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92% of Saudi’s believe that “IS(IS) conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law” – Survey

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The Sakina Campaign plans to carry out a scientific survey to determine the position of the Saudi public on the “caliphate” announced by the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. This comes after the results of an opinion poll of Saudis were released on social networking sites, claiming that 92% of the target group believes that “IS conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law.” Observers believe that in the current period, it is most important to “focus on the roots of extremism and to address and fight it.”

The Saudi Sakina campaign plans to conduct a survey to determine the extent to which the Saudi public sympathizes with the Islamic State and its recent declaration of a caliphate.

Author Abdullah al-Duhailan, Rahma Thiab, Shaden al-Hayek
July 22, 2014, Al-Hayat
Translator(s) Tyler Huffman
Original Article اقرا المقال الأصلي باللغة العربية 

Meanwhile, Saudi families refused to hold mourning gatherings for their sons who were killed in troubled places outside of the kingdom. The “confusion” that was sparked by IS’ recent expansion saw the proliferation of websites selling shirts carrying slogans that called for jihad and glorified IS. Advisory Committee member Sheikh Abdullah al-Suwailem refused to classify those affiliated with terrorist groups as “criminals,” claiming that pressure had led them to join these groups in the absence of guidance.

Some of the families of those killed fighting outside of Saudi Arabia expressed their “joy,” refusing to show grief over the deaths of their sons.

Photo gallery @ link above: ISIS shared pictures of their execution of members for breaking their pledge to the Khilafa in Syria, and the execution of  soldiers of the Iraqi army fighting against  ISIS. [photo credits: Islamic State, twitter]

1967 Chevrolet Camaro, 427/450 HP: The First Camaro Delivered to Yenko Chevrolet

Collector Gary Holub has owned over 45 different Yenko supercars, so when he caught wind of this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS coupe originally sold from Yenko Chevrolet, he examined the accompanying documentation, which confirmed two very important facts: it was built on the first day of production, and it was delivered to Yenko Chevrolet on September 1, 1966 to become the first Camaro ever listed in Yenko Chevrolet’s inventory records.

Records show that it was listed on the General Motors Acceptance Corporation statement as invoice number BN00197, its first Date of Note being September 27, 1966. A later GMAC statement shows it was paid for on November 5, 1967. According to Yenko archivist Warren Dernoshek, those documents confirm that the car remained at Yenko for approximately one year, prompting the obvious question: why? Some believe that this 1967 Camaro, likely built in the 23rd hour of the first day of production, was used to develop the Yenko Super Camaro conversion.

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Civil War (Sic) Reenactments -- Pathways Between Generation

The introduction to this 1999 Chronicles Magazine article states: “Civil War reenactments are more popular today than at any time in the 135 years since “the late unpleasantness” came to an end. Recent news stories, however, have been less than favorable to reenactors.” Some fifteen years later, the reenactments and the Sesquicentennial observances of this war continue unabated.  Writer and director of the motion picture “Gettysburg,” Ronald F. Maxwell, explained this phenomenon to the 14,000 spectators at Gettysburg in 1999.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Civil War Reenactments -- Pathways Between Generation

“I’ve been going to reenactments for more than 20 years, so I’ve had a chance to observe this phenomenon up close. In a time of all-encompassing and oppressive political correctness, when the ruling elites and their media acolytes control most of the information we get and tell us what to think, what opinions to hold, what to buy and what to wear, even when and where to go to war . . . there are some, the audacious and irascible few, who persist in thinking for themselves.

Just who are reenactors? The mainstream media has described them a weekend warriors, Civil War fanatics, even misfits, who should, as they say, “get a life.” What they really mean to say is “get their life,” fit into their worldview – the New World Order.

In their worldview, which now dominates the academy as well as the media, all the old heroes are to be discarded. Thomas Jefferson, we are told with sanctimonious relish, was a seriously flawed person who may have fathered offspring by one of his domestic slaves. Lee and his generals were part of the same corrupt bondage system. 

