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James Brown & The Famous Flames, live on the T.A.M.I show 1964 + For Mother: James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti - It's a Man's World

Who's responsible for the Joe Biden Taliban billboard over I-83 in York County?

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"Justice for J6" Defendants Rally: Officers Surround Man Reportedly Armed With Weapon, Find His Badge


Capitol Police officers detained a suspicious man at the “Justice for J6” rally at the nation’s capital on Saturday, and after conducting a brief search they found what looked like to be a badge of some sort.

The incident was captured on video by documentarian Ford Fischer.

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Video: Mother Reads Sexually Explicit School Book to Board Members: ‘We Sucked Each Other’s D***s’


A concerned mother brought a school book to her school board to address the sexual harassment and vulgar language that is being

This specific book references 10-year old fourth-graders engaging in homosexual actions and using language like “his little salamander between my fourth-grade fingers rapidly engorging with blood”.


It also used the word “f*ck” 44 times and “sh*t” 41 times before page 66, according to the mom.

Here’s a partial transcript:

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Rumble Rants is Live with Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald and More

Texas Law Enforcement Storm Border With Scores Of Vehicles, Secure Area After Biden Failed

 The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area.

They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers.

The National Guard is working with them to secure the border.

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 Law enforcement officials with the state of Texas appear to have taken control of the situation in Del Rio, Texas, after the Biden administration repeatedly failed to stop tens of thousands of migrants from illegally entering the United States.

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Biden Brown Shirt Stalks Maskless Woman While She Shops, Calls Her a ‘Bad American’

Can you imagine this person as a concentration camp guard/executioner, seeing people imprisoned or even executed for the “good of society”?  I sure can.  What did I say here?

Comment on Our Confederate Ancestors: A Year with Forrest, by...

 Jeffery in Alabama

 Our Confederate Ancestors: A Year with Forrest, by...

This is a very good short synopsis illustrating the genius of Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. The early actions described in this story took place not far from where I live (Courtland, Mt. Hope, Moulton, Days Gap, etc.). The story deals with  NBF's  pursuit of Col. Abel Streight across north Alabama and into GA and how Forrest captured a force over three times the size of his. I had heard stories of how Erwin Rommel and a contingency of German officers toured every one of these battlefields where Forrest fought prior to WW2. I later discovered while reading a  biography of Rommel that he himself was not present, but a group of officers from the German War College did in fact visit every one of these battle sites. I am sure "The Wizard of the Saddle" had no idea his tactics would go on to lay the foundations of a new type of mechanical warfare that would come to be known as "Blitzkreig".

Keith Kellogg: 'Gen. Milley forgot the Constitution'

Beauvoir, The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library: "The sun came up and the rain stopped."

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