Saturday, November 11, 2017

General store owner unleashes a hail of gunfire on three would-be robbers who try to hold him up

Via Nancy

In the video he can be seen rising from behind the counter with his gun in his hands before quickly firing several shots at the men

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a convenience store owner whips out his gun from behind the counter and starts shooting at a group of armed robbers.

The footage shows three men with hoods over their heads enter Lee Rays General Store in Wardville, Louisiana, one with a gun outstretched in his hands.

The would-be robbers appear to threaten the man behind the counter, the store's owner Frank Issa. 

More with video @ Daily Mail


  1. I watched the video through several times, and it looks to me like the punk tried to rob the store with an unloaded single action. He cocked and dropped the hammer at least 2-3 times. Bringing an unloaded gun to a gunfight is almost as bad as bringing a knife.

  2. The juvenile sent home to parents! WTF? Why wasn't he
    at least sent to a juvenile facility and incarcerated.
    Armed robbery use to be a very serious offense. Change the
    age of a juvenile to ten yrs. old.

    1. That jumped out at me also. Makes no sense at all.