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President Trump: When will 'haters and fools' realize a good relationship with Russia 'not a bad thing'?

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Trump met with Putin during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vietnam where the pair had

President Trump touted that his relationship with Russia President Vladimir Putin could help "solve" the North Korea "crisis" as well as dangers coming from other countries, a feat he says his his predecessor failed to accomplish.

"When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. They are always playing politics - bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help," Trump tweeted from Vietnam, Sunday morning local time, after saying that he had just had a successful meeting with Putin.

Steve Forbes: Republicans ‘betrayed’ Trump on tax plan

 Watch: Steve Forbes destroys the GOP tax plan — and explains how Republicans ‘betrayed’ Trump

Economist Steve Forbes bashed the Republican tax plan in an interview on Fox Business Friday, while explaining how it was a “betrayal” of President Donald Trump.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Fox Business host Trish Regan that despite differences in tax reform bills in the House and Senate, everyone was “on the same page” and called the differences “minor.” Forbes, however, didn’t buy that, and went on to slam the reform effort.

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Celebrating the Confederate citizen soldier on Veterans Day: The Abbeville Institute

Ace of Aces

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Erich Hartmann amassed a remarkable tally of 352 aerial victories during World War II.
Erich Hartmann amassed a remarkable tally of 352 aerial victories during World War II.

By May 8, 1945, Adolf Hitler had been dead for more than a week. Germany was in the act of formally surrendering to the Soviets and the Western Allies, so occupying Red Army troops in the eastern German town of Brunn were not expecting to witness what may have been World War II’s last dogfight over Europe.

They were watching entranced as a Red Air Force pilot entertained them with a one-plane air show. He expertly put his Yakovlev Yak-9 single-engine fighter through a series of intricate rolls, climbs, dives, and stalls while the infantrymen below applauded. Suddenly, a lone German Messerschmitt Me-109 dove on the unsuspecting Russian, riddling his Yak with machine-gun bullets and 20mm cannon shells and sending it spinning toward the German countryside. As the stunned soldiers gathered around the oily bonfire that seconds earlier had been a lethal flying machine, the Luftwaffe pilot banked westward toward his final landing. Erich Hartmann, aerial warfare’s supreme ace, had just scored his last kill—number 352.

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 Excerpt: Erich Hartmann

Prisoner of war

After his capture, the U.S. Army handed Hartmann, his pilots, and ground crew over to the Soviet Union on 14 May, where he was imprisoned in accordance with the Yalta Agreements, which stated that airmen and soldiers fighting Soviet forces had to surrender directly to them. Hartmann and his unit were led by the Americans to a large open-air compound to await the transfer. The number of prisoners grew to 50,000. Living conditions deteriorated, and some American guards turned a blind eye to escapes. In some cases they assisted by providing food and maps.[49]

Hartmann embarked on a prisoner train eastward. Travelling via Vienna, Budapest, across the Carpathian Mountains into Ukraine, Kiev, Moscow and finally Kirov.[50] Initially, the Soviets tried to convince Hartmann to cooperate with them. He was asked to spy on fellow officers and become a stukatch, or "stool pigeon". He refused and was given 10 days' solitary confinement in a four-by-nine-by-six-foot chamber. He slept on a concrete floor and was given only bread and water. On another occasion, the Soviets threatened to kidnap and murder his wife (the death of his son was kept from Hartmann). During similar interrogations about his knowledge of the Me 262, Hartmann was struck by a Soviet officer using a cane, prompting Hartmann to slam his chair down on the head of the assailant, knocking him out. Expecting to be shot, he was transferred back to the small bunker.[51]
Hartmann, not ashamed of his war service, opted to go on a hunger strike and starve rather than fold to "Soviet will", as he called it.[52] The Soviets allowed the hunger strike to go on for four days before force-feeding him. More subtle efforts by the Soviet authorities to convert Hartmann to communism also failed. He was offered a post in the East German Air Force, which he refused:
If, after I am home in the West, you make me a normal contract offer, a business deal such as people sign every day all over the world, and I like your offer, then I will come back and work with you in accordance with the contract. But if you try to put me to work under coercion of any kind, then I will resist to my dying gasp.[51]

