Tuesday, March 31, 2015

German Gun Battery in Normandy Up For Sale!

Via  commander_zero


 Are you are interested in owning a piece of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy?

A superbly preserved piece of WWII history, an untouched Normandy German Gun Battery has been put for sale.

The huge gun battery and complex at Querqueville / Amfreville (Stp 277) is up for sale – as of this week.
It is well documented and its history is well known as it defended the port of Cherbourg from the hills above the city. Battery York as it was locally known, fought an artillery duel with USS Texas before being over-run after a land battle with the US army.

More with pictures @ War History


  1. I can hear them now, in Hollywood. "I want one!".

    1. It mentioned that there were some areas which hadn't been opened since sealed long ago which seems strange to me, but I would certainly like to check them out, if so.