For these crimes, the generation of 1776 and their grandsons of the 1860’s must be hollowed of their humanity and gutted of their greatness, brought down and reduce to the paltry, squalid place inhabited by more than a few present-day politicians and so-called leaders. Then, discredited, they are to be diminished and eventually deleted from our history books, except perhaps as footnotes to the revisionist history of America.

Why this attack on these two generations in particular? Could it be that these same elites want to stop us from looking up to men who questioned authority and fought for liberty? Who did so brilliantly and courageously? If they are to succeed in their goal of transforming citizens into consumers, to reduce us from those who would defend liberty to those whose only concern is for celebrity and fashion, they must teach us to avert our gaze from the likes of Washington and Jefferson, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.

What I admire most about reenactors is that they refuse to forget. They are not weekend warriors, for that implies frivolity and a lack of conviction. They are a living embodiment of an American spirit that is still alive and well despite pervasive and well-financed efforts to belittle, ridicule, marginalize, and neutralize it. They are warriors, as in Lee’s great series of victories, seven days a week.
There are still those among us who cherish the sacred memory of our ancestors, who value the traditions tested by the generations, whose lives vibrate yet in the distant chords of memory. These reenactments, entertaining as they are, fun as they are, are pathways between the generations, connecting old antagonists with new witnesses in an atmosphere of conciliation, compassion and understanding. 

Take from us our media, our universities; take from us our libraries and our books; take our newspapers and our textbooks – take it all. With malice towards none and charity for all, we are here today and will never forget. We here today will long remember.”  Ronald F. Maxwell

(Civil War Reenactments, Ronald F. Maxwell, Chronicles Magazine, October 1999, page 6)

The facts and the fiction in 'When the Game Stands Tall'

Game Stands Tall- Fr. Mark Interviews Bob Ladouceur & Terry Eidson

Any time Hollywood makes a movie based on a real life story, it’s going to take creative license.

People closely associated with the De La Salle High football program say you need to see “When the Game Stands Tall” twice if you know the program well.

For those familiar with the Spartans’ story, the first viewing will be spent looking for all the inaccuracies between what really happened at the end of De La Salle’s historic 151-game winning streak and what the Hollywood film depicts.

The second time you can enjoy the movie

More on Welfare Than Full-Time-Employed


As a result of Obamacare Medicaid expansion coupled with means-tested Obamacare assistance, I estimate welfare rolls expanded from 35.4% of the population in 2012 to  about 40% in 2014.

Let's go through the math to see how I make that estimate.

The latest welfare statistics are from year-end 2012. Those figures show 35.4 Percent: 109,631,000 on Welfare.

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Cobra bites, kills chef after head cut off

A chef preparing a meal of cobra flesh has died after the snake bit him some 20 minutes after the reptile’s head had been cut off.

The bizarre incident took place in Foshan, Guangdong province, in southern China, as chef Peng Fan was preparing a rare delicacy with an Indochinese spitting cobra.

When the cook went to toss the serpent’s severed head into the trash, the snake bit him, injecting him with its neurotoxic venom.

Local police say Peng died at the hospital before he could be given life-saving antivenin.

Chinese media quoted diners at Feng’s restaurant who suspected there was a problem when they heard screams emanate from the kitchen.

“We were in the restaurant having a meal for my wife’s birthday when suddenly there was a lot of commotion,” recounted restaurant guest Lin Sun, 44, who was dining with his wife Su at the time.

“We did not know what was happening but could hear screams coming from the kitchen.

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Jesse Jackson Cornered by Angry Ferguson Protesters: ‘When You Going to Stop Selling Us Out?’

Mike Brown’s Alleged History of Armed Robbery and Assault Exposed

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As the main stream media continues to put out the narrative that Michael Brown was nothing more than a “gentle giant,” as more and more facts come out, it seems their narrative is crumbling. As those that seek to defend the image that is Michael Brown, it seems that the facts just keep getting in the way as most recently his rap sheep was released detailing a history of armed robbery and assault.

