Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas blessings from the Art Robinson family


The Robinson family sends from ours to yours our prayers that you all will have a wonderful time enjoying the many blessings of Christmas.

With all of the current troubles, ours is still the greatest nation on Earth. Fortunately, we have a political process that permits us to peacefully fix troubles that arise. And, there are plenty of these available today.

When we next work together, it will be 2014 - our year! We have in 2014 one more opportunity to break the stranglehold that our political opponents have on our nation. We cannot solve this entire problem in one year, but we can make substantial progress.

Our principles are right. We represent timeless principles that are the best way for people to live together - and are the best way for each person, living in freedom, to enjoy the great blessing of a human life.

These principles are organized and protected by the Constitutional Republic that we inherited from our nation's Founding Fathers. It is our duty to keep it strong and to protect it from all opposition within our country and abroad.

The Republican Party is a formidable political force.

In Josephine County Oregon, we recently won a political contest against the Democrats, the newspaper, and the county commissioners by a margin of 79% to 21%. Josephine County has just 42% Republican registration. The issue was government overreach, a tyranny that is affecting us all. The Republican Party won the vote on principle, with people from all sides of the political spectrum voting for us.

We will not always be able to roll over our opponents 4 to 1 as we did in Josephine County this past November, but we should be able to win any election contest where we stay true to our principles and communicate effectively with the voters.

January is the time we will begin to mold ourselves into a winning force for 2014. Our family and I consider it a great privilege to work with all of you in facilitating this work.

Art Robinson

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