Monday, June 2, 2014

Actually, Gun-Grabbers, It Is Legal To Buy A Tank… And A Bunch Just Came Up For Sale!

 M5 Stewart "Rattletrap"

My personal favorite in the Littlefield auction is the M5 Stuart named “Rattletrap.”

I’ve seen one of these run and fire its main gun as recently as several years ago, and while it is certainly obsolete by modern standards, it is relatively small and fast and easier to maintain than some of the larger vehicles.


One of the more amusing arguments made by citizen control cultists is that they think you shouldn’t be able to own arms of military value, even though that was precisely what the Founding Fathers intended for Americans to have.

The Second Amendment was never about hunting or even personal defense, but was instead about ensuring that Americans would always be armed with weapons of contemporary military utility to depose both foreign invaders and domestic tyranny.

As we’ve noted before:

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  1. They are not working "tanks". That is a seventy year old war relic with a gasoline engine, a deactivated main gun (BATFE) and NO hope of spare parts. In fact almost none of the "collector armor" in the FUSA can be restored to fighting condition. There are only a small handful of tanks or field guns in civilian hand that actually work (fewer than 100) and you better bet the BATFE tracks those few CLOSELY. WW-2 US armor is pretty useless anyway as it was obsolete by 1955 ( most of the "restored" armor in this sale spent DECADES as targets on somebody's range, You'd be amazed at how much of that "armor" is really mild steel replacement in many cases up to 80% "refabricated" parts)---Ray

    1. Thanks for your knowledge, but I'll still like to have a General Stuart!