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WV 1st WWII MOH Winner A Greenbrier Military School Graduate

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Black bears being seen more locally

 Red foxes have appeared once again around here also.

Have you ever driven down the road in Edgecombe County and had to take a second look, thinking you saw a black bear? If so, you were probably right and your eyes were not deceiving you.

There have been two black bears killed in the past month that were hit by vehicles on Highway 64. One happened around 7 p.m. Dec. 6 near the Kingsboro exit in the eastbound lane and the other was hit a month earlier near the Edgecombe, Martin County line on the highway.

Monday another bear was hit in Crisp near the intersection of Highway 258 and 124. That bear wasn't killed and ran into the woods.

The bear that was hit Friday weighed approximately 978 pounds, according to the elderly couple who hit the bear and was nearly seven feet tall.

GRNC Alert: NCWRC Calls For Posting Against Carry. Insists “Gun Buster” signs be posted during hunter education classes


Last week hunter education instructors across the state began receiving letters from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) informing them they must begin posting facilities where courses are held against lawful carry.

This posting will make it illegal for anyone to possess firearms on the premises, whether or not they are participating in the course. This creates logistic problems for many ranges that freely offer facilities for hunter education classes, as facilities are used by non-participating members for other purposes.

The mere appearance of such signs has become offensive to those who value Second Amendment rights and recognize that we are responsible for self-defense at all times, everywhere we go. NCWRC should have been more sensitive to these issues, and sought input before demanding the display of distasteful signage.

Apparently what precipitated NCWRC's sudden desire for posting was a hunter safety participant surprised by being asked to disarm during a course. NCWRC claims that it is only trying to enforce a 10 year-old policy, and that NRA has a similar “no loaded firearms” policy during training classes.

While it may be reasonable to enforce a “no loaded firearm/no ammunition” policy when conducting training with firearms that are carried defensively, forcing those with defensive handguns to disarm while inoperable shotguns and rifles are demonstrated doesn't pass the commonsense test.

If the goal is safety, forcing people to disarm and handle otherwise safely holstered handguns in parking lots seems to be exactly what should not be promoted, not to mention it unnecessarily creates defenselessness.

GRNC has valued a positive relationship with NCWRC in the past and we have worked together to pass pro-hunting legislation through the Assembly. The hunter safety education program is critically important, and until now is something that every North Carolinian could be proud of.

We don't want this essential educational program to be compromised by ill-advised enforcement of rules for the sake of enforcing rules that actually decrease safety of participants. Our advice to NCWRC is to ask instructors to remind attendees that if they are carrying defensive weapons to not handle them for any reason other than an emergency during the course. No operable firearms or ammunition will be handled during the course. If a sign is felt necessary, this language could replace the offensive and legally-binding “gun buster” sign originally provided.

For the hundreds of instructors and participants of the course across the state who understand how important the educational mission is, we cannot in good conscience advise you to comply with allowing yourselves to be disarmed, or to post your facilities against lawful carry.

Hopefully NCWRC will consider the problems associated with their posting policy, and appropriately revise it. Let's encourage them to do so. 

Experts Fear Nuclear Famine: “A Disaster So Massive in Scale that No Preparation is Possible”


At last count, there are eight countries in the world that have officially designed, developed and tested nuclear weapons. Another two (Israel and Iran) deny they have built or are building such weapons, but the probability that Israel has them and that Iran is building them is believed by members of the international community to be extremely high.

That being said, it’s only a matter of time before a madman at the helm in any of these ten nuclear-armed states decides to push the button. With the global economy in shambles, the world’s super powers mobilizing military assets, and hundreds of trillions of dollars in unservicable debt soon to be realized by the financial community, how long before history rhymes with previous large-scale events that culminated in the fall of the Roman empire or the World Wars that devastated tens of millions of lives in the 20th century?

War, it seems, is inevitable. Not just because of the many problems faced by mankind, but because of the nature of mankind itself.

Whether that war is a widespread nuclear conflict involving the world’s super powers, or a more limited event in the middle east involving Pakistan and India, according to a new report published by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, a nuclear engagement (even a limited one) would lead to widespread destruction across planet earth, with at least 2 billion people at risk of starvation or death.