War crimes charges


During his captivity Hartmann was first arrested on 24 December 1949, and three days later, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.[53] In June 1951 he was sentenced as an alleged member of an anti-Soviet group.[53]

After continuous failed attempts by the Soviets to break him, Hartmann was charged with war crimes, specifically the "deliberate shooting of 780 Soviet civilians" in the village of Briansk, attacking a "bread factory" on 23 May 1943, and destroying 345 "expensive" Soviet aircraft.[54] He refused to confess to these charges and conducted his own defence, which the presiding judge denounced as a "waste of time".[54]

Sentenced to 25 years of hard labor, Hartmann refused to work. He was eventually put into solitary confinement, which enraged his fellow prisoners. They began a revolt, overpowered the guards, and freed him. Hartmann made a complaint to the Kommandant's office, asking for a representative from Moscow and an international inspection, as well as a tribunal, to acquit him of his unlawful conviction. This was refused, and he was transferred to a camp in Novocherkassk, where he spent five more months in solitary confinement. Eventually, Hartmann was granted a tribunal, but it upheld his original sentence. He was subsequently sent to another camp, this time at Diaterka in the Ural Mountains.[55]

California economy a measly 37th, behind Michigan and Ohio

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California likes to boast that its booming economy is the sixth largest in the world – as calculated by its own state government.  In contrast, rust belt states like Michigan and Ohio are seen as pathetic economic has-beens by the self-congratulating liberal elite.

Not so fast, says Carson Bruno in Real Clear Markets.  Adjust for cost of living, which is 36% higher than the national average, and California comes out behind Mexico:

[U]sing the cost of living adjusted data from the International Monetary Fund and adjusting California's GDP data provides a better snapshot of California's economic standing in the world. Doing so shows that California is actually the 12th largest economy – a drop of 6 spots – and actually puts the state below Mexico.

NC: Harnett school board unanimous in support for storing rifles inside schools


School resource officers in Harnett County schools will have access to long guns on campus after a unanimous vote by the school board Thursday night.

 The board voted to build gun safes, at an estimated total cost of $2,500, for the 10 middle and high schools where resource officers are stationed. The safes would be bolted to the wall and floor with fingerprint access only for the authorized officers, Sheriff Wayne Coats said.

Coats said he pitched the idea to the school board after the recent string of mass casualty events.

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Bill Clinton's looming reckoning as a sexual predator

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So far, there has not been much holding of Bill Clinton to account by progressives, despite the change in zeitgeist for sexual predation by the powerful.  Never mind that it's fashionable on the left today to hold the founders of our country to present-day standards.

But the inevitable is happening.  At first, a few progressives start mentally applying the post-Weinstein ethic to Bill Clinton.  In the process, they eventually have to reflect on their own past and regret their support for him throughout Kenneth Starr's revelations, impeachment, and beyond.  That will take a long time. 

But if they don't publicly reflect, I am sure their friends on the feminist left and the entire right will be happy to dig up whatever the politicians and pundits said at the time about private matters being off limits.  It's only sex!

Lincoln Chafee: 'Clinton people' need to 'look in the mirror', Russians didn't impact election outcome

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Briefly a Democratic presidential candidate himself, Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee condemned the

Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee urged the members of Hillary Clinton's failed 2016 campaign to "look in the mirror" after neglecting to own up to its faults over the past year.

Briefly a Democratic presidential candidate himself, Chafee condemned the "Clinton people" for blaming other people for Clinton's election loss to President Trump.

"It's been a year since the election and the Clinton people just haven't looked in the mirror over the course of this year," Chafee said on Fox News in an interview Saturday morning. "They've been blaming the Russians and everybody else, blaming Sen. Sanders. They've got to look in the mirror and say how could we, as a Clinton campaign, lose to a seemingly unelectable man?"

He added: "They're blaming everybody in sight."

Chafee opined that Russian interference in the election had little to do with its outcome.

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Leigh Corfman Facebook page

Deborah Wesson Gibson: a Democrat  volunteer for Roy Moore’s Democrat  opponent Doug Jones and sign language interpreter for Joe Biden.

