Monday, August 1, 2016

The Khan Con

Via comment by Sioux on An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan

Editor's Note: Due to the importance of the information in protecting President Elect Donald Trump from Clinton Khan jihad, this will be another stand alone post.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Hillary Clinton and her cheering hordes have decided to tie herself to Khizr Khan, a Muslim who treats his wife at the DNC like a dog in not allowing her to speak, and over a decade later in 3rd world barbarism to use your dead son as a  political whore for Hillary Clinton, as Khan disgracefully used the Constitution as an IED to terrorize Donald Trump, it is time to further examine the Clinton Khan "story" which has troubling holes in it.

The fact is we do not know what really took place in Iraq in the death of Capt. Kahn, except from the Americans who survived there. We have a fiction from Khizr Khan about his son in the New York Times, and then there is the reality.

Khan in the Times gives this fiction as Capt. Khan did not care about politics and only his unit:

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  1. Hi Brock,
    He's a Muzzy, Lefty, Democrat!!! What in HE2xl did ya' expect????
    The left is running scared now with the prospect that they are on the way out......
    Got Gunz.......OUTLAW!!!

  2. That is something I have a hard time understanding. The deceased son CHOSE to join the military to fight radical Islam. He was killed in action doing so. So why is the father angry at Trump ? Trump is pushing the notion that stopping Radical Islam from coming to our shores and committing acts here, as occurs in Europe and others.

    Trump (to me) lost an opportunity to point this out. Instead of attacking the father, he should have instead said that his son gave his life to protect the U.S. and that the mother should rest easy in that her son's death meant something to him.

    Its all political farce. This is to distract from fact that the Dems are ignoring the danger and bring potential terrorists to U.S. shores.

    1. The only thing I saw that Trump said was he would like to know what the mother thought, so unless there was more, it was blown all out of proportion by the press.