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Pope Francis defends Muslims and blasts 'Islam is NOT terrorism'

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 Pope Francis

Speaking aboard the plane taking him back to Rome after a five-day trip to Poland, he said: “I think it 
is not right to identify Islam with terrorism.

“It is not right and it is not true.”

Francis was responding to a question about the killing on July 26 of an 85-year-old Roman Catholic priest by knife-wielding attackers who burst into a church service in western France, forced the priest to his knees and slit his throat. 

The attack was claimed by ISIS.

He said: “I think that in nearly all religions there is always a small fundamentalist group."
He then added: “We have them,” referring to Catholicism.

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Tommy Robinson: The 'Religion of Peace'

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Wall Street Is With Her

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Allen B. West: I have a PERSONAL message for the Muslim father whose son was killed in Iraq

Everyone’s talking about the speech delivered by Mr. Khizr Khan, accompanied by his wife Ghazala at the DNC that focused on the loss of his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayan Khan.

It appears things have devolved into such a level of immaturity relating to the speech that I believe there’s a need for a clear analysis of Mr. Khan’s address, and what he should have presented.

First, let me offer my condolences to the Khan family for their sacrifice, as they are now an American Gold Star Family. Their son and I share an unbreakable bond. We both served our nation and, along with three other generations in my family, took the oath to support and defend our Constitution and served in combat zones.

Yes sir, Mr. Khan, I’ve read our Constitution and firmly recognize the preeminent responsibility of our federal government is to “provide for the common defense.” I also comprehend the relationship between the three branches of government…you know separation of powers, checks and balances, coequal branches of government.

I would offer a simple recommendation to Mr. Khan. Perhaps you should have asked President Barack Obama if he had read the Constitution — undoubtedly you would agree we have witnessed a few unconstitutional actions from him.

And while you were at it, Mr. Khan, perhaps you could have asked Hillary Clinton about handling classified information — since I’m quite sure your son, Captain Khan, had at a minimum a secret clearance.

I don’t think your son would have been able to, well, have his “careless” mishandling of classified materials and information simply excused. Perhaps Mr. Khan, you could have addressed the necessity for high standards of honor, integrity, and character in a commander in chief.

Also, I found it interesting Mr. Khan, that you and your wife, an American Gold Star family, would take the stage to support a sitting president and one desiring to be president, who had abandoned Americans in a combat zone and lied about it.

'Neo-McCarthyite’: Princeton’s Top Dog On Russia Calls Clinton Out For Trump ‘Smears’

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Image result for trump

The U.S. and Russia are engaged in a ‘new Cold War’ and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, in conjunction with much of the U.S. media, are actively misinterpreting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s view on the escalating situation, according to one of America’s top experts on Russia.

“That reckless branding of Trump as a Russian agent, most of it is coming from the Clinton
campaign,” said Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at NYU and Princeton, on CNN’s Smerconish Saturday.

Trump Basher Khizr Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship

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The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq who is caught up in a war of words with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is an immigration lawyer who specializes in a highly controversial program accused of letting immigrants buy their way into the U.S. Khizr M. Khan's website notes that he works to help clients with the E-2 and EB-5 programs that let overseas investors buy into U.S. companies and also provides green cards for family members.

It also said that he helps in the purchase of U.S. real estate and businesses. The website lists his ability to practice in New York, though it gives a Washington phone number for the lawyer who lives in Virginia. A man who answered the phone said the website was correct, though he would not identify himself.

"The E-2 and EB-5 are two of the most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a relatively modest investment," said Jessica Vaughan, the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Marine Vet directly addresses Khizr Khan

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Image for the news result

Dear Mr. Khan,

I want to preface this letter by stating that I respect your son’s sacrifice for this great nation.  By all accounts, he is a true hero that sacrificed himself in service to our country. For that I am thankful.

As a veteran, I watched your comments at the Democratic National Convention with a mixture of sadness, and anger.  The United States has a military comprised of volunteers.  Every single member has made the conscious choice to join the military and serve.  There is not a single service member who has been forced into service.  It is important for all service members (and apparently, their families) to understand that service to this great nation does not imbue one with special privileges or rights.  I found your comments troubling when you said: “Have you ever been to Arlington cemetery?

Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has sacrificed “…nothing and no one?”…has Ms. Clinton “..sacrificed” for this nation?  How about Mr. Obama?   Your comment stating that Mr. Trump “…has sacrifice no one” is alarming.  Are you intimating that YOU sacrificed?  Sir, your son willingly sacrificed himself.   As a father I cannot imagine the pain you must feel but his sacrifice is his own. 

He was not forced to serve.

Khizr Khan was tricked? into smearing Donald Trump

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Khizr Khan is a fine American and the father of a true American patriot. But now he is also everything that is wrong with American politics today.

It is not entirely his fault, though he has only himself to blame for allowing his dead son to be used for the most hideous of purposes and dragged through the gutter of nasty and dishonest partisan politics.

Khan and his wife took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last week to deliver an impassioned rebuke of Donald J.Trump that was universally celebrated by the media.

Even Republican politicos swooned at the gambit. The Clinton campaign trotted out the Muslim couple because their son, Captain Humayun Khan, was killed by a car bomb in 2004 while guarding a base in Iraq.

“If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America,” said Khan, sliding easily into the political tradition of lying and distorting the position of one’s opponent.

“Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims,” he went on. “He disrespects other minorities, women, judges, even his own party leadership. He vows to build walls and ban us from this country.”

Despite all efforts by the media to distort Trump’s position about “banning” Muslims, he has made perfectly clear time and again that he does not want to ban all Muslims. He wants to simply perform thorough and complete background checks on all immigrants coming from countries presently in the grips of violent Islamic terrorism.

More with video @ The Hill

2 Month Notice: 10th NC PATCON September 28 - October 3rd 2016



2 Month Notice: 10th NC PATCON September 28 - October 3rd 2016

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Y'all come, ya' hear. :)

Mel Bradford and the Defense of Southern Conservatism

 mel bradford

This past May 8 would have been the late Melvin E. Bradford’s 80th birthday. That the anniversary passed without much, if any, commentary is not surprising, given the intellectual tenor now prevalent in American society. Bradford–Mel, to his friends–was an incredible and fluent scholar, extremely well versed in the literature of the American South. He was a superb historian of the founding of the United States and arguably the dean, along with Clyde Wilson, of a group of brilliant Southern intellectuals who refused to accept the increasing veil of political correctness that strangles discussion and stifles legitimate investigation into the complex history of the South.

As a professor at the University of Dallas for many years, Bradford established a national reputation for his excellence in teaching. Several of his books remain testaments to his erudition and intellect, including: