Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paralysis cluster cases linked to polio-like virus

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 Sofia Jarvis,4, gets a push on the swings from her dad Jeff Jarvis at Condornices Park in Berkeley, CA, Wednesday, March 19, 2014.
Sofia was struck in 2012 with the recent polio-like syndrome that has hit about two dozen kids in California, including five in the Bay Area. Photo: Michael Short, The Chronicle

A team of researchers led by UCSF scientists has found strong evidence that recent, alarming clusters of sudden-onset paralysis cases — most of them in California and Colorado — were caused by the same virus that was also responsible for hundreds of severe respiratory infections in U.S. children last year.

Particularly worrisome is that the enterovirus identified in the research is a new strain that appears to have mutated to become more polio-like, raising the prospects of future outbreaks of the disease, scientists said in a paper published Monday.

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  1. "We've never seen a virus mutate before."
    Said no infectious disease specialist ever.

    What isn't being mentioned is who is spreading the disease and who is aiding in the invasion.

    Lamestream media sounds like it was beaten by the stupid stick. Repeatedly.

    1. I was looking for children crossing the border, but found nothing and I imagine that is what happened.