Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump blasts ANOTHER fire marshal for 'political' interference after thousands are left outside his rally despite massive empty spaces inside

Via Billy

FURIOUS: Donald Trump blasted a fire marshal in Columbus, Ohio on Monday after his crowd size was limited 'purely for political reasons'

Donald Trump renewed his complaints on Monday about fire marshals limiting the size of his rally crowds, telling reporters in Columbus, Ohio that thousands of fans were kept out of the city's convention center 'purely for political reasons.'

'We've had thousands of people outside. Thousands,' Trump told pool reporters as he entered the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

'They were turned away by – for political reasons – purely for political reasons.'



    1. Thanks.

  2. On local radio yesterday, it was thought it was because the mayor is a dumocrat as is most of the local government. Many unhappy people calling the local talk radio also while the rally was still in progress.