Leigh Corfman: allegedly has a history of making false allegations, charged with misdemeanors and had issues with IRS . Below are the following:
Roy Moore’s main accuser Leigh Corfman has had three divorces and major financial problems. Filed for bankruptcy three times, once in 1991 with $139,689 in unpaid claims. She has had multiple issues with the IRS and has been charged with multiple misdemeanors as well. Hmm….
People in AL are posting on ‘s FB page that this “brave” woman – Leigh Corfman, has claimed several pastors at various churches have made sexual advances toward her.
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The First American Slave Ship at Marblehead

It can be rightly said that the Northern States by 1860 were “former slave States,” rather than all free labor. The Southern States were by then partly slave States, as most of its residents were free labor. Had the North not incited and waged war upon the South during its earlier phase of manumission and emancipation, the latter might have ended the relic of British colonialism peacefully.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

The First American Slave Ship at Marblehead

“Slavery was . . . historically speaking, a very recent period, as much a Northern institution as it was a Southern one; it existed in full vigor in all the original thirteen colonies, and while it existed it was quite as rigorous a system in the North as at the South.

Every law which formed it code at the South had its counterpart in the North, and with less reason; for while there were at the South not less than 600,000 slaves – Virginia having, by the census of 1790, 293,427 – there were at the North, by the census of 1790, less than 42,000.

Regulations not wholly compatible with absolute freedom of will are necessary concomitants of any system of slavery, especially where the slaves are in large numbers; and it should move the hearts of our brethren at the North to greater patience with us that they, too, are not “without sin.”

Massachusetts has the honor of being the first community in America to legalize the slave trade and slavery by legislative act; the first to send out a slave-ship, and the first to secure a fugitive slave law.

Slavery having been planted on this continent (not by the South, as has been reiterated until it is the generally received doctrine, but by a Dutch ship, which in 1619 landed a cargo of “twenty neggers” in a famished condition at Jamestown) it shortly took general root, and after a time began to flourish.

Indeed, it flourished here and elsewhere, so than in 1636, only seventeen years later, a ship, the Desire, was built and fitted out at Marblehead as a slaver, and thus became the first American slave ship but by no means the last.

The fugitive slave law . . . had its prototype in the Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England (19th May 1643), in which Massachusetts was he ruling colony.”

(The Negro: The Southerners Problem, Thomas Nelson Page, C. Scribner’s Sons, 1904, excerpt, pp. 222-224)

Derinkuyu, Kurdish Underground City | Ancient Man-made Underground Civilization

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Daily Driven Hellcat with a baby seat into the 9's :) Better than a Demon?!

Why white Zimbabwean farmer, Ben Freeth, returned to his farm eight years after it was destroyed by pro-Mugabe forces

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The Freeth House in December 2000

Stripped of their land and forced to watch their house torched, Kent-born Ben Freeth  and his family have seen first-hand the violence and unpredictability of Zimbabwe’s authoritarian regime. Yet after beatings, torture and court battles, he still has hope for the hundreds of thousands of farmers and farmworkers who have lost their livelihoods to  Robert Mugabe. 


There is just birdsong now, birdsong and the sound of the breeze rustling the long, dry grass that surrounds Ben Freeth’s ruined home. ‘It’s a little haven of peace,’ the British-born farmer remarks wryly as he surveys the remains of the house that he and his wife, Laura, built with their own hands, of local materials, on the fertile plain of central Zimbabwe in 1997.

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General store owner unleashes a hail of gunfire on three would-be robbers who try to hold him up

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In the video he can be seen rising from behind the counter with his gun in his hands before quickly firing several shots at the men

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a convenience store owner whips out his gun from behind the counter and starts shooting at a group of armed robbers.

The footage shows three men with hoods over their heads enter Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana, one with a gun outstretched in his hands.

The would-be robbers appear to threaten the man behind the counter, the store's owner Frank Issa. 

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Four charged with murders of two 16-year-old girls in Kentucky

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The shooting happened around 9 p.m. in the parking lot of Washington Street Apartments on Washington Street. 

One neighbor says she heard at least four gunshots, then saw a couple of people run from the area.
Police say one victim died at the scene and the other died at a hospital.

The Clark County coroner identified the victims as Kayla Holland, 16, and Adrianna Castro, 16.
Police charged Mikaela Buford, 18, Denzel Hill, 24, and Darian Skinner, 22, with complicity to murder.

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