Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Two Comments on A Red Wave? So What?


A Red Wave? So What?

BigCountry discusses the destruction of Dresden by allied bombing.
He suggests the Dresden area was a refugee center, a safe place for the 'displaced'.
Apparently, the allies waited until about 700,000 refugees joined the 500,000 residents...
...then turned the place to unlivable rubble.
The American propaganda machine claims ** only ** 21,000 civilian non-combatants perished.
Could their assessment be in error by a factor of 7,000% (seven thousand percent)?
My 'presentism' is offended by:
a -- the loss of life
b -- targeting non-combatant civilians and their civilization
c -- targeting a refugee zone
d-- timing the atrocities for the maximum deaths of refugees.
Again, I strongly recommend the book SUPERMOB by Russo.
Can you imagine everything you know is wrong.
Every. Single. Time.

Great text, and his follow up A RENEGADE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, put a spotlight on the legal syndicate among many other underhanded organizations.

Here’s Why No One Wants to Talk About Sweden

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When, the summer before last, the results of the first Covid wave began to be tallied in the media, there were different ways of measuring the devastation. One way of looking at the pandemic was to focus on how many people died — more than half a million around the world by the end of June. Another was to try assessing the complicated impacts of the various measures taken to combat the virus. When a lot of the functions in society were frozen, people struggled — especially the most vulnerable.

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Duke University Students Pray to ‘Great Queer One’ During Worship Service

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