The staff here at Mr. Conservative are dedicated to the facts and would like to warn that the facts (mainly the “rap sheet” – thus the “alleged”) offered within this article have the potential for being untrue.

US, UK eye rapper as British-born militant who beheaded journalist James Foley

American and British intelligence officials are eyeing a British-born rapper as the militant who beheaded journalist James Foley.

A senior Western intelligence official told Fox News that 23-year-old London rapper Abdel Majed Abdel Bary is the suspect believed to be Foley's executioner.

U.S. intelligence officials are not commenting publicly on the reports, but a well-placed source told Fox News that Bary's Egyptian-born father was extradited from London to the United States in 2012 for his alleged connection to Usama bin Laden and the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa.
Bary traveled to Syria last year to fight with  ISIS, the source said.

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"A surgeon with bullets"

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NC: Winning by Doing Right,204,203,200_.jpg

To: Claude Pope NCGOP Chairman, member RNC

Dr. Ada M. Fisher, NC member RNC

Rep. David Lewis, NC House, member RNC

cy: Carolyn Justus, Vice Chair NCGOP, former Rep. 117th District NCH

Winning by Doing Right

Advice to the Republican National Committee

Mike Scruggs

President Obama has instigated a massive increase in new illegal immigration across our Southern borders by promising an administrative amnesty for as many as 5 to 12 million unlawful immigrants now in the country. History teaches that illegal immigration increases sharply whenever a new amnesty is anticipated. In addition, amnesties beget more follow-up amnesties. The 1986 amnesty begat six more amnesties in the following 14 years. The 1986 amnesty was supposed to legalize a little more than one million formerly illegal immigrants. It turned out to be almost three million due to fraud, extreme leniency, and naïve initial estimates. The six amnesties that followed resulted in legalizing another three million illegal immigrants, bringing the total to six million. In addition, amnesties beget more illegal immigration. With low border and workplace enforcement, the six million amnesties given between 1986 and 2000 resulted in another 12 million illegal immigrants—some say as many as 20 million. A general rule of thumb estimated from the 1986 experience is that each individual amnesty results in approximately 2.5 new illegal immigrants within the next 10 to 20 years. Thus amnesties have a POWERFUL MULTIPLIER EFFECT generating new illegal immigration. Do the math. Legalizing 12 million unlawful immigrants would create an even bigger illegal immigrant problem, perhaps 30 million more unlawful immigrants. 

Legalizing unlawful immigrants does not bring in much additional tax revenue because most unlawful immigrants are poorly educated. They are in a low tax bracket and stay in a low tax bracket. The fiscal cost of amnestied immigrants actually goes up because they become legally eligible for more government benefits. A 2013 Heritage Foundation study found that the average illegal immigrant household received $14,387 per year more in government benefits and services than all taxes paid. Legalizing them gives them more benefits and runs the average annual tax deficit up to nearly $19,000 more per household. Cheap immigrant labor is not so cheap to taxpayers. Those who hire cheap illegal immigrant labor, however, make a handsome profit from low cost labor and are in effect receiving a prodigious and unwarranted taxpayer paid subsidy.  Besides this, many American workers are displaced, and the oversupply of cheap foreign labor depresses the income of American workers by about $2,800 per year.

The Schumer-Rubio bill, S.744, passed by the Senate, is even more outrageous in its evil impact on American workers. It calls for at least another 20 million legal immigrant workers over the next decade. This would be disastrous insult to American workers and their families. .

Republican establishment policies favoring amnesty and huge increases in legal immigrant workers send a message to American workers: Republicans may talk about growth, but they don't really seem to care about jobs or American workers. They are focusing on near-term profit for special interest donors.

