Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dong Ha Ammo Dump Goes up 1968

Via Lindsay


Long Binh Ammo Dump Goes Up below. Actually there were more than one ammo dump in each place, so there was more available.

Tet '68 Bien Hoa/Long Binh, RVN


  1. I was at Dong Ha in 1970, having transferred from the Phu Lam Signal Battalion in Saigon.

    My unit, the 178th Maintenance Company, was located at the northernmost edge of the base, and that's where we had our bunkers for standing perimeter guard.

    We were close enough that we could actually see into North Viet Nam, where their big red flag was waving.

    Each night, while on guard duty, we could see Firebases Charley One, Charley Two, and/or Alpha Four (the northernmost firebase) under attack.

    While I was at Dong Ha, the NVA snuck in and blew up our POL dump, killing at least one G.I.

    For those who don't know, "POL" stands for "Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants".

    There was a picture of the POL burning on the front page of the "PACIFIC STARS & STRIPES" newspaper.

    We frequently received 122mm rocket attacks, and one night, there was a ground attack, penetrating the wire, which was repulsed by the 3/5 Cavalry of the 9th Infantry Division.

    Each Sunday, I would hitch-hike to and from Quang Tri to attend Mormon church services.

    From Dong Ha, having volunteered, I went to the 101st Airborne near Phu Bai and Hue.

    1. USARV Headquarters sent all who screwed up there to Dong Ha as it was the worst place possible. :) Thanks.

    2. Hi John...From about July 68 to Oct 68 I was with the 1/327 of the 101st operating out of Phu Bai. We mostly were always in the field but did get to Phu Bai to have a tooth pulled and again to go to Australia on RR. Only place I know of that it could rain for two months or so without a letup. Never wore socks or underwear as junglerot was a big problem. To this day I still relish dry clothes and shoes. indyjonesouthere

    3. I still relish dry clothes and shoes.


  2. Saw the ammo dump at Da Nang go up (a 'controlled fire' by the brig unit) some time in 1969. Spectacular. Smoked some dope, sat on top of a big observation tower and watched for about three days. We were probably about five miles away but could feel the force (actually see the blast waves) of the big bombs/arty shells going off in mass ...........

    1. Smoked some dope, sat on top of a big observation tower and watched for about three days.

      As we all did, I imagine. :)

  3. Thankfully, was never actually at Dong Ha but humped the rolling hills & etc. west of it for a week or so. Called it the DUST BOWL, as choppers kicked up massive clouds of dust that could be seen from miles away. (Early '68)