The kicker? The effects will be so long-lasting, according to the author of the study, that there’s pretty much nothing we can do to survive it:

1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro 12,600 Original Miles

S168 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro  12,600 Original Miles Photo 2

- Three owners with history back to the early 1970s

- First owner sold the Camaro after just one year of ownership to a gentlemen who was looking for a new drag race vehicle

- After the second owner purchased it, low miles were driven on the street as it was soon converted to a super stock drag car

- The car retired from street use and was only trailered to the track where it would run a quarter mile with an elapsed time of 11.30 seconds at 125 MPH

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White House Damage Control: Obamacare Repeal Will 'Cost too Much'


Over the last several weeks the Obama White House has been executing a media blitz meant to sell Obamacare to the nation—again. As the final maneuver in that plan, the President is releasing several reports on how Obamacare will affect the states.

His message: repealing Obamacare will just be too expensive.

"These state reports mark the culmination of a multi-week effort by the White House and supporters of reform to bring a renewed refocus on each of these benefits and what the cost of repealing them would mean," a White House official told reporters at The Hill.

Obamacare supporters crafted these reports to foreground how repealing Obamacare will affect families in the various states.

However, it is a bit hard to understand how repealing the Affordable Care Act could cost more than the millions that is being inefficiently spent to enroll single applicants. Early in November, for instance, it was discovered that the five Obamacare enrollees for the District of Columbia cost the taxpayers a hefty $26.7 million each. Other states have seen similar waste, one source estimating that the cost for all enrollees nationwide had been $14,000 each.

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Administration faces backlash over new ObamaCare exemptions


The Obama administration, in an 11th-hour change, announced significant exemptions for people who recently lost their insurance coverage and are struggling to get a new plan -- drawing immediate criticism from the insurance industry and Republican lawmakers.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius confirmed the changes, which include letting those individuals skirt the law's individual mandate, in a letter to senators. She said she would allow people who got cancellations and could not find affordable new coverage to qualify for a "hardship exemption" in order to avoid a penalty next year for not having insurance.

Further, she announced that those individuals will be able to purchase bare-bones plans that until now were available only for people under 30.

The move, though, to allow potentially hundreds of thousands of people to sign up for "catastrophic" coverage plans was criticized by the insurance industry as a shift that would cause "tremendous instability.”

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Duck Hunt: NAACP Blasts Phil Robertson as 'Racist'



The left's shrill witch hunt to snuff out a culturally conservative television phenomenon marched on Thursday when the NAACP blasted "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson as  "racist." During an interview with "GQ" magazine, the 67 year-old Robertson described himself as "white trash" and said that his memory does not comport with a Jim Crow South that is seen by most as a living hell for blacks. Apparently, what you remember now qualifies you as a racist:

"I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person," Robertson told GQ writer Drew Margary. "Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues."

Three points…

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Guns, guns and more guns :)



Christmas blessings from the Art Robinson family


The Robinson family sends from ours to yours our prayers that you all will have a wonderful time enjoying the many blessings of Christmas.

With all of the current troubles, ours is still the greatest nation on Earth. Fortunately, we have a political process that permits us to peacefully fix troubles that arise. And, there are plenty of these available today.

When we next work together, it will be 2014 - our year! We have in 2014 one more opportunity to break the stranglehold that our political opponents have on our nation. We cannot solve this entire problem in one year, but we can make substantial progress.

Our principles are right. We represent timeless principles that are the best way for people to live together - and are the best way for each person, living in freedom, to enjoy the great blessing of a human life.

These principles are organized and protected by the Constitutional Republic that we inherited from our nation's Founding Fathers. It is our duty to keep it strong and to protect it from all opposition within our country and abroad.

The Republican Party is a formidable political force.

In Josephine County Oregon, we recently won a political contest against the Democrats, the newspaper, and the county commissioners by a margin of 79% to 21%. Josephine County has just 42% Republican registration. The issue was government overreach, a tyranny that is affecting us all. The Republican Party won the vote on principle, with people from all sides of the political spectrum voting for us.

We will not always be able to roll over our opponents 4 to 1 as we did in Josephine County this past November, but we should be able to win any election contest where we stay true to our principles and communicate effectively with the voters.

January is the time we will begin to mold ourselves into a winning force for 2014. Our family and I consider it a great privilege to work with all of you in facilitating this work.

Art Robinson