There are two major groups that favor amnesty and a huge legal immigrant surge. First is the Democratic Party, which would gain millions of new voters who favor a welfare state by at least three to one. Cheap-labor special interests are the second. According to Harvard labor economist George Borjas, the users of cheap foreign labor profit $435 billion per year. This costs American workers about $400 billion per year. The profiteers and their powerful lobbying associations calling on Congress and state legislatures are providing immense political donations to those Federal and State legislators who promise to vote their way. Unfortunately, this includes many short-sighted Republicans. The irony is that amnesty is a poisoned chalice for the Republican Party, but their eyes seem closed to the political and economic consequences and ethical considerations of amnesty and open-border immigration policies.

For decades our de facto immigration policies have favored big business in scandalous disproportion to ordinary wage earners and small businesses. This is an enormous injustice that the Republican Party needs to correct rather than perpetuate. It hurts Americans of all races but is particularly devastating to blacks, who are being shoved out of jobs by an excessive oversupply of cheap foreign labor, both legal and illegal, and whose wages are being held down by an oversupply of cheaper foreign labor with devastating socio-economic effect. The second most damaged group by illegal and excessive legal immigration are legal Latino workers and citizens. But it is increasingly hurting the vast majority of American workers and taxpayers.

By taking a principled stand on immigration policy the Republican Party could regain the respect of American workers, who are now realizing how badly they have fared against big corporate donors and associations. There is also a real opportunity for the Republican Party to get a good share of black votes by standing AGAINST the massive amnesty and legal foreign worker surge proposed by U.S. Senate bill S.744.

The enormous outside funding that is pouring into the Republican primaries is a full-court press by the Republican establishment to pass amnesty and the huge legal foreign worker surge contained in the Senate Schumer-Rubio bill (S.744).

 The pro-amnesty folks never add up the real costs of illegal immigration and amnesty. Read the study by the Heritage Foundation--$6.3 TRILLION over 50 years. They just keep looking for the big donations from the U.S. Chamber and other cheap-labor lobbies. Republican establishment rationale is essentially half-baked Chamber of Commerce sales pitch. It is stupendously distorted, amazingly short-sighted, and appallingly bad economic analysis.

The Republican Party also needs to steer away from the scurrilous tactics and brazen dishonesty used by pro-amnesty political consultants and some candidates in several recent U.S. House and Senate primaries, most egregiously in the Mississippi and Tennessee Senate races.  Republicans need to carry a banner of truth that voters can trust, and their immigration policies must weigh heavily for the good of American workers and taxpayers.

The Republican Party's constituency is not the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its allied lobbies. It is every American who wants honest and principled government, freedom, and opportunity.

Fraud Confirmed – The Ficticious Unaccompanied Alien Children No Longer Need Housing

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jeh johnsonobama-luis-gutierrez-wh-photo-1-550x412

Not Only Don’t The Numbers Match, But The Actual Need Is Now Non-Existent

We began documenting two months ago the “border crisis” of unaccompanied alien children, UAC’s, was a pure ruse, a figment. Constructed simply to create the optics of crisis and support the demand for comprehensive immigration reform prior to the congressional recess.

Evidence continued to mount week after week as we followed the money flowing out of the DHS and HHS agencies to various left-wing social constructs who were profiting from the scheme. Panic and alarm sounded as $3.7 billion was demanded by Obama to cope with the non existent “border crisis” - couched more favorably as a “humanitarian crisis”.

Three weeks ago we shared the fact that well over 40,000 reported UAC’s were missing from this years record keeping.  The facts catching up with the ruse.

Well, the truth was/is they’re not technically missing because they never existed in the first place. DHS, which compiles the reports coming from the Border Patrol, and then gives the statistical summaries of the reports, had artifically inflated the apprehension numbers to support the White House narrative.

Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine

 munitions: National Guard Sgt. Larry J. Isbell fires at targets with his M4A1 carbine rifle. The Army is looking to phase out the longstanding weapon, but the potential suppliers to do so, as well as the competition results, remain shrouded in secrecy. (photo by spc. venessa hernandez)

A competing rifle outperformed the Army’s favored M4A1 carbine in key firings during a competition last year before the service abruptly called off the tests and stuck with its gun, according to a new confidential report. 

The report also says the Army changed the ammunition midstream to a round “tailored” for the M4A1 rifle. It quoted competing companies as saying the switch was unfair because they did not have enough time to fire the new ammo and redesign their rifles before the tests bega

Exactly how the eight challengers — and the M4 — performed in a shootout to replace the M4, a soldier’s most important personal defense, has been shrouded in secrecy.

More with video  @ Washington Times

How Gov. Nixon 'besmirched' the Missouri 15 Exclusive: Jack Cashill tells of president-wannabe's prosecution of domestic 'terrorists'

         Maybe we can resurrect Quantrill to take care of the problem:)

                                                             "The Call of Quantrill" 

                                    This song was reportably the favorite of Jesse James.

                                                                        1st Verse:

Up! comrades, up! The moon´s in the west, and the hounds of old Pennock will find out our nest.

We must be gone ere the dawning of day; the Quantrill they seek shall be far, far away.
Their toils after us shall ever be vain. Let them scout through the brush and scour the plain;
We´ll pass through their midst in the dead of the night. We are lions in combat and eagles in flight.

Rouse, my brave boys, up, up and away; press hard on the foe ere the dawning of day;
Look well to your steeds so gallant in chase. May they never give o´er till they win in the race.

                                                                       2nd Verse:

When old Pennock is weary and the chase given o´er, we´ll pass through their midst and bathe in their gore. We´ll come as a thunderbolt comes from the cloud; we´ll smite the oppressor and humble the proud. Few shall escape us and few shall be spared, for keen is our saber, in vengeance ´tis bared; For none are so strong, so mighty in fight, as the the warrior who battles for our Southern right.


Rouse, my brave boys, up, up and away; press hard on the foe ere the dawning of day;
Look well to your steeds so gallant in chase. May they never give o´er till they win in the race.

                                                                        3rd Verse:

Though the bush is our home, the green sod our bed, our drink from the river, and roots for our bread, We pine not for more; we bow not the head, for freedom is ever within the green wood.
Tyrants shan´t conquer and fetters shan´t bind, for true are our rifles; our steeds like the wind.
We´ll sheathe not the sword; we´ll draw not the rein, till Pennock is banished from valley and plain.

Rouse, my brave boys, up, up and away; press hard on the foe ere the dawning of day;
Look well to your steeds so gallant in chase. May they never give o´er till they win in the race.

The background midi sound file for "The Call of Quantrill" comes from "The Borderland Collection",

Copyrighted 1998, Scott K. Williams, All Rights Reserved. Price Camp SCV

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With one eye on the presidency – he’d settle for “vice” – Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made the rounds of the morning news shows this past Sunday to rationalize his mishandling of the freak show being staged in Ferguson.

As a would-be national candidate in an increasingly leftist party, Nixon has his critics. According to the Washington Post, some see him as “too moderate for the Democratic Party’s base.”
Again according to the Post, Nixon has had an “uneasy relationship with black voters.”

On Sunday, the ambitious governor used the platform provided by CBS’ “Face the Nation” to disprove his critics and to prove he can pander enough to represent the national party.

“I think it had an incendiary effect,” Nixon said of Michael Brown’s starring role in now famous convenience-store video. The Ferguson police, he argued, were “attempting to besmirch a victim of a shooting, shot down in his own street, a young man.”

Besmirch? There was a time in not so distant past when then-Attorney General Jay Nixon was not so squeamish about besmirching the state’s citizens. In fact, he went shockingly beyond the besmirching stage.

For Heather Johnson* and 14 other Missouri citizens, there is no forgetting and no forgiving. Allow me to explain.

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